Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peranakan Mid-Autumn Dining-cum-Networking on 3rd Oct 2009

Check out the romantic mood of this unique Peranakan restaturant which is featured in upcoming MEDIACORP TV programme on food!

Dear Friends :)

Thank you for your support and for helping to make our "Perfect Ten" Japanese dining-cum-networking event a FULL HOUSE event (max max capacity!). We received overwhelming response and more than 50 professionals (including bankers, business owners, managers, Masters holders and other executives from various industries) attended it.

Any plans for this upcoming Mid-Autumn festival? Come and celebrate Chinese Valentine's nite with us. You may come alone but you could possibly meet your "Perfect Ten" match =)

Centrally located? Check.. Trendy and hip? Check.. Yummy food? Check..

This quiet and classy Peranakan resturant in Outram area offers lotsa privacy and has just the right ambience for networking. This unique Peranakan restaurant will be featured in an upcoming MEDIACORP TV programme on food. Come and check out this unique restaurant before the rest of Singapore discovers it and link up with like-minded people! You wouldn't know what you are missing out on if you are not here to experience it for yourself =)

Date/Time: 3rd October (Saturday) 7:08 - 10:00pm
Place: Classy Peranakan restaurant, which will be featured in an upcoming MEDIACORP TV programme on food, offering lotsa privacy (less than 5 mins walk from Outram MRT station)
Programme Timetable:
7:08pm - 8:00pm: Dinner and drinks would be served.
8:00pm - 10.00pm: "Perfect Ten" networking games will be played (Toni&Guy Essensuals hair voucher and other attractive prizes to be won!). There will also be large group rotation to facilitate interaction.
After 10:00pm: Those who are interested can stay back or proceed to a nearby venue for further interaction.Leechie would be very glad to facilitate this.

Seats are limited so sign up soon!

* Confirmed participants will receive an acknowledgement email latest the following day. Further instructions (exact location details) are included in the acknowledgement email.

Please register early to secure your participation as we received overwhelming response for our previous events and had to reject some applicants due to the constrain as imposed by the max capacity of the venue. We look forward to hear from you soon! =)
Best Regards,

Be part of our hip networking scene! ;)
Overwhelming response...even the waiting list is building up!!!even a CEO level executive is joining us...leechie feels honored...thx everyone for your support!my sincere apologies here...leechie is attending a talk by the world's youngest CEO this sat n som participants couldn't make it early so I'll need to push back the starting time slightly to 7.08pm...thx =)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pretty Hello Kitty & Snoopy 2010 Planners + Musings About Bags

The latest selection of really cute and pretty 2010 planners have arrived in town...they are simply too cute and pretty...not exactly cheap cos they came in from Japan, but leechie cant resist the temptation...n bot 3 planners today...2 cute hello kitty planners and a very pretty and cute pink fury snoopy planner!yay ^.^
Leechie likes pretty and cute stuff....she's been a fan of hello kitty and snoopy since young...all the pretty and cute hello kitty erasers, books, soft toys...i still rem tt i got my leechie mum to buy me a hello kitty soft toy when i came in 2nd in class in pri hello kitty costed $43!!!not cheap for a soft toy...but it was really v.cute and it was exactly what i had always wanted...leechie hugged the toy till part of the poor hello kitty head came off n my leechie mum had to switch it back on a pretty regular's the prob when one's head gets too big eh? ;p
I can still rem tt i had this pri school classmate who always like to bully leechie...i guess it originated from the v.fact tt leechie beat her in some class test n thereby displacing her as the top kid of the class or something...well, it's not tt leechie was particularly good...but i cant do anythg abt others' inferiority complex, can i? -.-" she got the entire class not to befriend me =( leechie used to envy her cos her parents always bot her lotsa branded stuff and pretty hello kitty stuff...she loved to show off all her new and branded stuff to leechie...n leechie would be like ---> wow...Wow...WOW @.@" i still rem tt she had this really cute silver metallic hello kitty pencil nice n pretty...everytime i saw tt pencil case...leechie would be so @.@" so finally i got my leechie mum to buy the same pencil case for leechie...leechie liked it alot but there was a sense of guilt cos it was so exp...costed more than $10 for a pencil case...ouch!!!
My leechie parents might not be able to afford all those exp and branded stuff for a leechie when i was really young, but leechie feels blessed with the love tt they have showered on me...n how they hav brought me up to be the person tt i am today...full of personality n character with all my leechie crap! at the v.least, leechie has an opinion abt most stuff in life...n u wouldn't label leechie as boring piece of white paper...unlike some bimbos with too much air in their petite little heads ;p
Perhaps, to make up for lost time n whatever tt i didnt have as a child...leechie has developed a weakness for pretty and cute stuff these days o.O" even when i dont yet have a clear idea of what i shld do with it's essentially based on a "buy first, worry later" kinda fact, leechie juz bot this v.cute and fury bright pink hello kitty coin pouch for my leechie mum last week...apparently, she doesnt seem to appreciate it as much as a leechie...saying tt it looks too kid-ish...but she cant deny the v.fact tt it's really v.cute!!!
My leechie mum bot me my first prada bag after i made alot noise abt how leechie hoped to have one...but leechie started working before entering uni n bot a prada bag with my own money when i was in my teens...leechie learnt the value of money since young...n i had to work for whatever tt i wanted!btw, those who r really chummy with a leechie would know tt leechie hardly carries this prada bag...well, for a couple of reasons...initially cos leechie was afraid tt it might get dirty easily n so the bag stayed in its original dustbag most of the time...but as time passed by...leechie is still damn amazed at how this prada bag could have changed color from its original brown color to green now (leechie bot it from the prada boutique, so it's definitely not a fako) -.-" i tried consoling leechie tt green color is more in now!
Mayb due to this incident, leechie doesnt buy tt many branded bags...unlike some fashionistas who chase after the latest IT bag every ;p then there was this particular incident in which one of the admin gals was gossiping abt a leechie behind my back...apparently she thot tt a leechie couldn't understand she bitched abt me and the bag tt leechie was sincere apologies, somhow i always managed to understand when someone is bitching abt me! -.-" then she went to buy a branded bag to strut in front of a leechie as part of her bid in keeping up with the jones...btw, leechie family name aint jones -.-" what i wanna say is...leechie doesnt need to buy a branded bag to boost my self esteem...unlike som pathetic fashion victims (pointing to tt admin gal) worries, leechie can understand how som ppl need to buy a branded bag to overshadow their inferiority complex...well, hear it from leechie --->
"I carry the bag...n i will never allow a bag to carry me!"
Actually, we discussed abt this topic during the National Achievers' Congress a few months back...n leechie was really pleased with a particular compliment tt came from a housewife, who said tt leechie sounded much more mature than she looks! =)
Heard tt dear Kim Hyun Joong kenna swiney flu when he went japan...@.@" hope tt he's doing well by now...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Gratitude Towards 77th Street for Sponsoring Leechie to Attend Anthony Robbins Live 2009 - Part 2

I believe tt things happen for a reason...juz like what Anthony Robbins said abt coincidences...coincidences dont juz happen by chance...coincidences happen cos u seek them! Well, leechie was feeling v.emo n tired abt a week or two ago...then i got the chance to attend this seminar...n i got to learnt how to stretch myself to stay in an energized peak state with only one meal break a day and long seminar hours n v.little sleep! Learnt to raise my standards and STEP UP! YES!!!

Hearing Anthony Robbins Live (Day 3):
The exercises tt we did today put us thru a wide range of emotions...trying to help us to experience how maximum pain would be if we would not change our bullshit limiting beliefs...damn scarry thots n feelings manz!!! After all these exercises, i'm glad to be able to gain better clarity towards stuff...Actually, the session was so intense (plus the v.fact tt i didnt take any lunch) tt leechie felt like throwing up during the session...n felt like fainting when i took my dinner subsequently...but i muz say tt it's time well-spent! Given a choice, i would still choose to attend this seminar n to do the firewalk!!!


During the exercises, i could recall scenes spent with my family as well as moments of gratitude v.easily...but I found myself struggling to recall romantic moments in my life...i guess tt is an area tt leechie gotta work on...i wanna hav at least some romantic moments tt i can recollect on my deathbed...Anthony Robbins mentioned something abt...som ppl are afraid to love cos they are scared of getting hurt...i guess there is alot of truth to tt...i guess leechie always makes the excuse tt i'm juz too busy to date...but tt is juz an excuse -> her story...i'm not gonna be an hypocreep here...the honest truth is...leechie is scared of getting leechie heart is more fragile than what one would imagine...haiz...leechie muz b more brave...jia you!


It was a v.teary day for leechie but the energy tt we created today was simply awesome...there was even water splashing all over towards the end of the seminar workbook was wet manz! btw, leechie bumped into the same gentleman who teased leechie before the firewalk at the end of this evening...coincidence...
I could feel Anthony Robbins' geninue sincerity in wanting to help all the seminar participants! Relatively much lesser sales pitch as compared to a certain speaker tt i shall not name...out of due respect for this speaker's fantastic salesmanship n acute biz acumen...o.O"
Days 2 & 4:

We watched Anthony Robbins' precorded videos (apparently some of which were his videos from past "Unleash Your Power Within" seminars). I guess most of us would prefer to hear him speak live rather than via such videos -.-" We did alot of those massaging exercises during these 2 days...leechie massaging skills suck...but v.ticklish experiences for a leechie...i couldn't stop giggling whenever someone massaged my shoulders...@.@" And it was the first time in my leechie life tt leechie had 2 tai-tais massaging me simultaneously...n i muz say, they are really good with massages! So a tip here for those tai-tai wannabes -> perhaps it would give u an edge if you are really good at massaging? ;p
We also did alot of cheering and dancing and jumping around...leechie sat next to a 13 yr old gal on Day 2...she's also v.on so we had plenty of fun...but towards the end of the nite, leechie found it hard to really keep up with the energy level of a 13 yr old...@.@"
Day 4 was devoted to health stuff...on more healthy eating habits and ways of is v.impt for one to perform at peak state...

After hearing Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki and Keith Cunningham speak live, i guess the next speaker tt leechie would be keen to hear him speak live would be Jay Abraham...the marketing guru! he came to singapore a couple of years ago...but leechie miz the chance to hear him speak then....


Sometimes, it feels abit surreal...but when i feel tired...i can draw strength from the v.fact tt leechie actually received a real physical push on the back from T. Harv Eker last year to motivate myself ya...i still feel honored when Robert Kiyosaki asked for my name when i attended his autograph signing session...leechie has 2 books with his autograph ;p then months later, Anthony Robbins stood less than 2 metres away from a leechie live in stuff manz! =)


"Way Back Into Love" -> one of leechie fav songs =)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gratitude towards 77th Street for Sponsoring Leechie to Attend Anthony Robbins Live 2009 - Part 1

Look at the huge number of ppl queuing behind me, juz to get into the expo hall!!! @.@"

Leechie would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards 77th Street and Ms. Elim Chew (leechie idol) for sponsoring me to attend the Anthony Robbins seminar! <3
Juz came back from Day 1: It's the first time tt leechie actually saw Anthony Robbins standing less than 2 metres in front of me LIVE! V.touched by the various stories tt he shared. Also inspired by Sister Teresa (who is 112 yrs old) who came. My leechie eyes were constantly wet...n wanna thank all the other participants for tt leechie can learn more...
The FIREWALK experience:

When i told my fren earlier this morn tt leechie gonna do the firewalk...his response was like "siao...i love my feet"! leechie also loves her feet but LEECHIE DID THE FIREWALK! Yes, the coal was real, n the fire was real...REAL burning coal! But methinks whoever told me previously tt it doesnt hurt muz b juz trying to calm my leechie nerves only o.O"
Prior to the firewalk, we shared abt our fears n leechie thot tt the fire is juz like our fears n we hav to conquer our fears...if leechie can cross the fire, then i can conquer all my fears n b free of all my fears n i will be able to do anything! a gentleman shared with me tt the burning coal is juz like the path to success...n we have to take this path n he believes tt leechie can do it!
Lemme b honest here, leechie was damn nervous as i proceeded outside the hall...n a gentleman who was standing near me saw my "scarry cat" face n teased me n asked if leechie wanna make an U-turn...well, leechie was damn scared...but i always hear ppl talk abt doing the i'm damn determined to do the firewalk tonite! leechie was amongst the last few ppl to do the firewalk...n when i actually saw the burning coal...i was like "omg" n switched to another q whereby the coal looked more black n had lesser sparks (i thot tt was a good choice...apparently not, which i learnt later from my leechie mum who had done firewalk previously for religious reasons). The lady instructor pointed at my heart and asked me to focus...but when i saw the burning coal...leechie was freaked out manz...leechie is scared of heat...not to say fire...(i rem tt leechie always need my classmates to help me with boiling water during my high school lab experiments...cos too scared of the heat...) This time round, leechie had to conquer burning coal with nothing except my bare feet! Perhaps, leechie wasn't tt ready when she started the firewalk...cos when i put my first foot onto the burning coal...i was like "omg...this is damn painful!" and quickly stormed across the stretch of burning coal! In my haste, leechie even forgot to chant "cool moss" while doing so...but was really thankful when i reached the other side n the crew directed the water hose at my feet! leechie celebrated like crazy when i got to the other side! leechie even grabbed n hugged a lady who happened to b at the wrong place at the wrong ;p well, leechie lived to tell her firewalk experience! my leechie mum always teased me abt how i speak n walk too fast...well, walking fast does have its advantages ya ;p
When i returned to the hall, the other participants also shared abt their firewalk experiences...ya, they also feel the pain as they walked on coal...n many others also kenna burnt on their feet...leechie got a few blisters as well...a lady shared with me tt some senior mentors told her tt if one kenna burnt, then it meant tt one is not too certain abt one's goals! -.-" well, leechie's response to her was tt...the v.reason y i kenna burnt is bcos leechie has v.thin skin on my feet!ya, tt's y i usually kenna blisters whenever i wear new shoes (esp those not made of leather). n a medical doc shared with leechie previously tt the skin on our feet is v.thin...which is y scars formed more easily there...-.-" This is medical science vs urban legends! what is tis crap abt uncertain goals? tell me...even if one has damn damn certain goals but if one happens to hav damn thin skin on one's feet, would one still be burnt by burning coal? -.-" tell me!
Thanks 77th Street once again for sponsoring leechie's unforgettable firewalk experience! If i can charge across burning coal, then i can do anything, whatever shit it is! Come on, bring it on!!!
My fren corrected me...i shld say tt leechie is a "scaredy cat" and not "scarry cat" @.@"