Monday, December 5, 2011

Skin Inc Flawless Look Workshop With Clarence Lee at Marina Bay Link Mall

With the man himself, Clarence Lee

Attended Skin Inc's workshop on sat...the youngest in the audience was a little gal whom her mum brought training mgr, Crane, started by introducing their basic skincare products n the steps...Clarence Lee did a demo on the model with their bb cream which was soldout islandwide! o.O

Picked up some makeup tips from Clarence...he commented tt my foundation color was a tad too light for my skintone...i'm in a dilemma cos it would oxidize really fast n make my face look v.dark n dull if i were to use a darker yellow-tone foundation @.@" another problem of using the light ivory color foundation is that it tends to make my face look v.fat!!! haiz :'( he also asked me to go light with my makeup cos i have v.oily skin n the makeup has a tendency to migrate =.="

I bought their eye optimizer n daily dose serum set...there were several other sets on promotion...i left with an additional oxy-miracle peel voucher as one of the prizes for answering Crane's questions...there were several other vouchers in the goodie bag too...n they served champagne n v.nice canapes...i love the sinful caramel macaroons ;p

Btw, i have an existing package of diamond peel with Skin Inc...they don't do any extraction for their facial treatment...this treatment removes dead skin cells n cleanses the face thoroughly...which is suitable for ppl like me who have lousy cleansing skills...not sure why makeup tends to stick to my face even after i have double-cleansed -.-" btw, i went to a different beauty salon the other day n the therapist exerted so much strength during the extraction n i felt as if she was trying to remove my leechie mum was rather amused when i told her abt it...she reassured me by telling me tt my nose is still there =.="

Clarence performing his magic on the model...notice the Hermes bangle tt he was wearing? o.O

I like the window display =)

Cant resist taking pics of these cutie Hello Kitty n Melody in the window display esp when the shop was closed ;p

Posing with the la Senza goodie bag ;p

After my hair treatment...

Interesting Quotes:

"Reason for sending out this is I heard on Radio that the professionals interviewed denounced technical analysis in more than one ways. volume too low cannot work, volume too high also cannot work. then what will work? prices move due to one's perception of price (anticipation) hence there will be buyers and sellers.

So TA is study of perception. trying to enter at market equilibrium price to anticipate the next move. you put your stop loss 1-2bids away from the equilibrium price and let the market decide. simple and easy.

Lastly, do not assume! Market will not respect the individual whom ever s/he is. The market can even move against Mr Buffet. If the market decides otherwise just take it and move away till the next opportunity presents itself. In that way your odds are always higher than 50%. If lower than that RWS is the better bet."

"My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them."

"Always trade with plan and free from emotions.
Take care of the risk and reward will take care of itself."

‎"Power Tip: If you want money, income and sales to flow toward you, you have to increase your energy and your intent. How do you do this? Move around, be active, work out, eat well, show up and be noticed, engage, ask, move around some more, fill up your schedule with revenue generating activities and push off those tasks that are low in energy." ~ Blair Singer

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