Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leechie Bday Bash-cum-Networking on 7th Nov

Dear Friends :)

Thank you for the overwhelming response for our Peranakan Mid Autumn Networking event. More than 60 professionals (including investment banker, owner of a well-known business, bankers, managers, law and Masters degrees holders and other senior executives from various industries) actually came and my deepest apologies that we had to reject some late applicants cos we already hit MAX MAX MAX capacity! And even the waiting list was building up...gosh... many thanks for your invaluable support in making it a FULL HOUSE event (MAX MAX MAX capacity!)

Any plans for this coming Sat nite after Halloween? It's that time of the year and it only comes once a year...keke ;p Come and celebrate leechie bday with us. You may come alone but you could possibly meet your "Perfect Ten" match =)

Centrally located? Check.. Trendy and hip? Check.. Great music? Check..

Come and link up with like-minded people! You wouldn't know what you are missing out on if you are not here to experience it for yourself =)

Date/Time: 7th November (Saturday) 7:08 - 10:00pm
Place: Trendy and happening club in town (less than 3 mins walk from the nearest MRT station) (venue is only disclosed to confirmed participants)
Programme Timetable:
7:08pm - 9:00pm: Drinks would be served.
7:08pm - 10.00pm: Many networking opportunities for you to get to know some senior-level executives from various industries. Do bring along your name cards to facilitate interaction and for the lucky draw (hair voucher and other attractive prizes to be won!).
After 10:00pm: Those who are interested can stay back to hang out for further interaction as well as for more drinks and music. Leechie would be very glad to facilitate this.

Vacancies are limited so take action now and sign up soon to avoid disappointment!

For any queries, please email Leechie at with your contact details.

* Pls feel free to invite your frenz along.

* Confirmed participants will receive an acknowledgement email latest the following day. Further instructions (exact location details) are included in the acknowledgement email.

* Pls note that the above planned programme serves only as a guide and is subject to changes but we will try to stick to it as far as possible.

Please register early to secure your participation as we received overwhelming response for our previous events and had to reject some applicants due to the constrain as imposed by the max capacity of the venue. We look forward to hear from you soon! =)

Best Regards,

Be part of our hip networking scene! ;)
Apologies, due to requests n i'm also attending a full day seminar this sat...i'll need to push back the starting time slightly to 7:18 vacancies avail...more new frenz hav signed up, including director, lawyer n other executives...i'm helping my fren to sell his pair of tickets to the T.Harv Eker "Millionaire Mind Intensive" 3 days seminar (13-15 Nov) (worth >$1250 each!!!)...cos his wife cant make it...this life-changing seminar is poised to change ur financial blueprint...pls contact me at if keen =)

MMI Tickets Up for Grabs!!!

Hey frenz...leechie is letting go of a few tickets to T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar (worth >$1000 each)! The seminar dates are from 13th Nov to 15th Nov (3 Full days from morning to nite). This is one of the main seminars tt has made a great difference in my leechie life...

Wanna find out how leechie actually made a grown man in his late 40s weep with my leechie life story? sounds abit incredible eh? but this is THE seminar in which this scene took place in 2007!!!

Come and experience it for yourself...u wouldn't know what u r missing out on if u r not here to experience it for yourself!!!

Trust me, this seminar is definitely worth spending your time on!!!

Email me at for more details if u r keen to b part of this exciting n life-changing seminar!!!
Btw, saw this on a fren's fb status ---> "Rich and poor are first created in the mind. A poor man asks, How much will it COST me? A rich man asks, How much will it MAKE me? Which one are you?. - B. Kumar"
This shows how diff ppl hav v.diff attitudes n mentality towards $!!!

Check out this clip showing Napoleon Hill on "Think & Grow Rich"!

Check out this clip everyday =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ice-cream Treat or Trick? ;p

Read in the papers tt many new ice-cream outlets hav opened recently...we should admire n salute these ppl for their courage to pursue their passion =)we always hear ppl talking abt their dreamz...but how many ppl u know actually hav the courage to pursue their passion n dreamz? o.O"

Then again, my leechie mum was telling me how many young ppl jumped into starting their own biz, without proper planning n management of cash-flow etc...n one could see how many biz r affected by the economic crisis...n many biz folded up o.O" her fren in the F&B biz seems to think tt this ice-cream thingy is juz a fad...juz like roti-boy bread, bubble-tea...n said tt it's only a matter of time before the bubble will burst o.O" btw, i juz got to know tt the japanese cafe tt we held our last japanese dining event in would closing in mid-nov...haiz...what a pity, the young owner and her staff r such nice ppl...

Was telling my leechie mum tt leechie has nvr made any ice-cream before...n since an ice-cream making equipment costs <$100, mayb leechie shld go buy 1 n make my v.own leechie lychee ice-cream? ;p she was like -> it's far easier to buy one scoop of ice-cream...n eating too much ice-cream aint good...v.fattening de -.-"

Halloween's juz around the leechie mum tried to make pumpkin porridge after she saw the cute su yizheng eating pumpkin porridge in "Boys Over Flowers"...well, her version of pumpkin porridge looked v.diff from the one tt he was eating in the show...although she insisted tt her version is better -.-"

Wanna wish everyone a hapi halloween =) hav fun with ur treat or trick ya ;p

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anti-Climax -.-"

Anti-Climax -> tt's how a leechie feels after catching the half-hour final episode of "Boys Over Flowers" -.-" With all the great build-up n anticipation, it was nothing much to shout abt...really -.-" but leechie got to see cute kim hyun joong with glasses n white labcoat...leechie wouldn't mind being sick if i get to see such a cute doc ;p (*touch wood*...leechie mum gonna scold me if she sees this -.-")

"The Peach Blossom Girl" (taiwanese idol drama) was shown after "Boys Over Flowers"...well, looks like not many cute guys r appearing in this show...the cutest guy was perhaps taohwa's 4th bro...the most hunky guy...dunno his real name though o.O" no offence, but leechie wouldn't put ken zhu into the category of hunks...leechie has always wondered y he's one of the taiwanese F4 members o.O" the same for huang jinglun as well...

Btw, a fren was complaining to a leechie tt nowadays parents like to complain alot...if the sch teacher gives too little homework, parents complain...if the teacher sets difficult examz questions n their kids cant answer, parents complain again...Well, not only parents, there r som ppl who like to complain alot...perhaps they r under the impression tt the entire world revolves around them?n they derive great pleasure in letting others hav a piece of their mind? @.@"

We r surrounded by hypocreeps everyday...haiz -.-" Check out this really v.typical Singaporean Muz-Watch complaints clip...Complaints Galore! ;p

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love Is A Gift - The Manual

Lemme share somthg tt a fren has posted on facebook:

"If you find yourself in love with someone who does not love you, be gentle with yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. Love just didn't choose to rest in the other person's heart.

If you find someone else in love with you and you don't love her/him, feel honored that love came and called at your door, but gently refuse the gift you cannot return. Do not take advantage, do not cause pain. How you deal with love is how you deal with you, and all our hearts feel the same pains and joys, even if our lives and ways are different.

If you fall in love with another, and she falls in love with you, and then love chooses to leave, do not try to reclaim it or to assess blame, let it go. There is a reason and there is a meaning. You will know in time.

Remember that you don't choose love. Love chooses you. All you can really do is accept it for all its mystery when it comes into your life. Feel the way it fills you to overflowing, then reach out and give it away.

Give it back to the person who brought it alive in you. Give it to others who deem it poor in spirit. Give it to the world around you in anyway you can.

This is where many lovers go wrong. Having been so long without love, they understand love only as a need. They see their hearts as empty places that will be filled by love, and they begin to look at love as something that flows to them rather than from them.

The first blush of new love is filled to overflowing, but as their love cools, they revert to seeing their love as need. They cease to be someone who generates love and instead become someone who seeks love. They forget that the secret of love is that it is a gift, and that it can be made to grow only by giving it away.

Remember this, and keep it to your heart. Love has its own time, itsown seasons, and its own reason for coming and going. You cannotbribe it or coerce it, or reason it into saying. You can only embrace it when it arrives and give it away when it comes to you."

Gosh...juz learnt from ms. Elim Chew tt Wang Lee Hom performed LIVE at ION juz now!!!silly leechie was at orchard...but was walking around scotts, tangs n kino...went ovr to these places first cos i thot ION closes late...only got to see ppl packing up n clearing up the place when i reached ION...i was super duper late...haiz...miz the chance to see wang lee hom live in person! Shingz -.-"

Shingz...the leopard preenz bag tt leechie has been eyeing is outta stock now!it's sold out even in japan!shingz...did ms.boomz-to-shingz buy up all the leopard preenz bags here to match her leopard preenz top? -.-" leopard preenz is v.IN now!quick...go grab ur leopard preenz stuff before ms.boomz-to-shingz gets to them first! o.O"

A fairytale love story o.O leechie likes this russian song =)

Love is a Gift...really nice song =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong vs Lee Min Ho

Check out the really cute Kim Hyun Joong in the final episode of "Boys Over Flowers" which will be aired this coming Sat nite

Prefers his previous slightly longer hairstyle rather than this short crop o.O"

Final episode of "Boys Over Flowers" will be shown this sat nite!it's a Muz-watch although most of us would b able to guess the ending! i always wonder y the female lead prefers the hot-tempered jun junbiao rather than the sweet yin zhihou o.O" btw, the male lead, lee min ho, will be in town this sat for the official opening of Etude house in sg...leechie pop by etude house to find out more...apparently, i was told tt all his activities here in sg r not open to public...only those with the entry tics can get to attend these activities...n those entry tics r extremely limited in quantities, u can try to win 1 of those tics with purchase of at least $15 at etude house (in my leechie opinion, the chances of winning a tic here r extremely slim! -.-") leechie aint impressed -.-" y bother to invite a star for the official opening when all the activities aint open to public? -.-" btw, u can still get free lee min ho file n poster with every $10 purchase there...a few designs r avail...

Btw, leechie likes the hand mirror tt i got from etude...big n compared to Anna Sui ones...but i cant say the same abt their eyeshadows, one of the eyeshadows actually dropped outta its pan even before i opened it...n the other one was totally wrong color n texture (the sales assistant gave me the wrong one -.-") quite glad tt their store mgr was willing to replace etude is not exactly a counter brand, so their prices are comparatively lower than most counter brands...but after trying out their products, leechie still prefers counter brands, particularly Jap brands o.O my leechie mum is of the opinion tt if a brand is already sooooooooooo great, then y does it need to get lee min ho to be the spokeman? o.O" leechie is disappointed tt lee min ho is coming to sg...but no confirmed news of dear kim hyun joong making his appearance here -.-"

Both leechie n her leechie mum were v.surprised when we learnt tt lee min ho is only 22 this yr!cos he looks so much like jerry yan who's 32...looks abit too mature for his age ler o.O" anyway, leechie has a fren who looks abit like jerry yan...although i cant quite place him when i first got to know him, except tt he has a familiar face o.O" so don't really find lee min ho a fresh my leechie opinion, lee min ho looks more like 28 rather than 22 o.O" but my leechie mum says tt lee min ho is more good-looking than kim hyun joong -.-" n she calls dear kim hyun joong "the blonde one" -.-" what's wrong with being a bottled blonde? -.-" leechie is having bad fringe hair days stubbornly curly fringe is curling in various directions n my usual straightening balm aint v.effective...haiz...think my fringe kinda resembles lee min ho's curly fringe now...haiz -.-"

Leechie simply lurves kim hyun joong's elegant air! <3 btw, i wanna take back what i've said previously abt his baby bro...cos his baby bro (in the same boyband SS501 as him) is the youngest n is known as "Baby"...n there is this baby-faced guy in SS501 so i thot it's his baby bro...but it's v.much a case of mistaken identity...well ladies, make no mistake here, kim hyun joong's baby bro is HOT! he looks v.much like kim hyun joong with the ponytail before he colored his hair blonde for "Boys Over Flowers"! quite surprised tt he's the youngest in SS501 n is his baby bro cos i thot he looks abit older than kim hyun joong ler o.O"

My fren was telling me tt kim hyun joong looks abit different again in his latest pics n he suspects tt he has gone for more plastic surgery again -.-" well, after checking out his baby bro...i muz say tt they hav been blessed with v.good genes =) or to pacify my fren's active imagination, maybe they went to the same plastic surgeon? ;p

Check out kim hyun joong's HOT baby bro "Baby" in this music video "Ur Man"! leechie likes this song n their slick dance moves here n she's currently using the chorus part as her phone message tone ;p

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Different D&D

"Dressed to Kill" was the theme and so leechie went with a J-pop rock princess look...with her tons of bling bling...leechie mum commented tt leechie looked like she's ready to perform in a pub -.-" dear sup came in a black of the rare occasions tt i get to see him in a suit...but he left quite didn't hav the chance to take pics with him...

Was quite surprised by the messy environment the v.minute i set foot into the club o.O" had only been to tt club only once prior to this D&D...n the crowd was a mixture of bengs and lians then...the place looked much smaller this time round o.O" well, it was really obvious tt the budget for this year's D&D had been drastically more frivolous more hired MCs from more hired performances such as drag more 10 course sit-down more posh environment...n the lucky draw prizes paled in comparison to previous years'...leechie didnt win anythg at the lucky draw...haiz...but had fun with my department ppl...pretty cool guys n gals =)

This year's MCs were the prog mgr n a senior staff, both from England...well, i muz say...with their eloquence and dry wit and humor...they did a much better job than som crappy hired MCs from outside, who could only cracked crappy yet silly and not-funny jokes at best -.-" we had a British pub quiz and a drinking contest...glad to team up with my department folks who r really good at their history and general knowledge...interesting questions...learnt more abt the french wedding cake and tt the ashes was actually a cricket competition...tried to get our Big Boss (also from England) who happened to pop by our table to help with one of the questions abt the french pastry...was quite impressed with the professional drinkers who came on stage...think most of them are from England or Australia...1 little boy went up on stage for the drinking contest too...overall, our team won one of the prizes =)

Well, it was the first time tt leechie took part in a British pub quiz...i enjoyed the British pub quiz...thot tt it was a really good idea to have such a quiz...this is definitely more intellectual n entertaining n fun...compared to som silly performances from som hired drag queens or outside entertainers -.-" i always wonder y they wanna waste money on hiring such performers when most ppl dont really feel entertained at all? -.-"

But the nite was mared by 1 particular incident -.-" leechie went into one of the toilet cubicles inside the club...n i didn't realized tt there was somthg wrong with the lock n it came undone...then someone pushed the door n saw me!Her subsequent action and behavior left a sour taste in my leechie mouth! -.-" guess what she did? she laughed and laughed and giggled n bitched abt it to the other gals tt she was with...when i came out of the cubicle, i explained tt there was somthg wrong with the lock...but both this gal n her companion looked at me as if i'm the most funny and weird-looking thing on planet earth n giggled and laughed...leechie aint amused!well, sometimes a person's bitchy behavior does reveal somthg abt the kind of upbringing tt she has! -.-" well, let's juz hope tt there won't be ppl laughing at her in such a bitchy manner if somthg similar were to happen to her one fine day! -.-"

And leechie aint amused with those ppl who secretly took pics of a leechie without my permission n posted them onto the internet...n bitched abt me...hmmm, let's trust tt those pics would be taken down soon...otherwise, leechie might need to seek legal advice regarding such antics! -.-"

Btw, leechie went ovr to Ricky's to re-touch her roots before the D&D...but one of his appointments happened to be late...n Ricky insisted on serving him and got his crappy junior assistant to do the coloring for me instead...well, leechie aint the least bit impressed...told him tt i didnt make an appointment with an artistic director only to have my leechie hair done by a shampoo gal! -.-" he said tt he would be responsible for her job...fine...well, the results turned out as what i expected...she couldn't deliver...the hair color was so badly done tt the color of the re-touched roots differ greatly from the rest of my leechie hair...n Ricky doesn't hav the confidence to be able to get more similar color even if he were to re-do...he doesn't even know how to use the hair styling product tt i brought...n my blown hair didn't last...well, it's time to move on...the search for a really good stylist for my leechie hair continues...
Some BIG ASSHOLE answered my mobile phone without my permission when i wasn't around n didnt even tell me abt it!i hate ppl touching my phone!!! -.-" i'll report as ATTEMPTED THEFT if anyone touches my phone again!!! this BIG ASSHOLE is clearly invading my privacy n leechie aint impressed nor amused! if u hav the guts to do so, y dont u hav any guts to admit it? -.-"

Really nice song...look what you've done -.-"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If Only Looks Could Kill...

"Dressed To Kill" is the theme of this year's D&D...but this year's venue is juz a dance club in town...not som posh hotel -.-" so the theme "Dressed To Kill" sounds really weird -.-"cos it kinda feels like going clubbing manz -.-" my leechie mum even suggested wearing normal clubbing gear -.-" anyway, most of the guys would juz wear whatever they wear to office -.-"

Leechie was at F21 juz nw...was trying out som dresses...but most of the dresses there look rather i didn't buy anythg there lest leechie end up wearing the same dress as another gal...which is a big NO-NO!!! -.-" leechie A380 ego wouldnt b able to take tt de -.-"

Well, leechie has been pondering n pondering ovr a few dresses tt i already have...dunno what i shld wear......a simple satin black dress with a sexy neckline?a princessy lacey beige empire-cut baby doll dress?an elegant black chiffon dress with tons of bling bling crystals on the high neckline n waist? @.@"

Which look is more suitable for a leechie?sexy screen siren?jap princess lolita?elegant OL? @.@"

Whichever dress or look tt i choose is fine...cos i'm assured tt nobody would b wearing the same exact outfit as me...n nobody would wear the same accessories as a leechie...well, my leechie mum thinks tt leechie looks like a Xmas tree with her tons of bling bling accessories -.-" n more importantly, leechie is the one n only...n nobody would hav her own unique leechie style! (so now u know more abt leechie A380 ego eh? ;p) well, one can wear the exact same stuff as a leechie, but one couldn't possess my own unique leechie style!
Btw, leechie was rather amused with a banker who was bugging leechie juz nw...asking me if i'm jap n where i get my clothes...n if what i bot are from a jap label etc...methinks it's much better to develop one's own unique style rather than to follow what a leechie is wearing o.O" moreover, one can nvr b a leechie...cos leechie is the one n only ;p

Leechie would be popping ovr to Ricky's to re-touch her roots before the D&D...he better do a more than decent job!

Let's go partee...par-tee...p-a-r-t-e-e! ;p

Incidentally...looks aint the only thing tt matters in a relationship ya o.O" if only looks could kill...

No offence to anyone here...the question tt leechie posted on facebook which sparked off a debate among my frenz there goes like this --->
"y do guys feel insecure with pretty gals? -.-" "

Ego was frequently mentioned in my frenz' responses there...then leechie posted another question --->
"y do cute guys hav tis insecurity issue with pretty gals?n yet how come not-cute guys tend to go after pretty gals? -.-" "

An interesting reply from a fren goes like this --->
"cos they know they not cute, so even tio rejected, THEY GOT nothing to lose. Cos obviously they know they not cute , hence within their expectation if kenna rejected. but for cute guys, they think they are cute. so they think they have a higher market value than others, so no need to do anything. They will hang themselves up high high to sell; careful cute guys, hang too high, if string snap and fall, it is gonna be very painful. But some cute guys lack the self confidence, cos if they approach cute girls and TIO rejected.... then It falls back on their EGO cos of the theory "NO GIRLs would reject cute guys". But then again, if they are rejected, hence huge blow on their EGO and with all these possiblities in mind, hence Cute Guys have this insecurity issue; not the girls but with themselves. I dated enuff cute guys to validate above. The most recent one I dated had HUGE problems with his self confidence n self esteem. But at the end of the day, For Guys- it is better to have the charms n charisma than to look cute. Hahaha."

Come join us on facebook for some fun chit-chat ;)
Check out this funny you-tube clip ;p

Check out this really cool n fun game! ;p (u have to physically click on it when prompted...then u'll be led to progress to the other levels of the game...15 levels in total!)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let Memories Be Your Motivation!

Rushed home to catch "Why Why Love"...again, i was v.touched by Master Evil's actions...he has a life-threatening illness n refused to tell Rainie...n even did things to try to hurt her feelings now in hope tt she'll feel less pain after he has passed will be the final episode next fri...a must-watch!!!

Well, to a leechie...the length of a person's life doesnt matter as much as the quality of one's life....i guess i'm the silly kind of person who will still choose to be with a guy even if he has contracted some terminal illness and is about to die soon! (*touch wood*) In my leechie opinion...the only thing tt u cant take away from me would be my memories...likewise, if leechie were to pass on in the not-to-distant future...i can only hope tt the very ppl in my life who really matter to me can treasure their memories with me...i hope tt i would be able to leave them with beautiful memories of a leechie...
Hmmm, i did share with some of u tt leechie had a the nitemare, i was given the opportunity to ask my deceased aunt-in-law 3 questions...the first question tt i asked was when i would get married...she replied tt i would nvr get married...then i asked her when i would die...she said tt i wouldn't live past 49 yrs of age...n the last question tt i asked her was which stock will go up? she told me a stock name in chinese...which i didn't understand...

Well, i dont wanna bow to fate...i believe in creating my own destiny in life n making the most outta what i have! The very fact tt I am not in a relationship now doesnt mean tt i wont b in one...those familiar with financial products would be rather familiar with this phrase ---> "past performance is not an indication of future performance" i guess i prefer to let nature run its own course...rather than to force doesnt matter how long i live...but i dont wanna die with regrets!i used to tell ppl tt i juz need to live half a century cos i believe i can achieve more in this half a century as compared to som ppl who might hav more than double the luxury of time but r only waiting for death...esp when they hav lost their reason to live...leechie no wanna be a burden to anyone...another reason was bcos leechie is scared of growing old n ageing...well, with the advance of science n technology...i hav better faith in growing up n looking better as the no. of years pass by...i juz wanna live every day of my life as if it's the last n to die with no it doesnt matter if i live beyond my 49th bday or's the quality of life tt matters most, rather than quantity...n more importantly, to b able to achieve what i wanna achieve in this life...of course, my greatest wish would be to leave behind a legacy when i pass on...
Someone mentioned tt one cannot change one's fate (the events tt will happen in one's life) but one can change one's destiny (the outcome of one's life). Well, let leechie leave u with this thot to ponder abt ->
"Let your desired memories tt u wanna leave others with be a source of motivation in how u live your life!!!"
Damn funny kopitiam prank joke...check out the powderful hokkien ;p

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Double Birthdays O.o o.O

Happy Birthday to everyone whose birthday falls on this date!

Today is both my leechie dad n dear sup's birthdays!Such a coincidence u may say...silly leechie used to wonder if there's a reason behind such a rare coincidence...a silly leechie n her silly thots -.-" well, i can tell u v.clearly today tt this is nothing but a mere coincidence...nothg beyond more silly thots floating around in her silly leechie mind! =)

Leechie gonna rush ovr to town later to buy a bday cake for my dear leechie dad...who's juz recovering from his knee prob...perhaps a blueberry cheesecake from bakerinz?or a paradiso from swiss-bake?let's see...n will bring my leechie mum n dad out for the bday dinner ovr the wkend i guess...cos really busy during the wkdays...hav to rush ovr to HQ for a workshop tis aftn n many other places later in the evening! @.@"

Didn't prepare anythg for dear sup...he didn't seem to appreciate the teachers' day card tt i put on his desk last month...he didn't even say anythg until i mentioned it...well, leechie is not being petty...juz thot tt perhaps certain effort might be better spent on som other more appreciative person? o.O" at the v.least, my leechie mum n dad would appreciate a leechie for her efforts...despite my crazy schedule @.@" no matter how crappy a leechie can be at times, my leechie parents would still love me for being leechie...juz a leechie =)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Different Mid-Autumn Experience This Year

Overwhelming response for our Peranakan Mid Autumn Networking event tonite! To be honest, leechie only planned for more than 30 ppl...but more than 60 ppl actually came! My deepest apologies that we had to reject some late applicants cos we already hit MAX MAX MAX capacity! And even the waiting list was building up manz...gosh...n my sincere apologies for the v.packed environment juz was rather limited due to the size of the restaurant and the huge crowd...but it's so nice to meet all of you! Thanks everyone for coming to spend this year's Mid Autumn nite with us! leechie is still in the midst of planning for the next networking event which should be coming up pretty soon...stay tuned =)
My sincere apologies for being late tonite...cos rushed over from Cineleisure where the talk by the world's youngest CEO was held...abit on this talk...he was only 14 when he first started his manz...leechie was busy doing homework n homework when i was tt age!he became CEO at the age of only 17!!!really cool manz!leechie was struggling with the seemingly-endless pile of tutorials n tutorials when i was tt age...-.-" btw ladies...he's 22 now n is still single n avail ;)
Glad to be there to hear him speak live and to learn from his sharing =) education is impt...but is not everythg ya...he said he has always wanted to be his own boss n the reason why he started his own company was bcos he wanna show the entire world tt you don't have to be a Havard grad to be successful in life!!!leechie totally agrees with him on this own leechie uncle (ya, the same uncle who unfortunately fell into a drain n hurt himself not too long ago) doesn't even hav 'O' levels n he runs a few biz today...leechie used to help him draft his speech whenever he needs to make one...o.O" then he touched on abt the importance of strategies...what he said tt really touched a leechie ---> he said somthg abt being an entrepreneur is abt being able to offer employment to other ppl n the satisfaction which he gets from impacting others' lives!!!
By the time leechie reached home, my leechie mum had already lit n put out the lanterns...well, it's somthg tt we usually do every year...playing with lanterns...we dont go around walking with lanterns...but we would light up the lanterns in our soak in the Mid Autumn atmosphere...leechie was really busy the last couple of weeks...had a really crazy schedule...didn't even have time to go shopping for mooncakes...but the box of bakerinz baked-skin mooncakes given to my dad was really nice =)
Once again, leechie would like to express my heart-felt gratitude towards everyone of you who played a part in making my Mid Autumn experience v.different this year! =)
Btw, leechie felt really flattered when a participant sms me juz nw to ask abt the makeup tt i'm using...wondering if the ladies here would be keen if leechie were to conduct a special event for the ladies with special focus on makeup and aesthetics?leechie has a couple of frenz in the beauty and aesthetics industry =)
leechie fav lantern -> the shape of moon...but leechie mum said tt they don't make this design of lantern it has been a couple of years since leechie last played with this design...leechie saw this design at Bugis a couple of weeks ago...but was in a still didn't manage to get it...but there's always next year ya...

Kitty with Daniel ---> when will leechie get to celebrate Mid Autumn with my very own Daniel? o.O"