Monday, November 30, 2009

Testimonials From Thanksgiving Dinner Participants!!! =)

Thanks all my frenz for sending me all these words of encouragement! leechie really appreciates ur notes of's really comments like these which really warm my leechie heart n keep me going when the going gets tough n make me more motivated to do my best to bring u more hip n happening events! =) Stay tuned for updates on my upcoming events ya =)

Testimonials from Participants of Thanksgiving Dinner:

"Thanks for arranging for networking event. I have enjoyed myself last evening. You are definitely a good organizer for such events." - B.K., Agency Manager

"Hooray, we are glad to have you indeed as an efficient, effective, meticulous, detailed, expressive and communicative singles social event organiser who got along well with most of us new kids on the block." - K.C., Senior Associate Director

"You have done a good job and I know it's tough to organize such a big group. Keep it up" - L.L., Pilates Teacher

Check out this damn damn meaningful clip abt integrity!!!It's a MUST-WATCH!!!

Check out this damn meaningful clip! Rocky's the MAN!!!

Gosh...check out this pic of my leechie idol, ms. Elim Chew with Wang Lee Hom...i guess it was taken during the opening of time whereby leechie miz his appearance although i was in the vicinity...haiz o.O"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanks for Thanksgiving =)

Would like to thank everyone for coming down for our thanksgiving dinner tonite...really appreciate you taking time off your bz schedule to come down n support this event =) really nice to link up with som old frenz as well as get to know more new frenz =) many thanks to the Italian restaurant mgr for increasing the capacity time n again to accommodate all of us! leechie is still in the midst of planning for the next networking event scheduled for Xmas period...stay tuned =)

Japan's thanksgiving day was on Monday (23 Nov) and US' thanksgiving was on thurs (26 Nov). But whichever is the exact day of thxgiving doesn't really matter...what really matters is the spirit of this give thanks for all that we hav =) cos somtimes we r so caught up with our busy lifestyle tt we might hav somhow forgotten abt the less fortunate ppl around us...n tt how blessed we hav been...thxgiving is a good occasion for us to express our all those who matter in our lives...n everyone tt we wanna thx =)

Leechie wanna thx everyone who has been a part of my leechie help me to learn along the way to become a better leechie =) Frankly speaking, leechie is kinda feeling abit of heat when i see my facebook frenz making their plans for b v.honest, leechie hasn't started planning for next yr yet...but it's a good reminder tt leechie gotta think abt making plans for 2010 soon...leechie muz jia you! =)

Hope everyone had a nice thxgiving weekend...well, leechie pop ovr to the studio to take pics...well, thot of getting my passport done...well, she has been delaying it for donkey moons...ever since she lost her passport in uni o.O" well, my dear leechie mum thinks tt leechie is making a huge fuss by going ovr to the studio to take pics for passport...well, in my leechie mum's opinion...nobody's gonna look at my passport pic except me n she doesn't think tt leechie needs to go to a nice studio to take pics -.-" but leechie wanna look nice mah...n i juz went to a studio nia...i didn't do anythg fanciful ya -.-" n i told her abt my fren who did all the botox n fillers before he went to hav his pics taken (no names mentioned here...but i guess he can guess who he is...oops :X) btw, i aso took som other pics meant for namecards de...thot my pic tt they put on the intranet (which was taken by the com photographers) look yucky...hmmm, wonder if they could replace it with my new pic? o.O"

Typical passport pic pose n look o.O"

Check out this damn meaningful clip!
(J... this one's dedicated to u =))

Check out the cute dancing babies ;p

Check out the groovy graffiti ;p

Cute Mew Mew ;p

Oops o.O"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Italian Dining cum Networking on 28th Nov =)

Dear Friends :)

Thank you for the overwhelming response for our Peranakan Mid Autumn Dining cum Networking event. More than 60 professionals (including investment banker, business owners, bankers, lawyers, managers and Masters degree holders and other senior executives from various industries) actually came and my deepest apologies that we had to reject some late applicants cos we already hit MAX MAX MAX capacity! And even the waiting list was building up...gosh... many thanks for your invaluable support in making it a FULL HOUSE event (MAX MAX MAX capacity!)

Any plans for this upcoming Thanksgiving hols? Come spend a special evening with us. You may come alone but you could possibly meet your "Perfect Ten" match =)

Centrally located? Check.. Trendy and hip? Check.. Great ambience? Check..

This new classy yet cozy Italian restaurant in the heart of city centre offers just the right ambience for networking. Come and discover this unique Italian restaurant which is quietly-tucked away amidst the busy city centre and link up with like-minded people. You wouldn't know what you are missing out on if you are not here to experience it for yourself =)

Date/Time: 28th November (Saturday) 7:00 - 10:00pm
Venue: New classy Italian restaurant in town with cozy ambience (less than 3 mins walk from the nearest MRT station) (venue is only disclosed to confirmed participants)
Programme Timetable:
7:00pm - 10:00pm: Dinner and drinks would be served. Large group rotation to facilitate interaction with many networking opportunities for you to get to know some senior-level executives from various industries. If possible, do bring along your name cards to facilitate interaction and for the lucky draw (hair voucher and other attractive prizes to be won!)
After 10:00pm: Those who are interested can stay back for further interaction or drinks at a nearby venue. Leechie would be very glad to facilitate this.

Vacancies are limited so sign up soon to avoid disappointment!

How to Register?

Pls email leechie at for more details =)

* Pls feel free to invite your frenz along.

* Confirmed participants will receive an acknowledgement email latest the following day. Further instructions (exact location details) are included in the acknowledgement email.

Please register early to secure your participation as we received overwhelming response for our previous events and had to reject some applicants due to the constrain as imposed by the max capacity of the venue. We look forward to hear from you soon! =)

Best Regards,

Be part of our hip networking scene! ;)

Update: GOOD NEWS!!!Lucky draw prizes for this event include tickets to "Global Internet Seminar" 4th-6th Dec worth $995 each as well as invites to a private party function at a cool club right after our dinner!!! Do sign up before registration is closed =)

New frenz hav signed up, including som Indonesian frenz...registration is still open with limited vacancies still avail...pls email me at for any queries...Happy Thanksgiving =)

A very nice Italian love song =)

U gotta check out this clip's damn good ;p

Cool Cosplay+Sizzling Sephora Private Sale

Check out the sultry Cosplayer ;)

Look at the BIG BIG SLR cam tt this reporter was using o.O"

The v.chubby Cosplayer in his underwear, with fako muscle suit @.@"

Look at the huge crowd in front of me in the dark hall...couldn't even see who was onstage manz @.@"

Question: Where is the most happening place this weekend?

Leechie Answer: Suntec is THE place to see n be seen ;p

Why?: Cos Anime Festival Asia...Singtel Xmas Fair...Sephora Private Sale...SGX Gala Dinner...r all happening here this weekend at Suntec =)

The Cosplay participants were all hanging out on level 3, posing happily for the cameras...well, u could see all the BIG, BIG SLR cams tt the reporters n others were using...leechie squeezed in amongst them n whipped out my trusty PINK Sony Ecrisson mobile phone (only 3.2 megapixels, so can conceal all the check out my other blog entry on my pink mobile phone ;p) to take pics as leechie mum was rather amused to see all the Cosplayers n all their costumes n commented tt leechie better not do somthg like this -.-" my leechie mum was particularly amused with this really v.v.v.chubby boy who dressed up with fako muscle n was in his underwear o.O" guess she was rather amused with his guts for dressing up in such a manner despite his figure ;p We queued in a super looooooooooooooooooooong q to get into the special hall with the special concert...but it was really crowded...n leechie being below tall, couldn't even see who was onstage manz! (check out the pics tt i took in this dark hall) so we left shortly before they closed the doors for the concert...(Bro, check out the pics n see what u miz out on ya ;p)

Hmmm, leechie aint a big fan of classmate used to lend me all his Archie comics when we were in pri sch (does Archie qualify as anime?no?) think i only read Snoopy n Garfield comics...keke...leechie likes all those cutie doggies (Snoopy n Odie) =) but i do hav frenz who hav commented tt leechie looks like som Anime character...well, not much point telling me which character, cos i juz don't follow anime o.O" leechie aint an anime character...she's juz a leechie with her leechie opinion who doesn't walk outta an anime book ya ;p

Sephora Private Sale was the place whereby one could try out all those exp cult organic skincare brands at discounted prices...stay tuned to this blog if u wanna find out more abt private sales...hehe ;p leechie was there on fri nite after my dental appointment (glad to make it in time before they close...cos my dear dentist had a difficult case in the afternoon n leechie had to wait for quite a while before he could finally get round to repairing my leechie teeth o.O") leechie hung out at Sephora Private Sale room until their closing time...but bot so much stuff...keke...well, i had more in my carrier bag...but apparently som ppl helped themselves to the items inside my carrier without a blur leechie couldn't find those items by the time i got to the cashier -.-"

Anyway, brought my leechie mum there for the sale today...gotta thx my leechie mum's sharp eagle eyes...keke...she pointed out tt leechie shld get the Bareminerals starter kit instead of buying the items separately which would cost much more...she even noticed many ppl buying this kit o.O" blur blur leechie didn't notice tt even though it was the 2nd time tt she was at the sale @.@" btw, the Bareminerals salesgirl was pretty n nice ( what an attractive combination o.O" juz in case, u need not wonder any further...leechie aint lesbian nor bisexual...she juz likes to appreciate pretty things...n ya, leechie likes guys...but only cute guys with special elegant air ya ;p) she even swopped the foundations in the starter kit for a leechie cos leechie's rather fair n needs the lightest shades...n patiently helped me to choose the eyeshadows which i bot separately...well, i was told tt the eyeshadows r long-lasting which i really doubt...cos i ever tried on mineral makeup previously n the colors didn't last at all...but the 2 eyeshadow colors r really lovely...n they were at discounted gotta give them a try again ya ;p my leechie mum aso commented tt the Bareminerals salesgirl was pretty n sweet (btw, my leechie mum is a person who's rather stingy with her compliments) well, leechie couldnt say the same abt this particular PopBeauty/Toofaced salesgirl...whose attitude was mightier than if, the air up there was much fresher -.-" leechie didn't know better n asked her which eyeshadows colors suit me better...n she gave a cold reply, saying tt all the colors r suitable...n she looked disturbed when a leechie opened up the eyeshadow testers to play around with the colors -.-"

Leechie pop by Kinokuniya again...cos didn't realize tt i bot the exact same horoscope book previously...they don't entertain refund...but was happy when a nice lady lent me her kino card so tt leechie would be entitled to the 20% discount for the exchange for a "Crystal Ball" catalogue tt came with a really cute bag...well, a nice guy who bot many anime books lent me his kino card yest =) btw, leechie caught a tai-tai stealing glances at my Crystal Ball mini bag when i was carrying it around ;p

Pop by a private expat party to meet up with a fren who juz returned back to town after her Melbourne trip...we happened to b sitting at the sofa next to a china gal who adopted a japanese name n dressed up like offence, but the v.minute she opened her mouth, it was a dead-giveaway ya o.O" chic club with nice ambience n music...spent abt 2hrs there before i went home...leechie receives plenty of such invitations to private parties...but was too busy to attend most of the tonite was a rare occasion to show my leechie face there ya ;p but, somthg scarry happened on my way back...a stranger approached me asking for $ cos he claimed tt the area tt he was staying at (Queenstown) had some disease and virus spreading around the entire place n he couldn't go back n so he needs $...well, leechie aint a bimbo ya...if there is really som serious disease or virus spreading around Queenstown, i'm pretty sure everyone would read abt it in the papers -.-" leechie aint amused...

PS: So many happening events in a or cool ya ;p

Check out the world's fastest drinker in this clip n look at all the shocked faces! @.@" seeing is believing ya? ;p

lol ;p

Check out the groovy graffiti ;p

A McClip ;p

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Philosophy of The Mayonnaise Jar

Juz wanna share somthg v.meaningful which was sent to me by one of my brokers:

"The Mayonnaise Jar

When things in your life seem , almost too much to
When 24 Hours in a day is not enough,
Remember the mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee.

A professor stood before his philosophy class
And had some items in front of him.
When the class began, wordlessly,
He picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar
and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.

He then asked the students, if the jar was full.
They agreed that it was.

The professor then pick ed up a box of pebbles and
them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly.
The pebbles rolled into the open Areas between the golf

He then asked the students again if the jar was full.
They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured
it into the jar.
Of course, the sand filled up everything else.
He asked once more if the jar was full. The students
responded with a
unanimous 'yes.'

The professor then produced two cups of coffee from
under the table and
poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively
filling the empty space between the sand. The students

'Now,' said the professor, as the laughter subsided,
'I want you to recognize that this jar represents your
The golf balls are the important things - family,
children, health, Friends, and Favorite passions -
Things that if everything else was lost and only they
remained, your life
would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter like your
job, house, and car.

The sand is everything else --The small stuff.

'If you put the sand into the jar first,' He
'there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls.
The same goes for life.

If you spend all your time and energy on the small
You will never have room for the things that are
important to you.


Pay attention to the things that are critical to your
Play With your children.
Take time to get medical checkups.
Take your partner out to dinner.

There will always be time to clean the house and fix
the disposal.

'Take care of the golf balls first --
The things that really matter.
Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.'

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what
the coffee

The professor smiled.
'I'm glad you asked'.

It just goes to show you that no matter how full your
life may seem,
there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with
a friend.'

Please share this with other "Golf Balls"
I just did......."

Check out this really meaningful n cool clip!

Deepak Chopra o.O

Friday, November 20, 2009

UNIFEM :: GIVE TO SAVE EVENT :: 19 Nov 09 - 22 Nov 09

Dear frenz,

Here's a chance for u to do somthg meaningful for the less fortunate...I received the following email cos leechie is a member of UNIFEM ( which stands for United Nations Development Fund for Women ) u can find out more info on UNIFEM and all their events from this webby:

Leechie first attended their charity event at Velvet Underground a couple of years ago...they were selling "pre-loved" designer clothes donated by celebrities n socialites...leechie brought my leechie mum to Velvet for this event n showed her the club tt leechie hangout (used to hangout i should say ;p) As u can see, i hav a really cool leechie mum...tell me how many obasans hav been to Velvet? lol ;p Initially, my leechie mum was v.against leechie buying "pre-loved" clothes cos of a few reasons...mainly cos leechie has sensitive skin n one wouldn't know who n what had worn the clothes previously...n where the clothes had been...or if the previous owner was already dead or somthg...but leechie managed to convince my leechie mum tt it's perfectly alright to wear "pre-loved" clothes...esp cos for charity...but i guess she was more taken in by the other reason tt i told her -> tt these clothes were donated by celebrities n socialites (tai-tais) o.O"

Do check out the following email n pls try to do your part for charity n spread the love! =)

Thursday, 19 November 2009 to Sunday, 22 November 2009
10.00am to 8.00pm | Forum Shopping Mall, Club 21 Collectibles, #01-07

"We would like to invite you to show your support at our Give To Save event by donating your “pre-loved” designer wear from the 19th November until the 22nd November, at The Club 21 Collectibles outlet located at The Forum Shopping Mall.

Gently-used designer items kindly donated by fashion-savvy and stylish ladies like yourself will be geared towards UNIFEM efforts to eliminate violence against women and girls. UNIFEM supports innovative and preventative local, national and regional efforts to end violence against women and girls.

Proceeds from Buy To Save 2009 will go to funding UNIFEM Singapore effort to End Violence against Women through Public Education Initiatives, Empowerment and Character-Strengthening Program for Girls and Direct Funding to Shelters and Family Centres.

A Special Collaboration

As part of our initiative to support and empower women disenfranchised by violence, UNIFEM Singapore, together with Club 21, will be conducting special training for women from local Family Service Centres to become merchandising assistants at the event. We hope that it will not only build a spirit of cooperation between the organisations but will also contribute towards the economic empowerment of these women through the development of a useful skill set in merchandising that we hope will come in useful in their search for future employment.

For more details, please visit our website at Alternatively, do drop on by with your gently used designer wear at the Club 21 outlet to find out more. Please feel free to forward this along to your friends and family! "

Love is a gift! Spread the love! really nice song n clip =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Leechie Idol, Capitaland CEO, Mr. Liew Mun Leong LIVE! o.O

Leechie was really excited at the prospect of hearing my leechie idol, Capitaland CEO, mr. Liew Mun Leong speak LIVE!!! but this leechie was late again...n he already finished his speech when i reached the Raffles Convention centre juz now...haiz -.-" he was already sitting at this table onstage with the other senior management executives from Capitaland...

I was told tt this event would b Capitaland's was rather surprised when i reached the convention centre n saw all these posters being put up for directions to "Launch of CapitaMalls Asia"! For a moment, I actually thot tt i went to the wrong ballroom o.O" On hindsight, this was not too unexpected as Capitaland trading was halted this morning n they announced the pricing for CapitaMalls Asia...(for those frenz who r not v.familiar with this topic, well...CapitaMalls Asia is an IPO to be listed on SGX of the biggest IPOs...the IPO application is open with effect from tmr)

Although leechie miz mr. Liew's speech, i caught the Q&A session...whereby members of SIAS n capitaland shareholders asked the management som lady, who posted questions, owns Capland, CMT, CCT, CRCT, etc...cap-whatever stuff tt is listed on ;p hmmm, although leechie didn't get to hear mr. Liew's live speech nor ask him any questions...i'm already excited by his v.presence here in front of me!Appreciate his sincerity in answering all the questions...when asked abt his opinions regarding the property mkt outlook, in my leechie opinion, one could tell tt his answers came from a v.sincere n frank perspective...i'm sure everyone would appreciate his sincere advice asking ppl to buy if they can afford it (mortgage < 30% of the couple's combined income) n not to overstretch themselves with the mortgage...his style is v.unlike a certain BIG property CEO who usually gives answers bordering on a certain biasness towards his vested interest -.-"

After the Q&A session, no idea where my leechie idol went...but there was a mad rush for usual by the uncles n aunties...n the SIAS boss reminded them not to "tah pao" or "takeaway" additional food o.O" sometimes, leechie juz feels abit outta place amongst all these uncles n aunties @.@" well, i've kinda decided on this -> the time if anybody were to think tt leechie has got the wrong place n asked me how come i'm here, then leechie gonna say tt i'm juz representing my leechie mum to b here...good reply eh?keke ;p

Leechie wanna complain...the thick blazer tt my leechie mum got me to wear since this morn was making leechie damn hot n uncomfortable...could feel all the heat being trapped in my body...n made me feel kinda feverish -.-" my leechie mum n her bright idea...she thinks tt this "banker" look suits leechie n this function v.well...but leechie still feels abit outta place amongst all the uncles n aunties here -.-"

PS: Pretty cool stuff to see my leechie idol, mr. Liew right in front of me juz nw! =) ooh...really cool to hear 2 of my leechie idols LIVE in person on consecutive days =) looking at the list of my leechie idols on the right hand side of this blog...think i have heard most of them speak LIVE n even managed to ask som of them questions in person...except for Jay Abraham n ms. Olivia Lum...havent had the opportunity to hear them speak LIVE yet...or rather i miz the chance to attend Jay Abraham's marketing seminar a few years back...

Disclaimer: leechie gotta put a disclaimer here...the above posting is juz my leechie opinion...only for fun n to keep my readers amused with the happening events here in's not an inducement for anyone to trade...cos i received questions from readers asking if they shld invest in this IPO!

For ppl who r always late...check out this clip for inspiration ya ;p

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Entrepreneurs Unplugged 2009

3 entrepreneurs, mr. Saeed Amidi (Plug n Play Tech center), ms. Elim Chew (77th Street) n mr. Dennis Goh (, were featured in this "Unplugged" talk, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week...

Short notes from the talk:
They stressed on the importance of passion...passion for ur ideas...passion for what u believe in n what u wanna change...importance of EQ n AQ...tenacity n being driven...the entrepreneurial u tackle challenges...n wanting to prove ppl wrong...networking n building up ur team with ppl of different skillsets to complement urs...n not to focus on money when u first start, cos when u r successful, money will follow u...develop ur biz plan n think abt the cashflow...n b ready for change all the time...muz change to gain the cutting edge, n b ahead of all ur competitors...taking action n b more thick-skinned...

Enjoyed the "unplugged" sharing session...with lotsa humor from the speakers...esp ms. Elim Chew's take on "OUTside-STANDING" n "hungrygowhere=hungryghost?" lol ;p

Som ppl tend to think n research n plan for too long without taking any action..."But you have to take that big step, that step will lead to another step. If you never take that one step, you will never go to another step." what really struck me was the question tt my leechie idol, ms. Elim Chew asked..."What r u going to do after this talk?" what action r u going to take?go home n do nothing n return for another similar talk?

It was definitely time well spent...appreciate their sharing, "unplugged" style =) managed to pop ovr to ask questions after the talk...n there were ppl taking pics with my leechie idol, ms. Elim Chew...but leechie was too shy o.O" but i managed to shake her hands =) Regarding branding, she mentioned tt Macdonalds' really good with their "Monopoly" game promo...with the huge amt of revenue tt they could generate with juz $50k!!!

U gotta check out this clip's damn good ;p

Check out this clip which was posted by my leechie idol, Ms. Elim Chew =)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Millionaire Mind Intensive 2009 vs Millionaire Mind Intensive 2007

Hey frenz...sorry manz...there aint a day 3 to update here manz...cos this leechie was too tired...couldn't wake up despite my leechie mum trying to wake me up at 8am, again at 9am n again at 10am...haiz -.-" dunno y leechie is such a sleepyhead recently? cos i dozed off here n there v.easily...dozed off in front of the tv again juz nw -.-" n no, leechie didn't go clubbing ler...i'm not such a party animal as what som ppl would imagine...after a while, clubbing seemed to hav lost its appeal ler -.-"

Juz to do a quick wrap up...comparing this year's MMI seminar to the one tt i attended in 2007...i muz say tt the crowd was v.different...the crowd in 2007 was damn on...n we played full-out!there were many empty seats this yr -.-"

MMI 2007 was a really teary affair for a leechie...think i was in tears for most part of the 3 days seminar...btw, this fragile leechie broke an arrow with her throat then ;p but this yr, didn't cry at all...n i miz the arrow breaking thingy which was supposed to b on Day 3...btw, during one of the sharing sessions...i was telling my bro tt leechie didn't hav any tissue with me n tt i'm gonna use his sleeve if necessary...n he was like..."if u do tt, then i'm gonna punch u!" oh well...-.-" think he didn't wanna leechie to embarrass him bah? o.O" juz like my leechie mum, sometimes she's scared tt leechie would embarrass her in public -.-"

Kudos to Harv, he is such a great salesman tt the way tt he goes abt marketing his "new" seminar makes it sound as if it's somthg tt u really need to attend...well, leechie was really tempted to go until i found out tt it's the same seminar tt i had attended in 2008 n tt he juz changed the name of tt seminar -.-"
Responses to this blog entry from my facebook frenz:
"i think so too... i went to the first batch and again last weekend... the energy was totally different amongst other things... but its a good relearning..."
Check out this flash mob at NYC ;p

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Millionaire Mind Intensive 2009 - Day 2

Leechie was a real sleepyhead n dozed off v.frequently recently...dozed off here in front of the screen here last nite...dozed off during the seminar again today...n dozed off in font of the tv again juz now -.-" Miz the morning session today...but my bro came even later than me...we were juz abt to go for afternoon tea break when he arrived...

Learnt abt the concept of "The Bucket List" -> literally the list of things tt one wanna do before one kicks the bucket! leechie gotta work on this list soon, so many things tt i wanna do manz! we were supposed to do a success song...but leechie escaped this cos went to meet up with a fren ;p when i returned, they alrdy finished their rounds of sharing within the group...n my dear bro refused to sing his success song to a leechie n even asked me to sing mine when i got nothing to show ya -.-" but most of those participants who went up onto the "Millionaire Mind Idol" stage were really good! leechie particularly liked this Singaporean lady's modified version of "Never had a dream come true", she can sing really well manz! there were a few modified versions sang to the tunes of MJ's "Beat it" and "Heal the world" which were cool as well...btw, think leechie has a new chant "i love money, money loves me more" lol ;p

They covered the different money personality types tonite...n we were particularly amused by the "spokesman" for "The Money Monk" who went on his "performance", he had many fans doing high-fives with him when he came down the stage ;) at least we had plenty of laughter today...

My bro bot the tics for next year's National Achievers' Congress...think they got Tony Blair as one of the speakers...but i think i would give it a miz...cos it seems tt most of the invited speakers r politicans...guess the topics covered wouldn't be my leechie cup of tea o.O"

Told bro tt i gotta leave earlier tmr aftn n he announced tt he's not coming for tmr's session ler...i seriously dunno if i can wake up in time for tmr session bo...hmmm, if i cant wake up in time, then i'll most probably give tmr's session a miz cos i need to leave early as well o.O"

Leechie didn't manage to go to KITTYLAB today...haiz...think i'll try to pop by next weekend or somthg...mew mew o.O" i still have not found anybody who wanna go to KITTYLAB with a leechie -.-" anybody keen to go with a leechie pls contact me ya...cos i juz found out from a fren tt we can enjoy 20% off the KITTYLAB tics if we bot movie tics from GV o.O

A clip on the MMI seminar...leechie was sitting at the back of the room o.O"

No offence to anyone...but i guess my dear bro may experience a sense of deja vu when he sees the following ;p

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Millionaire Mind Intensive 2009 - Day 1

Leechie first attended MMI in this would be a refresher course for a leechie...heavy downpour this morn n leechie ended up being really late...v.much to the annoyance of my dear bro...

With much due respect to Rob (who was the other trainer back in 2007), leechie thot tt Adam (the other trainer tt Harv brought this time round) did a really good job...Adam is an attorney from New York City, with real estate consultancy biz n investments as well as other biz o.O even the way tt he speaks reminds a leechie of bro said tt even his gestures look similiar to those of Harv...nice to see Harv again...but leechie kinda forgot how many times Harv has appeared in front of a leechie this yr @.@"

Thanks all the participants for sharing...esp my bro...think leechie talked more than he did...but he helped me to analyze my situation, esp with regards to money n emotions...appreciate him...although he seemed bored for most part of Day 1...but persuaded him to stay till near the end o.O"

Btw, one funny incident towards the end of Day 1...we had to hold our money note n chant "I rule money, money doesn't rule me" with our eyes closed...then dunno y leechie started chanting "I love money, money doesn't rule me" v.much to the amusement of my bro n the couple sitting next to ;p my bro even noticed tt my hand holding the money note was shaking...well, think he peeped ya...cos our eyes were supposed to b closed ya rem? ;p
Check out this cool clip

Friday, November 13, 2009

---> This Is IT!

Although leechie is not a Michael Jackson fan, leechie caught his movie "This IS IT". It's a nice movie, v.touching...if i rem correctly, the screening period is only 2 weeks or if u haven't seen it, do go catch it before it's gone...o.O

From this movie, one can tell tt huge amount of effort and time had been put into the preparation...on what could possibly be one of his most memorable concerts...haiz...but it was not meant to be...but thankful tt at least som footage of the preparation was captured on film =) som of the sets were really elaborate n glam!

Hmmm, leechie is of the opinion tt it's always better to quit while one is still at the top so tt one can leave others with beautiful memories of perhaps, this might b the happy ending tt everyone is looking the sense tt this would have been THE CONCERT! likewise, imagine if he did perform this series of concerts...but maybe bcos of health reasons or som other reasons...didn't manage to finish this entire series of concerts or perhaps it didn't live up to expectation in som way...then disappointment would kinda set in...the image of Zinedine zidane's exit from the World Cup came to mind...the manner in which he ended his glorious international career...haiz -.-"

Michael Jackson's attention to details n high standards were v.apparent in the various scenes of this movie...n he kept asking the others not to make him sing out cos he needed to conserve his voice for the entire series of concert...

Leechie muz admit tt i was rather tired n feel asleep towards the end of the was not tt the movie was boring, but rather tt leechie was really tired...

Harv says tt this movie really shows "Genius At Work" and it's a muz-watch movie!!! btw, my facebook fren told me tt the 2 week screening thingy is more of a marketing gimmick and tt the dvds r already go watch it! =)

My fren, who posted this clip, was laughing for days on end when he first saw it 1 yr ago...n he's still amused now...but i gotta say this first, leechie aint a racist!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Allure Of Older Women ;)

Came across this article featured in The Sunday Times on couples in which the wives are much older than the husbands o.O aint surprised tt this kind of pairing tend to attract more than a few curious glances in our asian society...

Was chatting with my leechie mum on this subject of older woman-younger man pairing...n my leechie mum is of the opinion tt such pairings wouldn't last...she thinks tt once the older woman gives birth...then the younger man will find her too old for him n will wander off looking for younger babes...she thinks tt if the age difference is abt 5 yrs, then it aint tt bad...but to her, age difference of >10 yrs is definitely too much o.O" btw, my leechie dad is 2 yrs older than my leechie mum...

Well, age is juz a matter of numbers to a leechie...n it shldn't be the primary consideration for any relationships, esp when there r other more impt my leechie opinion, a person's level of maturity aint only reflected by one's many cases, how old one feels n looks could be more impt than one's actual age ya? ;p i was told by a fren who married a guy much older than herself tt older guys tend to dote more on their gfs/wives...but i hav come across som supposedly older guys n their actions n behavior r rather childish though...i dont wish to generalize too much...perhaps, one's life experiences n upbringing r more impt determining factors in influencing one's level of maturity rather than juz age alone...i know of many instances whereby ppl born in families with family biz had to socialize n network with biz associates from a relatively young age...n they r being groomed to take ovr their family biz...with such exposure at a relatively younger age, i guess the level of maturity found in such an individual might differ from tt of another person of similiar perhaps, it might b better if one can try to look beyond a person's age n look at the person beneath tt youthful appearance when interacting with others...then again, there could always b exceptions here n there...btw, leechie wanna say again tt i'm pleased with compliments tt i've received abt how mature i sound when compared to how young i look...keke ;p

Well, leechie doesn't mind dating younger guys...i feel tt communication is far more impt than age...hmmm, actually i had previously dated a few guys who were a bit younger than leechie...but i think they didn't know tt leechie was older then (and no, leechie didn't lie to them abt my age -.-" it's more of a case of nobody asked n so leechie didn't say anythg ya) o.O"

Honesty is highly valued in any there is no need to lie abt one's age...if the other party cannot accept older women-younger men kind of pairing, then perhaps tt person might not b the most suitable one for u...perhaps, it might b time to move on...plenty of other choices avail out there ya ;p btw, i do hav older ladies frenz who prefer younger guys...n again, i do hav som guys frenz who told me specifically tt they would definitely not want a gf who's older than them...perhaps an indication of the size of their egos at work? ;p try putting these 2 groups together...maybe tt's one reason y there's a significant no. of singles walking around us each day? o.O

But leechie always thot tt y guys would be attracted to older women...was cos these ladies r more mature n hav greater confidence in how they carry themselves n in handling various issues...n perhaps not so emotionally-needy as compared to younger gals? o.O

Let's wish all the couples featured in tt article in The Sunday Times happiness always n salute them for having the courage to take the path lesser travelled =)

There were a few responses to this particular blog shall include som frenz' responses on facebook here:
"I read that newspaper article and I personally really respect those couples cos they did not let the number disrupt their relationship. Who says marriage of a older man and younger woman will last and vice versa will not? It all depends on both parties how they communicate and works towards a blissful marriage.
My two cents worth.....:)"

"Young boys are tonic to older women! Reverse is true too! Please lah, there is mutual benefits for both parties - don't be so naive."

Check out this v.catchy song by Wondergirls =)

What Crappy Salon Did To My Leechie Hair -.-"

It's my leechie bday...but leechie spent hours sitting down in a crappy salon in town...was told on the phone tt the 50% off discount is applicable on the actual day of my bday...but when i got there n sat down...they told me it's no longer applicable...n they can oni give me 50% rebate...crappy -.-"

Anyway, the stylist who did my fringe rebonding looked really inexperienced...he was even practising with a model wig...but leechie aint a toy...leechie is a real person with real hair...i dont really fancy anyone taking my hair as a practice tool...leechie has absolutely no interest to b a guinea pig! -.-"

He claimed tt the brand of the rebonding cream used aint impt compared to the stylist's skills...oh well, my fringe started to curl the v.nite i got back...i havent even wash my hair yet...this is damn crappy!!!n he spent such a loooooooooooooong time trying to trim my fringe...n it's still not straight...i even stressed tt i wanna a "horizontal line" fringe...but the way he trimed it left so many zig-zag gaps -.-" to think tt he even try to psycho a leechie to let him trim my long hair...thx my stars tt leechie nvr agree to tt...complained to my leechie mum n dad...but they dont see y a leechie shld kick up a fuss ovr somthg as trivial as hair -.-" my leechie mum is of the opinion tt leechie has v.fine n extremely stubborn curly it's not a surprise tt they cant get it straight...she is of the opinion tt my hair can't b straight n most stylists won't b able to deal with such hair texture...i swear tt leechie would go to a japanese stylist to trim my fringe the next time...all these crappy stylists simply cant handle my atypical asian hair...crappy is an understatement -.-"

Well, my leechie fringe bascially look almost the same even after rebonding...frenz who hav seen my hair cant tell tt my fringe has been recently rebonded -.-" haiz...leechie is having bad fringe days -.-"

Leechie pop ovr to the salon to re-do the fringe rebonding...a stylist from China started off with the job...showed him my still curly fringe n told him how frenz commented tt my leechie fringe bascially look almost the same even after tt crappy rebonding...leechie also brought along a printout of Vivian Lai in her Pokka ads to show him...told him tt i wanna my fringe to b straight n "horizontal line" juz like hers (Vivian Lai's so pretty n sweet...when i grow up, i wanna b pretty like her!)this China stylist seems to b more senior, judging by his speed n familiarity...then think he wanna save the crappy stylist from embarrassment n left the last part of the job to the crappy stylist for him to apply the "fixing cream" and to do the wash-and-blow...but then again, the crappy stylist juz demostrated how crappy he is -.-" Mr.Crappy fidgeted with my hair...n when he tried to re-trim my fringe, he couldn't get it "horizontal line" even after several attempts...yet he claimed tt he couldn't cut if a leechie moved -.-" well, tt juz reminded a leechie of the famous saying of how one would use som crappy excuse of heavy swimming trunks to explain y he couldn't swim -.-" well, som ppl r "all talk, n lousy action" -.-" anyway, i told Mr.Crappy to stop trimming my fringe...cos my hair would b too short if he kept going at it n still couldn't produce a "horizontal line" -.-" asked Mr.Crappy to get the China stylist to come ovr to take a look...thx my stars tt the china stylist took ovr from Mr.Crappy n he's meticulous in trimming my fringe...n he gave leechie a "horizontal line" fringe! yay! =) u can hav my reassurance tt leechie won't allow Mr.Crappy to touch my leechie hair in future...

Check out this really nice new song "Obsess" by SS501 =)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gratitude Towards Prof Chong + Leechie Bday Bash

Thanks everyone for coming down tonite n for spending my leechie bday with me ya...appreciate all of u =) Really nice to get to know more new frenz as well as to catch up with old frenz! many thanks for the bday wishes n pressies =)

Had a real bz day today...attended a full day seminar on Gold & Forex MasterClass...thx Prof Chong for the complimentary tic =) was a real sleepyhead this morn manz...but really glad to be there to hear Darryl Guppy n other speakers speak live n learnt more abt gold, fx n charting ...leechie caught Prof Chong before he left to express my thanks...then pop ovr to ask "Uncle Guppy" (well, one would rem him as the uncle with the familiar big white caterpillar moustache on his ;p) som questions...leechie attended several of his talks previously...nice to see Uncle Guppy again...but think this leechie asked Uncle Guppy too many questions ler? but really happy to learn from his experience...leechie always thinks tt traders r v.stylo ppl...appreciate the honest n generous sharing from the participants =) but i kinda seem to see som surprised faces when a leechie walked into the seminar venue...mayb leechie looked abit outta place there? o.O
Saw this line on my fren's facebook status "人生没有彩排,每天都是直播,不仅收视率低,而且工资不高。"
ya...there's no rehearsal for's screening "LIVE" everyday...every sec! hmmm...there's somthg abt low viewership n low pay o.O"
Check out this touching clip...gonna break ur heart o.O

Friday, November 6, 2009

Leechie Facebook Psychology Personality Quiz Results ;p

Leechie is in an *excited* mood cos my leechie idol, ms. Elim Chew, wished me hapi bday ler =) leechie lurrrves facebook! =D


Tono Leechie just took Psychology Personality quiz. Come help me see the results accurate bo?keke ;p

Dear Tono Leechie, below are your PSYCHOLOGY PERSONALITY test result:

"You love the crowd... a party animal! Too many “friends”, you can’t easily tell which among them is real and not...

You’re usually expressive... Open about your emotions and most of ...the time willing to talk about it.

You search for love... you’re a hopeless romantic and every time you enter a relationship, you give your all and believe “this is the One.”

You have so many ideas in mind... You’re creative and aggressive! If you want something, you’ll do anything to get it!

You’re a stubborn sweetheart... You “love” him/her only because he/she loves you. If his/her flame puts out, you let go with no trouble.

You’re intimidating! People have an impression that you’re elite—or if not, you simply look sophisticated. You gain praises but not companions.

You love actions... with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect persons/things that are important to you."

Check out the really good-looking kim hyun joong in this latest clip featuring SS501 latest song "Love Like This" which is also leechie new mobile phone message tone ;p

Check out this clip whereby dear Kim Hyun Joong goes topless towards the end ;p

Closeup of the really HOT Kim Hyun Joong ;p