Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review of Sothys Hydra3Ha Hydrating Home Care

Sothys is a French family business which has been handed down from one generation to the next and will be celebrating their 70th year anniversary this year. Thanks Sothys Singapore for the kind invitation to attend the bloggers event held at Bakerin. It's interesting to learn about the technology used in Sothys Hydra3HA hydrating home care range over afternoon tea.

Sothys Hydra3Ha line acts on 3 main actions: Restore, Regenerate and Re-activate. Star ingredients used include:
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: for restoring and retaining hydration on skin surface
Patented 1055 boletus extract and regulating active ingredient: for reactivating skin's hydric memory
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: rapid moisture penetration and skin action within the skin

This 3 dimensional approach provides and extremely powerful hydration which commences from deep within the skin cells at the gene level to the surface moisture barrier.

Sothys beauty trainer sharing with us the technology behind Sothys Hydra3Ha hydrating range

Sothys Hydra3Ha hydrating home care range include: hydra-smoothing mask, intensive hydrating serum, hydrating gel-cream, hydrating cream. 

One of my favourite products in this range is Sothys Hydra3Ha intensive hydrating serum which increases hydration by up to 60% and reduces water loss by 36%. I have very sensitive skin n suffer from urticaria. Each urticaria attack leaves my face red and itchy and results in subsequent peeling. I tried this serum on my face and love the hydrating effects on my skin!

Hydra3Ha hydrating gel-cream provides continuous hydration of up to 8hours. Like the non-oily texture of Hydra3Ha hydrating gel-cream which is easily absorbed by my skin. It soothes tightness on dry skin. I also tried the hydra-smoothing mask from the trial kit. I used it as an overnight sleeping mask and like how it helps to lock in moisture. Prefers this more moisturising texture compared to the usual gel sleeping masks in the market.

I like how this Tiramisu iced coffee drink is served with a scoop of ice cream. Quite a few of the other bloggers also ordered this after I commented that it's nice =)

My dessert choice at Bakerzin during the bloggers' session: Sweet Pleasure. Think this dessert has undergone modifications to its appearance over the years but I still love the hazelnut dacquoise base, along with the crunchy praline, Jivara ganache, chocolate chantilly cream and thin layer of chocolate.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

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