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Lilja-4-Ever!!!A muz-watch!

Pls scroll down for an important message tt everyone should be more aware of!

leechie attended a movie event by UNIFEM at the picturehouse last nite...thx them for their kind invitation (pls refer to their webby: the screened movie was the award-winning "Lilja-4-ever"...this Swedish movie was mostly in Russian...when i read the following synopsis of this movie, i walked into the cinema, prepared to cry buckets (when i told my leechie mum tt i was going to watch a sad movie, she thot tt leechie would come back teary too, esp after she's seen how a leechie cried seeing the living conditions of the poor thai n touching scenes of family love in Pornsak's n Yuan Shuai's "Going Home" series...)

Synopsis of "Lilja-4-ever":
"Everyone dreams. For some, these dreams become far-fetched. For a fortunate few they become realities. For many however, they turn into nightmares. Sixteen year old Lilja is whiling her time away in a small little Estonian village waiting to get the green signal from her mother to join her in the U.S. Bored, penniless and lonely, Lilja sparks up a relationship with Andrei, a charming foreigner who speaks about providing her with a job and lodging in exciting Sweden. Unaware of hidden agendas and led by Andrei’s false promises of glitz and glamour, Lilja takes up the offer. Her entire world shatters, however, when she discovers that she has become just another statistic in the rampant world of prostitution.

Lilja-4-ever is a stark and brutally honest account of an innocent who dares to dream and becomes caught up in a world of betrayal, greed and debauchery."

A rather touching yet disturbing movie...but perhaps i walked in rather leechie didnt cry...but as i walked out of the cinema, saw a couple of visibly-disturbed gentlemen...i'm not sure if this is a one-off screening...but do go watch this award-winning 2002 movie if u have the chance to...btw, leechie also likes the german song "My heart burns" tt they played in this sad movie...scroll down to listen to this nice song =)

From UNIFEM's email:
"Each year, hundreds of thousands of young women worldwide are either forcefully abducted or falsely persuaded and sold off into organized crime groups and prostitution rings. Scarred by sexual and physical abuse and burdened with debt, they become disillusioned replicas of their former selves. As the commercial sex trade continues to rack up scores of innocent young women and children to its name, we feel the need to educate our audiences on its various perspectives."

"The opening scene with the Rammstein song 'My Heart Burns' sets the harsh tone of this film as it tries to highlight the dual issues of human trafficking and sexual slavery. The sex montages are successful in juxtaposing the ugliness of the world and of the men who take advantage of another's distress and the innocence of Lilja."

Singapore girl: Time to play the little woman? o.O"

The following article was shared by Abner (another of leechie CNA kakis...can refer to abner musings as "Apples From Abner", not unsimilar to "Lychees From Leechie"?) ;p

"Girls here are smarter, driven but do they better good partners than neighbouring girls? Letter in Straits Times.
Nov 4, 2004

A FEW weeks back, I was intrigued when two male friends started lambasting the Singapore female and exalting the China girl.

It was not because of the concept of cross-matching across countries. That has been going on for centuries now, and I, being half-Peranakan, should be the last to raise an eyebrow about outsourcing for mates. Rather, it was the mindset of the men that was interesting.

'China girls are so pretty and have lower expectations,' said one. Added the other:
'Singapore girls are too demanding, they have a long list of expectations.'

Each glanced at me expectantly, as if waiting for me to put up an impassioned defence of the hard-to-please Singapore woman.

I half-smiled, waiting for the 'prawn-peeling' issue to surface. This was the mode of conversation I would have expected from 50-year-old single or slighted men, but coming from the mouths of 22-year-old boys with bright futures was a stunning revelation of the mindset of the young Singaporean male.

Either they have no originality or Singapore girls are really too much to handle.

The news of the past two weeks confirmed the latter for me: Young 20-something men going to Bintan for cheap sex; 30-something men going to Vietnam for quick marriages. What is going on here?

I have been to Vietnam, and I love the place. The girls, true to form, are slim, tall and soft-spoken. Every word is punctuated with a smile, even when you are driving a hard bargain with them.

Their speech is melodious, and they work hard without complaining, carrying loads of cloth and vegetables in the market stalls and food places. Simple, gentle and hardworking, it's hard not to fall in love with them.

So too are Malaysian girls. Having friends who are dating these girls, I have observed that they are generally of the 'saccharine' variety. Neither loud nor argumentative, they pander to the boys' needs.

Not as doormats, but as cheerful assistants, who see it as their obligation to help their men without expecting anything in return. Not that they are stupid - oh, no, the Malaysian girls I know are smart and hardworking, with careers of their own.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, they play the docile, giggly girlfriend with as much aplomb as their Viet counterparts.

Again, it's easy to see where their attraction lies.

I cannot comment on the Chinese girls or the girls from Bintan, but I can contrast the Malaysian and Vietnamese girls I know with Singapore girls. We are, generally, extremely driven by ideals and emotions.

In an argument, the Singapore girl is twice as likely as her Malaysian or Vietnamese counterpart to stride away in a huff or throw water on the male's face or hold a public screaming or crying fit.

Not for this girl are soft, barely audible replies. The Singapore girl debates and argues impassionedly. She wants to win at all costs and treats her love conquests like those fought in the office arena.

She may be pretty, yes, smart, yes, but, oh, so demanding.

The Singapore girl, in short, is a challenge to love. Although she may, at the end of the day, be a supportive and faithful spouse, the barbs hiding her soft interior are daunting to the suitor.

She is materialistic, and loves being so. Shopping is a major hobby, and looking good is absolutely essential. The man is but another accessory, a helper, chauffeur, bag carrier.

Her girlfriends egg her on, smiling at one friend as her boyfriend picks her up after class each day and cheering the girl who unceremoniously dumps her cheating boyfriend in the middle of the road.

Girl power, we think unanimously. We are not going to be one of those docile wives who nod their heads and cook for you at the slightest command. We are not going to have wool pulled over our eyes by your romantic nonsense. No way. We are women of the new age, liberal, free and... single?

Somehow the whole idea of women's liberation in Singapore seems to have come at the expense of our love lives. We have assimilated Western role models of strong women without taking into account the men that are alongside us.

I have no answers, short of comforting Singapore women with the fact that pets make quite good companions.

However, for the sake of government procreation policies, I think it's imperative that a compromise be struck between the Singapore woman and man, before the Singapore born and bred woman becomes a relic of the past.

I remember an interview years ago in which a prominent local host, very much an image of the career-driven Singapore woman, said that with her then boyfriend, she played the role of the 'little woman'. Perhaps therein lies the secret weapon that Singapore women need to cultivate: a softer un-barbed personality for matters of the heart.

Wong Mei Xuan (Miss)
Straits Times
Oct 23, 2004"

V.cutie kitties ;p

Funny clip showing the importance of subtitles ;p

Another funny clip...listen carefully to what they r saying manz! ;p

Damn funny clip on super junior ;p

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Love Me, Love My Money Habits! o.O

The following article was posted by Sharkie (a banker with a local bank...well, there r rumors linking him to a certain Dont-Bull-Shit bank) at the CNA forum where a leechie used to hang out (

While the soft aspects of a relationship are important, let us not be so caught up in it that we forget that one cannot live on love and fresh air alone.

It is a fact that disagreements and conflicts on money issues rank high among couples, along with in-laws and work stress. It is no wonder that relationship experts advise couples to talk openly about money and iron out any potential money issues even before they get hitched.

Here's a test to find out how healthy your relationship with your partner is when it comes to money:

# Do you find it difficult to talk to your partner about dollars and cents?

# When was the last time you spoke to your partner about finances?

# Do you know your partner's income, his expenses, savings, loans and investments?

# Do you know each other's financial aspirations?

# Are you able to give examples of his money habits?

# Is there an agreement between both of you on who pays for what?

# What happens if there is a change in circumstances like job loss, parenthood or a windfall?

# If you are a newly married couple, were you comfortable with the amount spent on the wedding and/or house renovations?

Did you manage to stick to the pre-determined budget or was it busted?

If you answer 'no' to any of the above questions, then it is an area for you to work on.

Don't be shy about discussing your finances openly and review your situation a few times a year to make sure you are on track with your goals.

Here are some common myths about money between partners:

1. Money equals love

When I was dating my then boyfriend, now husband, I used to equate how much he loved me with the value of his presents or even where we took our meals.

The more expensive the gift was, the more I felt loved. I didn't feel pressured to go dutch during our dates, as he is older and was already working while I was still in school.

Of course, all that changed after we got married and my 'I' attitude was replaced by a 'we' attitude.

Another danger with equating money with love is that it results in couples shying away from money issues in the early stages of a relationship. This is because they fear that if they question how the other views money, it could mean that they are questioning their partner's love. The problem with this is that it makes it harder to discuss finances as time goes by.

2. My hubby will take care of me

Don't count on it. Many widows or divorcees find themselves helpless when they are left suddenly alone to handle their finances for the first time.

Money is not 'a man's thing'. It is better to bite the bullet now, get over your fear of financial jargon and pick up some basic knowledge like budgeting, credit management, getting a basic financial plan, sorting out your insurance needs and planning for your golden years.

Remember that women live longer and usually the family savings are already spent on your children's education and husband's medical bills, with nothing much left after his death. This assumes he is the same age or older than you.

3. My spouse can change after marriage

If he has a gambling habit, is a big spender, loves to show his affections by buying expensive gifts or by giving treats to friends, don't expect his lavish ways and habits to disappear after marriage.

How we were brought up and our childhood experiences have a hand in forming our attitudes towards money. They are deep- seated and it will take a lot of effort for a spendthrift to mend his ways.

4. Opposites attract

It is often said that opposites attract when it comes to love, and it can be a positive thing, especially if the opposing traits complement each other's weaknesses and strengths.

But when it comes to money issues, it may not be the case. If you are a risk-taker and can stomach volatility while your spouse is the exact opposite and is very careful with his or her money to the extent of even being miserly, there are bound to be conflicts. These conflicts can occur when it comes to money management, such as when deciding which investments to go into.

5. Honesty is the best policy

The first step towards understanding each other's money habits is to be honest.

You must find opportunities to acknowledge them, talk about them and work towards a mutual understanding of how money issues are to be handled.

Talk about your needs, fears and dreams. Try to surface them early in the relationship. As much as you can, share responsibilities by understanding who does what best.

While working for the best, it is only prudent to prepare for the worst. This means knowing how to cope financially should there be a separation, be it through a divorce or death.

Only when your house is in order can you enjoy peace of mind. When that happens, you can celebrate Valentine's Day any day.

Update: leechie always thot tt female bartenders r sooooooo cool n went to sign up for a mocktail-making workshop. but leechie was rather disappointed with this particular mocktail workshop tt i've attended over the weekend...the organizers over-promised n's a big no-no for all biz! -.-" anyway, i spent most of my time reading out the step-by-step instructions to the lady sitting next to me on how to do the mocktails...well, it's easier said than done eh? ;p i actually wanted to buy a cocktail shaker kit to DIY at home...then leechie can make lychee martini mah ;p but i found out to my horror tt u need to execute some sharp chops to the tumbler shaker thingy in a certain direction b4 they could become unstuck...n leechie no kung-fu...guess the probability of leechie ending up with stuck shaker thingy most of the time n thus needing help to separate them is pretty high -.-" well, i guess it would b far easier for a leechie to walk into any bar to order whatever cocktail i fancy...fact ---> leechie is far better at drinking cocktails than making them...period ;p

Sorry, sorry with english lyrics =)

Indian version of sorry,sorry...faintz @.@"

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A Plastic World o.O"

Came across some newspaper articles a couple of weeks ago abt plastic seems tt plastic surgery is becoming more popular amongst the gentlemen these days...not sure if it's due to their pursuit of perfection? btw, i met tt particular Medan plastic surgeon featured in tt article at a beauty pageant gala dinner som years back...he was in the midst of setting up his plastic surgery centre then...n when frenz commented tt he doesn't need to go for lipo, the aesthetic doc fren featured in tt article admitted tt vainity was one of the reasons...

Anyway, there r so much fako hair extensions, fako eyelashes, fako push-up bras...fako whatevers tt could do wonders to a person's it's not surprising tt som ppl may juz see plastic surgey as a further extension of this fako category of appearance-enhancers? o.O"

Was chatting with mr.stingy n he commented tt plastic surgey is too fake n he cant accept it if his future partner has done any plastic surgery...well, if u wanna compare plastic surgery to the fako flower tt mr.stingy plucked from the street decor at clarke quay for a leechie -.-" btw, leechie is allergic to cheapo guys -.-" In my leechie opinion, there isn't much issue with plastic surgey if it can enhance a person's self-confidence...n if a person can b honest abt it...unlike a certain mediacorp actress who blatantly denied having done any plastic surgey when it's sooooooooo damn obvious (well, her denials r insulting a leechie intelligence -.-")

Btw, leechie had the privilege of meeting celebrity makeup artist clarence lee recently...think Urban recently interviewed him for their article on guys doing plastic surgery...i havent seen him before his chin job so i cant comment...but i gotta admit tt i'm rather tempted to touch his chin to feel how real it is (of course i didn't...leechie aint tt rude -.-")...cos i hav always wondered how a fako chin or nose would feel...well, a fengshui master once told me tt leechie chin is too short n a longer chin would b better fengshui...when i told my leechie mum what the fengshui master said, she was like ---> "No! u cant get a chin job...the fako chin will drop off if u knock it!" well, she has achieved her objective of scaring a leechie -.-" anyway, leechie aint tt brave to go for a chin job or any plastic surgery...if i can summon up enuf courage to go for a chin job 1 fine day, i'll definitely let u know...but u gotta cheer me on ya ;p

But i still need to admit tt i admire their courage in taking actions towards pursuing whatever they it a higher nose, double eyelids, a more defined chin...i was watching "200 pounds beauty" on tv last nite...i really admire the lead actress' courage to take such drastic actions to undergo such extreme makeover in order to lead a more "dignified" life...i'm not shy to admit tt i cried while watching it...well, the hypocrisy of those around her was really obvious right after her physical transformation -.-" anyway, we r living in a plastic world, full of hypocreeps -.-" somtimes, i'm really surprised by the antics of those around me...who simply ignored me...surprised by the actions tt they took when they wanna get to know those tt i'm linked to -.-" but excuse me, a leechie is allergic to all hypocreeps -.-"

We r living in a damn practical world, where one cant dismiss the importance of looks...particularly so in certain industries o.O in fact, i'm still really damn annoyed by the v.fact tt my leechie dad named a leechie after a pretty colleague cos my parents' only wishes for me were for a leechie to grow up to b pretty...n yest, my leechie uncle new year wishes for a leechie is to b youthful n pretty...well, sorry to disappoint them, leechie has greater ambitions than to b juz a pretty face! -.-" i wanna b known for more than simply my looks ya! there aint tt many brainy beauties around but leechie wanna belong to this category! =) well, no wanna b a hypocreep here...havent seen my cousins in quite a while until yest...i'm still damn relieved tt i look younger n prettier than a cousin who is 3 yrs younger than me ;p when i told my leechie mum tt...she remarked in a sarcastic tone tt at the v.least, tt cousin has someone who wants her n is getting married soon...n said what's the point of being so pretty n yet unattached? -.-"

Update: leechie has collected her complimentary Stereolab membership do let me know if u r going down to Stereolab ya...btw, they were launching hennesey apple at stereolab tonite ;p gotta thx them for all the complimentary drinks...forgot how many glasses i actually had tonite ;p

200 pounds beauty after her extreme makeover! @.@"

200 pounds beauty before and after her transformation! @.@"

Simply lurrrrrrrrrve this song "Maria" ;p

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Postponed: Valentine's Special: Jap Dining on 5th Feb ;)

Dear Friends :)

Thanks for your support in making our Jap-Italian dining event another sold-out event! About 90 % of the ladies who attended this time round were new faces who had joined our networking event for the first time! Quite a few really pretty and successful ladies n eligible bachelors came too =)

Demographics of past events participants: Expats, investment bankers, business owners, traders, bankers, lawyers, accountants, managers, lecturers and phD & Masters degree holders and other senior executives from various industries.

Any plans for the upcoming Valentine's Day? Come join our Valentine's Day Special and spend a special evening with us. You may come alone but you could possibly meet your "Perfect Ten" match =)

Centrally located? Check.. Plenty of networking opportunities? Check.. Yummy food? Check..

Come and discover this unique yet cozy Japanese restaurant which is quietly-tucked away amidst the busy city area and which offers just the right ambience for networking and link up with like-minded people. You wouldn't know what you are missing out on if you are not here to experience it for yourself =)

Date/Time: 5th Feb (Fri) 7:38 - 10:00pm
Venue: Japanese Restaurant only 3 mins walk from City Hall MRT station (exact meetup location is only revealed to confirmed participants)

Programme Timetable:
7:38pm - 10:00pm: Dinner and drinks would be served. Large group rotation to facilitate interaction with many networking opportunities for you to get to know some senior-level executives from various industries. If possible, do bring along your name cards to facilitate interaction and for the lucky draw game (Many attractive prizes to be won!)
After 10:00pm: Those who are interested can stay back for further interaction or drinks at a nearby venue. Leechie would be very glad to facilitate this.

Vacancies are limited so sign up soon and take advantage of our early bird promotional rates!

How to Register & Make Payment?

To register for the above event, please email Leechie at leechietheleech@ ASAP with the following details:
- Name:
- Gender:
- Handphone no.:
- Email address:
- No. of friends invited (please include their names, emails & contact nos.)

* Confirmed participants will receive an acknowledgement email latest the following day. Further instructions (exact meetup location details) are included in the acknowledgement email.
* Pls note that the above planned programme serves only as a guide and is subject to changes but we will try to stick to it as far as possible.
* Feel free to invite your frenz to join us and be part of our hip networking scene! ;)
* Pls check out this blog for pics of the restaurant as well as updates on all events =)

Please register early to secure your participation as we received overwhelming response for our previous events and had to reject some applicants on the waiting lists due to the constrain as imposed by the max capacity of the venues. Even the waiting lists were building up. We look forward to hear from you soon! =)

Testimonials From Past Participants:

"Thanks for arranging for networking event. I have enjoyed myself last evening. You are definitely a good organizer for such events." - B.K., Agency Manager

"Hooray, we are glad to have you indeed as an efficient, effective, meticulous, detailed, expressive and communicative singles social event organiser who got along well with most of us new kids on the block." - K.C., Senior Associate Director

"You have done a good job and I know it's tough to organize such a big group. Keep it up" - L.L., Pilates Teacher

Would like to introduce to u The Networking Scene Exclusive Members' Privilege Card with many benefits:
- Priority application for all our networking events (so that u don't have to worry about being placed on the waiting list and missing out on our exciting events again...)
- Welcome voucher of $5 off one networking event
- Exclusive invites to private parties with complimentary freeflow drinks* (terms and conditions apply)
- Exclusive members only events
- 5 % off all networking events
- 20% off one networking event in your birthday month

Best Regards,
tono leechie
Be part of our hip networking scene! ;)
Be with the original B-)


Apologies...leechie is sick n would need to postpone this sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused...

Ayumi Hamasaki : Is This Love?