Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Leechie Idol Ms. Olivia Lum Live!

Leechie pop ovr to the bluesky exchange thingy where my leechie idol ms. Olivia Lum was the guest speaker! this is the first time tt leechie had the opportunity to hear her speak live! =)

I simply lurrrrrrrrrrrve the following quote tt appeared on the screen when they flashed the intro clip on Hyflux..."I cannot live my life without fulfilling my dream" ~ Olivia Lum, Group CEO, Hyflux

A poster-lady for entrepreneurship...Group CEO of Hyflux...former Nominated member of Parliment n holding several positions in the public service...sitting on the board of a number of companies...receiver of various other prestigous accolades...a name which requires no introduction...despite her success, ms. Olivia Lum came across as someone really unassuming n humble n really appreciative of the ppl tt she works with...she describes it as a stimulating experience with so many intelligent ppl working with her...well, i cant say the same for som of the gentlemen who were here tonite...the way tt they stared at a leechie made me feel really outta place...if they were there to learn from ms. Olivia Lum, i don't see y a leechie had no reason to b there -.-" there is no such thing as being female n too young for anythg -.-" i had enuf of all those MCP crap -.-" anyway, i'm really glad tt my leechie mum didn't bring me up to hav such narrow mindsets as certain individuals! -.-"

Back to the talk, Ms. Olivia Lum covered the importance of the 7Ps: Passion, People, Perservance, Patience, Partnership, Performance, P r som short notes tt i took during her talk...apologies for the clumsiness...leechie aint a professional journalist...but u may also refer to the more eloquent journalistic version which was published in biz times tt i've added here...

First P is for Passion...she talked abt starting out her biz with only $20k...she had no $, no technology n no contacts...she started her entrepneurship journey based purely juz on her dream n passion...her dream to own her own biz drove her on...she shared tt the most difficult time was when she was working the start-up company stage...cos there was no one to look up order to b successful in any field, one muz dream to do somthg...when u hav dream n passion...u start to hav ideas...(rem tt Jack Ma said somthg abt "Never ever give up ur dream!")

Second P is for People...cos without ppl, how r u going to grow ur company? u muz share ur vision to attract ppl of calibre...she talked abt how it was hard to convince ppl to join her initially cos hers was a small she had to paint a big picture n kept telling ppl tt this is the kind of company tt can become big...n asked ppl to take risk to join her company for 1 year...when asked, she said tt this is the most impt out of the 7Ps...cos u can get inspiration n ideas from ppl...n without ppl, u cant do alot of things...

Third P is for Perseverance...u muz establish relationship with clients n ur ppl so tt they will identify to b part of ur company...she described how she stayed up overnite with her employees for an urgent job in Shanghai so tt she could motivate them n b part of show them how tough they work for the company...ur staff will appreciate u being there with them...

Importance of patience for success...willing to wait years for success...but impatient for gloom n doom...need to b mentally n psychologically strong...n brainstorm how to overcome difficulties...

Partnership is impt...but we need to find suitable partners...the right partner who can contribute equally...a growing company shld not partner with too small a company which wanna leech off u -.-"

Performance - Execution is v.impt...aim is to hav zero failure...which also shows tt u r able to overcome any problems...

P Factor, as in, "Plus" Factor +
u muz hav somthg tt u can call urself competitive in this to make urself more competitive? there r soooooooooo many ppl having similar things as u, so u cannot compete based on prices...every company need to hav the "Plus" Factor to go abroad...use ur Plus Factor (unique competitive factor) to win over mkt...what i understood from her sharing is tt...we muz hav our own competitive advantage n use this advantage to win!

P Factor, as in, "拼" Factor
As the hokkien saying "爱 拼 才 会 赢" goes...
To b competitive n hungry n go for the best!

She also shared how it was v.hard to get ur first to make it? when it was v.hard to convince Singapore companies to buy products from her cos they could deal directly with the supplier company instead...she went to Malaysia n sold her first product in JB...

Learnt thru experience n mistakes tt u's thru trial n error...but u gotta ask urself whether u can afford this error or not...every marriage is a happy one in the beginning...can u withstand a breakup? if this is not going to work, bite the bullet n cut loss!

The importance of vision...when she was young, she told her teacher "One day i'll be doing v.BIG things...v.v.v.BIG things!"

2 big events tt gave her alot of opportunities...during the economic downturn in 1997, she was able to recruit alot of good ppl n enticed them with share options...during 1998-1999, they were doing so well tt DBS approached them to list the u wanna grow ur company much bigger? listing her company...her shareholding in the company dropped from 100% to 75% before the IPO...n dropped to 50% after the IPO...n further diluted to 30+% today with all the placements etc...but it's a win-win situation for all =)

Biz is vibrant n u cannot stick to a set of rules...she refused to go to biz sch...branding ur long as u r willing to share, do things tt ur shareholders n employees (stakeholders) like...(well, she's a great example of how one doesn't need to hav MBA to do BIG things n run a globally-competitive company! Kudos to my leechie idol!)

Overcome obstacles in the intial the last 20 yrs, she has grown her company from a trading company to a technology one n now one with manufacturing capabilities...

Look at ur financial capability n realize which stage u r in...
if u don't hav $, do things which will help u to grow...

She talked abt how she started with only $20k...the first $5k went to 3 months rental of the office...after purchasing photocopier n office furniture n renovation etc, she was left with only $ she approached the big n famous membrane companies here n became a freelance she did not need to hav her own brand then...n earned commission from the products tt she sold...when most local companies prefer to deal directly with the supplier n refused to buy from her, she went to Malaysia n later Indonesia...n started making $ in her 3rd n 4th yr...then she wanted to hav her own went to her uni prof n hired ppl to develop the technology...

Really appreciate her practical advice n sincere sharing of her experiences...definitely more interesting than any biz sch classes ;p i'm really glad tt i was learn from her sharing =) it was definitely an evening well-spent! Now, i've managed to hear all my leechie idols speak live...except for Jay Abraham =)

Disclaimer: leechie doesn't own any shares in Hyflux n its affliates...btw, a banker asked Ms. Olivia Lum when would be the right time/price to buy into Hyflux...she told him to consult a crystal ball instead o.O"


Business Times - 28 Jan 2010

Hyflux's success starts with passion


That is the winning formula behind Hyflux's success.

At the inaugural 'Going Global' forum yesterday, Hyflux CEO Olivia Lum told a ballroom of business leaders that growing a company with an initial capital of just $20,000, to a globally competitive business, starts with passion first, above all else. And that's the first 'P' in her formula.

'When I first started out, I had a passion to run my own business. To be successful, you have to dream big,' she said at the forum held at the Meritus Mandarin Hotel, the venue partner, yesterday.

Secondly, it is important to find the right partners and employees who share the vision as the entrepreneurs. Then only can the company attract talented manpower to propel the business forward. That is the second 'P'.

On top of that, Ms Lum pointed out that perseverance, patience and partnerships are critical in seeing the business through difficult periods, particularly in the initial phase of overseas expansion.

In her case, she does not expect immediate results during the first three years in a foreign market, but certainly expects her staff to adopt a 'can do' spirit or in her own words, 'if you are sent to the country, you can only come back and tell me akan datang (coming soon)'.

And the last two 'P's are the performance and the 'plus' factor, which she defines as the value proposition which a company offers.

Later at the question and answer session, Ms Lum also touched on the discrimination she faces in some foreign markets, and her 'innovative' means of overcoming them.

For example, 'when I first went to China 15 years ago, I looked very young'. 'And in China, people respect the elderly. So you come to this market looking like a school girl, they give you a big discount.'

Ms Lum shared that as soon as she realised that, she roped in a 60-year-old retiree to helm the operations there, and businesses took off thereafter.

It was the same approach which helped Hyflux penetrate markets such as Algeria and Africa.


Interview by Business Times with Ms. Olivia Lum:

What advice would you give to women looking to build a successful enterprise today?

"I would give the same advice to any man or woman who wants to build a successful enterprise. One would need the '7 Ps' - passion, perseverance, patience, people, partnerships, performance and the 'plus' factor.

First, there must be passion for the business as passion drives one to do better each time. Perseverance and patience are important qualities as there will be many problems encountered in an entrepreneur's journey.

A successful business is not built by one person, which is why it is important to attract, hire and retain the right people for the company. Partnerships are important as a company cannot be good at everything or have the resources to do everything. Tapping on the strengths of others will enable one to accomplish much more. For instance when in a foreign market, one may require the help of a local partner regarding the local laws and business customs.

There must also be emphasis on performance as even a small mistake can be detrimental to a company's standing in the industry. And finally, there is the 'plus' factor, which is 'knowing one's strengths' and competitive edge over its rivals."

A better version written by my leechie idol, ms. Elim Chew =)(

Building a globally competitive company
Elim Chew, Founder and Owner, 77th Street
Feb 4, 2010 Thursday, 11:29 AM
77th Street's Elim Chew explains how she learned to build a successful global company.

I RECENTLY attended the ACE BlueSky Exchange, a collaboration between Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and The Business Times. This Going Global series features a number of chief executives explaining how they built up their companies' competitiveness and capabilities on a global platform.

In this first session, we got to hear from Olivia Lum, CEO of Hyflux International. She started in 1989 and has since grown her business from a $20,000 company to one worth $1.2 Billion.

Here are some valuable points I picked up from her on going global:

The 7Ps of a Globally Competitive Company

1) Passion
The first key that will ignite the fire is Passion. It is about having the passion to own my own business. When you have passion, you do something not because you have to but it is your dream that inspires you. To be successful in the field you need to have a dream and to take action. You can start to look out for ideas and find the spark to start the idea. When you spot something worthy of your pursuit, dream about it, visualize it and just go for it. Don't limit your boundaries. Think and dream big and grow beyond Singapore.

2) People
The next key is People. You will need people to help grow your Business. Get the right people and the right resources. How do you attract good people? Look around you. Establish relationship with people and find good people to join you. When you have good vision and goals, you will attract people to follow you. When it comes to going global, you will need professional people who have the expertise to help you develop and expand your business.

3) Perseverance
Venturing overseas especially to China can be tough. But challenges are inevitable where opportunities thrive. Perseverance with unwavering determination is the key to overcoming obstacles. On top of that, you need to personally feel the vibrancy of the country and have a better understanding of the culture in any market you want to go to.
No man is an island. We all need a team of people to support us, especially during difficult times. Being connected to your staff is necessary so they will know you are there to go through it with them.

4) Patience
Rome was not built in a day. If you want to build something big, you have got to develop patience for success. Take time to establish strong foundations and take progressive steps to see your dreams and visions realised. People who are impatient will try to look for shortcuts which is sure to lead to doom. Remember, good things are worth waiting for.

5) Partnership
The right partnership is important. Partnership can either propel you forward or hold you down. Find and create good partnerships where both partners are able to contribute their strengths and values equally.

6) Performance
Performance and results are everything. Having a vision and plan is good but execution of a project is the key to determining results. Resources are limited and time is precious. Do not tolerate pessimistic staff and work for zero failure. We can always find solutions and fix the problems.

7)"P" or "Plus" factor
Another key you will need to compete globally is the "Plus" factor or your unique competitive factor. Others call it the X-Factor. How can you stay competitive? Everyone has the same technology and products. What is unique about what you have? Know your personal and company strengths. Use them strategically to win the market competition. But also understand your weakness so that you can work on it and not let it hinder you.

As you plan and move forward, you have got to "ping" or "piah" (meaning 'strive' or 'give it all') to be in the forefront of the market. "Ai piah jia eh ya" - You will only win if you strive hard! As you strive together with your team of good people, they will give you inspiration for more great ideas to achieve success. During tough times, bite the bullet and be quick and decisive to cut your losses if does not work out!

Let's recap the 7 keys:
1) Passion
2) People
3) Perseverance
4) Patience
5) Partnership
6) Performance
7) "P" or "Plus" factor - your Unique competitive factor.

Hyflux has a very big macro vision: To cover every posibility regarding water and water use. Be bold and go for a big vision that is worthy of its cause.

Finally, count your costs. Know your financial capabilities and don't commit yourself beyond it. Whatever funds you have, you must know how to maximize them to keep on growing your company.

As you put your mind, heart and soul into applying these principles, you too, can realize your dream to build a successful global business.



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 Body Language Clues He (Definitely) Likes You

Saw this article somwhere (

No matter where you've met that great guy – at a friend's party, a bar or even a blind date – there's the million-dollar question you are dying to find out: Does he like me, or not? What if you could know for sure? His body language could be a dead giveaway. So quit the guesswork: David Givens, Ph.D., director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies (CNS) in Washington and author of Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship, decodes body language signs that say he's into you!

SIGN #1:
He flashes his brows and smiles when he sees you.
Body Language Decoder: Raised brows signal attraction: It's the universal sign of interest and it exists in every culture. In fact, some experts think it's the most recognized non-verbal sign of greeting used by humans. When we're attracted to someone, our eyebrows rise and fall subconsciously. And when the other person is similarly attracted, they raise their brows and smile in return. The whole exchange lasts less than a second, though, so it can be easy to miss unless you're looking out for it!

SIGN #2:
He points his body towards you.
Body Language Decoder: If he's across the room, take a peek at his hands and feet: We tend to point toward the object of our desire subsciously. When we find someone attractive, we'll often point (with our hands, feet or toes) toward that person.

If you're engaging in a conversation with him sitting next to you, it's even easier to tell: If he leans slightly forward and keeps his shoulders and upper body squarely facing you, it shows that he's deeply interested in you and what you have to say.

SIGN #3:
He gazes at your lips while you're talking.
Body Language Decoder: Our eyes have a body language all their own. A major telltale sign of how we feel about someone is our gazing pattern: When we look at acquaintances, like at business meetings, we keep our gazes at eye-level, focusing on the other person's eyes and the bridge of the nose.

With friends or someone we like, we hold our eye contact longer than usual and our gaze moves down to include the nose and mouth. And if he's romantically drawn to you, the look can further drop down to include parts of your body like the neck or shoulders. This type of intimate gaze conveys interest. It's as if he can't resist caressing the rest of your face and hair with his eyes, or he's imagining what it feels like to kiss you on the lips.

SIGN #4:
His pupils widen and he blinks more when looking at you.
Body Language Decoder: The size of our pupils adjusts according to two things: Light and attraction. It's a biological reaction we cannot control. Secretly compare his pupils and another person's (like your girlfriend if she's sitting beside you) in the same surroundings. If we're looking at a person we like, our pupils will dilate, so will our blink rate. The reason: When we're excited, our body releases more adrenaline which results in dilated pupils and faster blinks – the same physiological process that makes our heart pump faster and our knees weak!

SIGN #5:
He laughs at just about everything you say.
Body Language Decoder: If his eyebrows remain slightly raised while you're talking, it signals that he finds you fascinating. Another obvious sign that he likes you a lot: He nods, smiles, laughs and agrees with just about everything you say, including the silly stuff. He's not just being cordial – he's genuinely happy to be with you!


Saw this line on a fren's facebook status --->
"You can't make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realise your worth."

David Tao ---> Secret Love...

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A Big Thank You To All Leechie Blog Followers! =)

Leechie schmate Jeanette with cutie Dai Yang Tian

Thanks everyone for coming down to our networking event tonite...thanks for ur support n for making it another sold-out event! =) About 90 % of the ladies who attended this time round were new faces who had joined our networking event for the first time! Quite a few really pretty and successful ladies n eligible bachelors came too =) then i realized tt some frenz happened to b my blog-followers as's really cool to meet all of least, u all gave me a really good reason to keep this blog going! Really glad to get to know the faces who chance upon my leechie musings =) A big thank-you to all of u! hugz =D

Btw, leechie is still in the midst of my spring-cleaning project...this project is tougher than any sch project ler -.-" recurrence of my urticaria rashes all thanks to this project manz -.-" no worries, if u were to google aint u don't need to keep a metre away from a leechie if u were to see me o.O" leechie has been battling urticaria ever since i was a those days, i got it real bad manz...cos i constantly need to rest my elbows on dirty n dusty old school furniture which were passed down from generations to generations of students...n i was from an autonomous school ya -.-" if u wanna know which school that was...try to google for mediacorp artiste jeanette aw's schools...she was a schmate n we went to the same sec sch, jc n even uni o.O sorry guys, pls don't ask leechie for jeanette's hp no :-X but i gotta say jeanette's co-star -> Dai Yang Tian is damn cute! ;p


Saw this line by a spokeperson for Shiseido cosmetics ---> "Change yourself. You can change the world"

This Quotation was sent to a leechie ---> "May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are.. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us..."


Ur support is too beautiful =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hairlah Show o.O

This leechie mum v.leechie...cos told my leechie mum tt leechie was going down to the hair show...then tt leechie mum asked leechie not to buy home any hair -.-" ya, the name of this hair show is "hairlah" -.-"

Went down to civic plaza n saw all sorts of household stuff there...all the pots, etc...then realized tt i got the wrong place manz...the hair show shld b on the first level instead...i was mistaken by the staff there as "trade visitor" n was asked which salon i'm from o.O" hmmm, leechie was a shampoo mayb i still retain the shampoo gal look? o.O" nope, leechie aint the conventional type of shampoo gal who washes ppl's hair...leechie was a shampoo gal, as in, she used to promote shampoos n haircare ;p hmmm, there was a hair design competition...managed to snap som pics...but apologies, leechie couldn't recognize any of the stylists there :-X saw many stylists there...all v.fashionably dressed...v.trendy...with v.nice n trendy hair colors...som cute stylists there too...keke ;p good thg tt leechie didn't go in my minnie mouse tee...otherwise, i'll look v.out of place...hmmm, think leechie kinda blended in with the trendy crowd ;p apparently some of the exhibitors thot tt leechie was from the beauty/hair trade n they were trying to intro their products to me n push sales as well...until i told them tt i'm juz a member of the ;p oh, saw exhibitors selling wigs there u can technically buy som "hair" ;p

But leechie felt outta place...cos this hair event is really v.technical...don't really understand many of the hair equipments, etc avail there...for juz scissors alone, they hav soooooooo many different types! @.@" so many ppl gathering around here n there...n i dont even understand y they r crowding around n y they seemed to look impressed @.@" too bad tt i was there alone...if my cutie stylist were there, he would b able to explain all those fanciful stuff to a leechie o.O" i wanted to get the small flat iron to iron my curly fringe...but this item was sold out at 10am on the v.first day! apparently som trade ppl were buying them at the rate of 50 pieces each -.-" crapz -.-" anyway, i think i need to hav my curly fringe rebonded again manz...n this is barely 2 months since tt crappy rebonding job...haiz -.-" i wanna get my cutie stylist to rebond my fringe...but tt leechie mum reminded me tt i still hav hair voucher from the other salon which i need to use soon before the expiry date...crapz X.x"

Bumped into one of the brand mgrs from Loreal n chatted with him abit...they exhibited the entire ranges of products there...he gave me all the Redken brochures n som tips on how to use their products =) btw, leechie went to take a look at the Redken hair colors...v.nice colors ler...i wanna try out Redken hair color the next time i color my leechie hair =) bumped into a fren tt i havent seen in a while...but the prob is i still cant really rem how i got to know him in the v.first place....hmmmm @.@" he's a familiar face...but i juz cant place him...n i'm juz too paiseh to ask him where n how i got to know him :-X

Went ovr to Sephora to get som eyeshadows (yup, pls don't tell my leechie mum tt this leechie bot eyeshadows again :-X) their salesgirl was v.interested in this hair event n asked me many questions...she even asked me if her hair color is suitable for her o.O"

Since no bank bothered to send my leechie mum any bday cakes n she aint too keen to go down to the banks to request for a cake...leechie bot a bday cake for my leechie mum -> "Paradiso" from Swissbake =) v.yummy ;p


Obsess...check out cutie Kim Hyun Joong ;p

Damn ;p

Monday, January 11, 2010

Leechie Cutie Stylist ;p

leechie cutie minnie mouse tee ;p

Leechie woke up feeling freaking dizzy today manz -.-" perhaps cos of the hot weather n my weird sleeping hours? sent mr.cutie an sms to check tt he's at his salon today before popping ovr...well, leechie was late for half an hour n he wasn't around when i reached...think he went to the washroom...

Mr.cutie could recognize a leechie the minute he stepped back into the salon...he actually thot tt leechie juz had my hair permed...until i told him tt i hav natural curls...he was pretty fast in trimming my fringe...told him to trim it abit shorter cos my fringe grows i juz had my fringe trimmed less than a month ago...if he trims too little, i figure tt i would b making my leechie appearance at his salon every fornight -.-" anyway, he kept asking if i hav taken my dinner n who i came with...told him tt i came with my leechie mum...well, tt leechie mum simply refused to step into his salon n she was waiting outside -.-" n he asked a few times if i would b having dinner with my mum...i feel rather paiseh n not sure how i should reply him...cos i need to rush off immediately after the haircut ler...n here i was, with such a cutie stylist who kept asking me if i hav taken my dinner n if i would b having dinner with my mum...:-X i could actually feel myself breathing abit faster as he bent closer to trim my fringe...not tt i mind having a cutie stylist trim my :-X

He also commented tt my hair looks really yellowish n asked if i go swimming often...told him tt my hair has a natural yellowish base tone n tt the other stylist juz colored it reddish tone abt a week ago...but the color kinda faded after a week of shampoo...he commented tt red always fades off, he passed me a tissue to wipe my face after my haircut n gave me some hair vouchers n asked me to call him...btw, reminds a leechie of those cute korean boyband members...he was dressed in a cutie vest today, not unlike those korean boyband members...i can imagine him singing "sorry, sorry" there is any boyband here, i'm pretty sure tt his cutie looks make the cut ya ;p then i showed tt leechie mum my new haircut...n there she was...glanced at my fringe n at mr.cutie who was standing at the front of his salon, smiling at her...n tt leechie mum asked rather coldly "so tt's the cute boy tt u mentioned who trimmed ur fringe?" -.-"

Good news for all the ladies here...leechie will be giving away hair voucher for a lucky gal to meet leechie cutie stylist in the lucky draw for our upcoming networking event on 23rd Jan! ;) cool or cool ya? ;p apologies, but mr.cutie's mobile number will not be included...but i'm pretty tt he'll give it to u if u ask nicely ;) perhaps, u can even try ur luck in asking him out for dinner too cos he looks really friendly ;p (but i'm not sure abt his salon's policy in having dinner with clients) but make no mistake, he's a really cute guy ya...pity tt i didn't ask to snap a pic of him juz nw...gosh...cos i juz saw my facebook fren post up a pic of her with her stylist ler...sorry, so u'll juz hav to use ur imagination ya ;p

Btw, found out tt there's a hair show at taka this wk cos they were looking for models for this hair show o.O so i mentioned to my leechie mum abt this hair show...n she was like "hair show? what do they sell at the hair show?" my leechie dad heard us n said v.dryly "hair show...they r selling hair at the hair show" leechie was like ---> -.-" so i guess u can understand y did leechie turn out so runs in the family, i hav weird family genes...we r juz a regular family with a great sense of humor ;p

Sorry, sorry...Super Junior Live In Japan! o.O

Sorry, sorry remix black vs white ;p

Another Sorry, sorry remix ;p

Crazy Freestyle!Damn cool manz! @.@"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Certain Tigress and A Piece of Cake ;p

No offence, but leechie is really amused with a certain tigress and her request for birthday cake at a certain bank incident ;p btw, we r entering into the year of tiger soon next month o.O" for the uninitiated, if u wanna read more abt her original blog entries on this incident, perhaps u can try googling for tigress and kitchen and blogspot ;p

OCBC didn't give a leechie a bday cake either...n i sure lurve the look on their staffs' faces when i took everythg out n closed my acct there a couple of years back...they were trying to stop ovr to Shitibank...well, Shitibank sent me a bday cake coupon to a cake at bakerzinn couple of years back without a leechie asking for it...nice gesture...(btw, tt cake from bakerzinn tasted great unlike the hello kitty cake tt ms.tigress received from OCBC ;p) but i don't rem Shitibank sending me anythg else after tt -.-" so if u wanna get a bday cake without requesting for it, mayb u can try banking with Shitibank instead (pls note tt leechie is not endorsing Shitibank or any banks...juz sharing my leechie experience ;p)

Well, i guess we r living in a damn practical society...where $$$ talks louder than anythg else...which is y we always hear of brokers n insurance agents sending their VIP clients hampers n stuff over Xmas n CNY ;p speaking of which, leechie didn't receive any hampers or anythg from any of my brokers or bankers ler -.-" but no worries, leechie aint going to throw a tantrum n ask for them ;p to quote auntie lilian "if u think tt $ is not impt, u muz b living on mars!"

But this incident also goes to show the influence of bloggers in our digital powderful these bloggers can b o.O" her 3 blog entries triggered hundreds of responses manz n damn good publicity for her blog @.@" reporters wanna do interviews with her...even OCBC CEO got ppl to respond to her email! my leechie guess is OCBC PR department muz b v.busy with many queries coming from all directions ;p perhaps can go ask som frenz working there? ;p well, i'm really v.interested to see how OCBC would respond in their subsequent TV commercials ;p

Customer it non-existent in most places here in sg? Well, i'm somhow being reminded of my totally unpleasant experience with Dell staff last year...i swear tt leechie would never ever buy any crap from them ever again! -.-" insincere advertising n hypocreeps...they come from the same side ya? -.-"

Btw, leechie lurves her cool black tigress logo tt she uses on her it a tigress or a cat? but it looks real cool manz B-) where can i get one for a leechie? i wanna a leech logo ;p no worries, i'm only a leechie...leechie doesn't bite ;p

PS: Shitibank is thus spelled as what a leechie has learnt from frenz who worked there offence ;p


Amused with the following quotes tt i saw on facebook ;p

"A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it."

"Drive-in banks were established so most of the cars today could see their real owners."

"A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain."


Ris-mas damn boomz! lol ;p muz watch!!!

Why Do Ugly Boys Get Gorgeous Girls? The Secrets of Physical Attraction Revealed

Juz wanna share this interesting article ( posted by my fren, Dr. Siew

Why do ugly boys get gorgeous girls? The secrets of physical attraction are revealed


What makes a person desirable? Is it her ample cleavage? Or his manly jaw?
In their new book, psychologists Viren Swami and Adrian Furnham claim to have unlocked the secrets of attraction.
Here, ESTHER WALKER explains what they discovered - and what it can teach us.

Body perfection? Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe's waist/hip ratio helped her attractiveness, say experts

Does body size matter?

Pick up any fashion magazine today and you could be forgiven for thinking that the ideal female body shape is that of an adolescent boy.
But although the most fashionable silhouette in recent years has been an extremely slender one, its not one we necessarily find attractive.
Studies have shown that people favour those who are of normal weight, and that people caught up in an accident are far more likely to be rescued if they are of a normal weight than their underweight - or overweight - peers.
Slenderness (as exemplified by Audrey Hepburn) is regarded as a cultural preference.

Slender stars such as Breakfast At Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn are only found alluring by certain cultures. In poorer nations, portliness - a sign of wealth - is preferred
In poorer cultures, being portly can be a sign of wealth, and therefore desirability.
People value thinness more "as you move up the social and economic scale", Adrian Furnham says.
"As you get richer, you get thinner. Where food is scarce, tubbier women are thought of as more attractive."
That aside, Furnham and his co-author Viren Swami found that body size matters very little in the grand scheme of things.
Being a fairly superficial lot, what we really care about are people's faces and how attractive they are.

Are bigger breasts better?

When it comes to bosoms, it is often taken for granted that more is more - how else can you explain the popularity of models like Jordan or the sultry appeal of the cartoon figure Jessica Rabbit?
In fact, most studies contradict this. There is little evolutionary evidence to suggest that breast size has anything to do with fertility or health.
Studies into the ideal breast size are inconclusive, and the results vary according to personal taste and culture.
In terms of how it contributes to overall attractiveness, studies have repeatedly shown that breast size comes below both body weight and shape.
So, you have been told.

Is there such a thing as the perfect human body?
Marilyn Monroe, the Venus de Milo, Sophia Loren, Scarlett Johansson - at different times, these women have all been considered among the most desirable on Earth.
Quite apart from their beautiful faces, they all boast, or boasted, a low waist/hip ratio (WHR).
Used by our hunter-gatherer forefathers to judge the health and fecundity of women, the WHR explains why men find more curvy (but not necessarily overweight) figures such as Scarlett Johansson attractive.
To work out WHR, divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement.
Most women's WHR falls between 0.7 and 1.0. WHRs of 0.7 or 0.8 are most attractive, with attraction decreasing as the WHR increases.
Unlike breasts, where bigger doesn't mean better, attraction increases as WHR decreases, even if the waist is artificially cinched in with a belt or corset.
But a woman's WHR isn't necessarily lower the thinner she is; it's about how small her waist is compared with the hips.
"Young women can be chubby, but still have a low WHR," say the authors of The Psychology Of Physical Attraction.
"As women get older, their waists thicken and their fertility goes down in proportion to their age - that explains why a slim waist, a signal of fertility, is attractive."

A low WHR doesn't have universal appeal, though. A Tanzanian tribe, the Hadza, who subsist by foraging for wild foods, are unaffected by the female WHR.
Another isolated tribe, the Matsigenka of southern Peru, simply prefer the larger lady.
It's all because of what we perceive as healthy. When resources were scarce, being overweight - and thus well fed - was good.
Today, being overweight is associated with health problems.

Can a man be too tall?

Women are always looking for someone tall, dark and handsome, right? No one specifies "short, mousy and ugly" in a personal ad.
But how much does a man's height matter? Taller men have more children than their averagely tall counterparts, and receive more replies to personal ads.
At 6ft 3in, Sacha Baron Cohen is a full foot taller than his fiancee Isla Fisher.
But don't worry, Mr Five Foot Nine (the average height of the UK male): many studies show that men of average height are more attractive and likeable than very tall men.
Above-average height may even indicate poor health.

Why are gay men always at the gym?

While lesbians reject body fascism, gay men embrace it with zeal.
Gay men are more likely to be unhappy with their bodies than straight men and are more likely to have an eating disorder. They also idealise slightly underweight bodies.
Gay men also tend to idealise upperbody strength - particularly well-defined biceps and abdominal muscles - over and above other physical aspects.
One theory is that having an overdeveloped musculature is a way for gay men (otherwise thought of as effeminate) to assert their masculinity and to distance themselves from being thought of as girly.

Should you wax?

Hairlessness on women is perceived as good because it indicates youth and fertility.
However, total hairlessness on women and men (eyebrows aside) is not as attractive, as it is a sign of pre-pubescence and, therefore, the inability to have children.
Male waxing makes little evolutionary sense, as chest hair shows masculinity, but such depilation is common in Western societies; a 2005 study found that 60 per cent of men regularly removed body hair.
Of course, if like David Beckham you are naturally hairless, it's not an issue.
Whether a man waxes is down to personal choice and is largely affected by culture.
The current obsession with female bikini waxes can be blamed on fashion - there's no reason we should find it attractive, and some would say they don't.

Are 'beer-goggles' a myth?

You know how it is; that man who, at midnight, looked like the dreamiest hunk in the world turns out the next day to look more like actor Steve Buscemi's ugly cousin.
Most people blame too much alcohol but, while being drunk doesn't help, it's not just hops that make you hop into bed with a monster.
A study of singles bars in 1979 found that as the evening wore on, people rated members of the opposite sex as more attractive.
The author of the study argued that as time went by and the risk of going home alone increased, the singles downgraded their criteria for attractiveness.

How interesting is pale?

In most pre-industrial societies, a tan indicated that the person in question worked outdoors, probably as a manual labourer, and had a low social status and income.
Historically, pale skin like Nicole Kidman's (above) - an indication that you were rich enough to sit indoors all day - has been revered as beautiful.
In the 20th century, having a tan (especially when the weather in your country is cold) became a sign that you were rich enough to fly off to Jamaica in the winter, and became desirable.
This has been complicated recently by the rise of budget airlines and tanning booths; an all-year tan no longer equals wealth.
When a skin tone (light or dark) becomes associated with low economic or social status, it ceases to be attractive.

Is beauty colour-blind?

Physical attraction is, pleasingly, not racist. Not taking into account personal prejudices and cultural pressures, all races can appeal to all other races - because what's more important than skin colour is the symmetry of a person's facial features and body.
Evolutionary psychologists argue that only the healthiest people are able to develop symmetry in their faces and bodies, which is why people find Will Smith or Brad Pitt attractive.

How do ugly boys get gorgeous girlfriends?

In lonely hearts adverts, men usually emphasise what they are looking for in a woman physically, whereas women look for wealth and status.
The difference in priorities might explain why the Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone is married to a stunningly tall wife, Slavica.
Women often find feminine features attractive on a man. Brad Pitt has plump lips and large eyes.
This is because women look for a trade-off between good mates and good fathers, and feminine features hint at better parenting skills.

Male facial hair - hot or not?

Studies in the 1970s and 1980s often came to opposite conclusions.
Bearded men are usually regarded as looking older and more masculine, dominant, courageous and confident, but that doesn't mean that women want to go to bed with them.
Some find beards a turn-off and associate them with being dirty. Beards have no basis in evolutionary history, so whether you like them depends on fashion and individual taste.
Here's a handy guide: Johnny Depp, hot; Alan Sugar, not.

The Psychology Of Physical Attraction by Viren Swami and Adrian Furnham


Well, juz to add to the above article...leechie attended a talk by one of the famous docs around...who gave an interesting presentation on the link between attractiveness of the face and golden ratio...i have never measured the ratios of my leechie face before so i really hav no idea if my facial proportions r aligned with the golden ratio ;p

Juz som sensible piece of advice from a leechie...esp after a certain CEO of a $1Billion company died after liposuction...feel free to do whatever u want to improve ur long as it doesn't harm u or others...but ur health is the most impt thg...don't go overboard in ur quest to be perfect ya...but do be careful of whatever possible side-effects or consequences...cos u'll b the one who will be living with the results, not the plastic surgeon or anyone else ya...btw, juz in case if u r wondering...leechie is 100 % natural...i'm juz born this way...without any plastic surgery done on ;p

And despite whatever the above article said...leechie still prefers cute guys...the cuter the ;p

The Allure of David Tao! =)

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

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Lilian Too Live 2009!

Woke up really late today...then rushed directly to MPH where lilian too's autograph session was held...managed to make it in auntie lilian's autograph n took pic with her...a nice reporter lent me his SLR cam =) since it wasn't too crowded, i managed to ask her a question abt my room...wondering if i shld move outta my room...not sure if it's due to the fact tt i was wearing plently of bling bling or i hav a face tt says "spend $" she recommended me to buy som personal protection jewellery (v.exp ;p) n she gave me a pat on my arm o.O

Went to her fengshui extravaganza at suntec the next day...super duper crowded manz...many ppl were queuing up here n there to buy her stuff! @.@" but her stuff r only 4 items there n they costed me >$200 ler! -.-" ouch...took som pics of the event...pls wait for me to upload the pics ya...

Well, a few interesting quotes from auntie lilian ;p
"If u think tt $ is not impt, then u muz b living on mars!"
"One can never b too rich nor skinny"


Saw the following interesting quotes on facebook ;p

“A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.”

"It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone - but it takes a lifetime to forget someone."

"When he lets you cry on him & soak his shirt with your tears and snot…that's love."

"There's no such thing as a perfect ending. A relationship that is perfect, wouldn't end."

"Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young."

"Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love."

"After defining what you hope your future spouse will be like, do also consider what your future spouse hopes how you will be like. If you can, try to be the dream person for your dream person. For if not, one day when you find him or her, because we are not there yet, he or she may not want us. And golden chances slip away. We need time to build ourselves. Start now"


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No offence, but this guy, Kim Sung-Soo, is the only cute guy in this show...cant understand y those women in this show wanna fight ovr tt super duper ugly GM of a construction company...i was under the false impression tt he was the richest man in korea when i saw those women falling for him...their standards cant b tt low ya? -.-"

The only cute guy in the show ---> Kim Sung-Soo o.O

Juz feel like puking whenever i see this disgusting fat old man -.-"

More pics of cutie Kim Sung-Soo ;p