Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pink Lappie & Pink Hello Kitty Mouse

Leechie pop ovr to Sim Lim Square last weekend with my leechie mum to search for a pretty pink mouse to match my new pink lappie...but couldn't find any nice ones. There was this particular Hello Kitty mouse which is in the form of a Hello Kitty head and the two sides of the ribbon are actually the left and right click and the middle of the ribbon is the scroll button...amusing...but according to the sales assistant ( who is a guy), he says it's retarded and he wouldn't use such a mouse...

Silly Aaron has some bright ideas again ---> he says leechie should juz buy a normal pink color mouse n paste Hello Kitty stickers onto it...he seems to like stickers alot ya...cos previously, he suggested leechie to go get the black color lappie skin to paste ovr my pink lappie when i complained tt i actually wanted a black lappie but they ran outta black ones and leechie chose pink color ovr the red....which were the only two colors left...-.-"

Guess what? leechie was at Lot 1 on friday to collect my stuff from SASA...n i saw this shop selling different designs of cute Hello Kitty mouses...hehe...leechie finally bot a pretty pink Hello Kitty mouse to match my pink lappie! =) omg, leechie sounds so bimbo -.-" well, the original idea of getting a pink mouse to match my new pink lappie actually came from my leechie mum ;p

My new pink lappie actually arrived a couple of weeks ago...but leechie has been pretty busy hasn't open up the box until yest...juz wanna check if the pink Hello Kitty mouse matches my new pink lappie...hehe ;p

Leechie called Singnet yest...cos i need help to configure my new pink lappie...however the staff who answered my call wasn't able to help me at all and wasted 1 hour of my leechie time...he told me that he would record down my prob and report my case and get someone to call me the next day...guess what? Nobody bothered to call me today!n when i called in to Singnet again, the gal who answered my call couldn't find any records of my prob/case and there was absolutely no records of my conversation with the crappy guy who took my call yest!i had to repeat my prob all ovr again...gosh...leechie has no intention of sounding like a broken record manz...n again,she told me that she would report my case n get someone to call me least,i could hear her typing tis time round...i told her that i wanna speak to the mgr if nobody calls me tmr! -.-" that crappy guy who answered my call yest reminds leechie of some words ---> totally irresponsible n crappy!!! -.-"

Well, this is the prob that a leechie is currently facing ---> Singnet sent me a general cd n the crappy guy couldn't even configure the usb modem!can i get them to either send me a LAN cable or the correct cd with the usb driver?

After this unpleasant experience, leechie is seriously considering switching ovr to other service providers once my present contract ends! -.-" anyway, leechie ain't alone...judging by their comments, my facebook frenz seem to have negative experiences with Singnet after sales technical support service as well....-.-" It's high time that Singnet should do something abt their after sales technical support service...if they don't wanna see more ppl switching ovr to other service providers!Apparently, many ppl,including a leechie...ain't too impressed! -.-"


Singnet mgr called me on sunday...they wanted to send a technician down to solve my prob...but leechie doesn't see the point of having the technician to come down juz cos of the usb me,it's really's that they either send me the correct cd for the usd cable or they send me a LAN's all...however,i was told that they can't juz send me a LAN the mgr asked me to go buy the LAN cable myself n call them again...leechie pop ovr to Sim Lim Square yest to get the LAN...even the sales staff at the shop is much more knowledgeable than the first crappy singnet staff who took my call but didn't record down my prob...the sales staff was like...they can't even solve a simple prob like this?u go tell them tt u wanna switch service provider...

Woah...after leechie plugged in the LAN cable...i can finally get internet access on my pink lappie...smooth...yay =) the Singnet mgr called today...n he's going to waive one month of my subscription rate...well, that sure beats nothing ya...o.O
Btw, this will be the last lappie tt leechie would ever buy from Dell...leechie is v.disappointed and disgusted with the antics employed by their sales staff to close sales...promising u stuff tt they didn't even submit the order in juz to induce u to make the purchase...n their sales mgr says tt his sole responsibility is to ensure tt the submitted order gets delivered n the rest is not his responsibility...he doesnt even care if his staff has made verbal promise for certain things but yet submitted another order altogether...seriously, if such misleading antics doesn't constitute misrepresentation...then i really have no idea what constitutes misrepresentation! -.-" apparently, words such as integrity and responsibility dont exist in certain ppl's dictionary...a leechie has better things to do than waste my time on such hypocreeps...-.-"
Now leechie finally understood y my frenz keep asking me not to buy Dell stuff! -.-"