Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review: Murad Youth Regain Facial at Body Contour Premier


Thanks Joanna for the kind invitation to try out facial services at Body Contour Premier salon. I visited the Body Contour Premier outlet at RB Capital Building (22 Malacca Street Level 5), which is just next to Raffles Place mrt station.

I had diamond peel done previously at another salon at Ion Orchard which increased the sensitivity of my skin so I'm more careful with facials these days. But I'm in safe hands at Body Contour Premier salons where all the consultants and therapists are very experienced with various types of facial treatments. The consultant first analysed my skin before recommending the new Murad Youth Regain Facial which is suitable for my sensitive skin.


Murad Youth Regain Facial is an age-defying facial which uses acupuncture massage to regain the youthful look with firmer and uplifted skin. This professional strength treatment reduces blemishes and breakouts and also fights against the signs of ageing and improves skin clarity and smoothness. This scientifically-formulated dual function facial helps to clear clogged pores and relieve inflammation and soothe redness while boosting skin elasticity and reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The health of the body's entire cellular population is optimized by this clinically-tested Dr. Murad system. Murad signature facial treatments are therapies developed for mind relaxation, skin revitalization and improvement in appearance. Murad professional treatments combine high-concentration of active ingredients with the power of healing touch, which makes it more effective than just homecare alone. I believe in the 50 years of research that is behind Dr. Murad's award-winning formula. Happy to know that only Dr. Murad products are used in this Murad Youth Regain Facial.

The therapist who attended to me is very experienced with treating various skin types and she could tell that my skin turns red very easily. She shared with me the importance of using skincare products which not only control sebum production but also hydrate the skin. There is an indication on Dr. Murad products which show the level of hydration, which I think is very helpful. So look out for the water droplets indicator on the back of each bottle of Dr. Murad's products.

The therapist first applied lavender oil on the area just below my neck and let me inhaled the vapor to help me to relax. She removed my makeup and cleansed my face with a mild makeup remover before gently scrubbing my face. Extraction of clogged pores and pimples was then carried out. She was careful to do only pressure point massage so as not to trigger any sensitive reaction. The facial treatment was completed with a mask.

Thank you Body Contour Premier for a most relaxing facial. I like the Dr. Murad products used during the facial treatment and of course, the effective results produced. My skin is decongested and clearer after this treatment. And I'm pleasantly surprised that my skin is not red after the facial and there is no peeling at all (which unfortunately happened at times after other facials done elsewhere). Appreciate the attention to details on the part of the therapist.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review of Sothys Hydra3Ha Hydrating Home Care

Sothys is a French family business which has been handed down from one generation to the next and will be celebrating their 70th year anniversary this year. Thanks Sothys Singapore for the kind invitation to attend the bloggers event held at Bakerin. It's interesting to learn about the technology used in Sothys Hydra3HA hydrating home care range over afternoon tea.

Sothys Hydra3Ha line acts on 3 main actions: Restore, Regenerate and Re-activate. Star ingredients used include:
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: for restoring and retaining hydration on skin surface
Patented 1055 boletus extract and regulating active ingredient: for reactivating skin's hydric memory
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: rapid moisture penetration and skin action within the skin

This 3 dimensional approach provides and extremely powerful hydration which commences from deep within the skin cells at the gene level to the surface moisture barrier.

Sothys beauty trainer sharing with us the technology behind Sothys Hydra3Ha hydrating range

Sothys Hydra3Ha hydrating home care range include: hydra-smoothing mask, intensive hydrating serum, hydrating gel-cream, hydrating cream. 

One of my favourite products in this range is Sothys Hydra3Ha intensive hydrating serum which increases hydration by up to 60% and reduces water loss by 36%. I have very sensitive skin n suffer from urticaria. Each urticaria attack leaves my face red and itchy and results in subsequent peeling. I tried this serum on my face and love the hydrating effects on my skin!

Hydra3Ha hydrating gel-cream provides continuous hydration of up to 8hours. Like the non-oily texture of Hydra3Ha hydrating gel-cream which is easily absorbed by my skin. It soothes tightness on dry skin. I also tried the hydra-smoothing mask from the trial kit. I used it as an overnight sleeping mask and like how it helps to lock in moisture. Prefers this more moisturising texture compared to the usual gel sleeping masks in the market.

I like how this Tiramisu iced coffee drink is served with a scoop of ice cream. Quite a few of the other bloggers also ordered this after I commented that it's nice =)

My dessert choice at Bakerzin during the bloggers' session: Sweet Pleasure. Think this dessert has undergone modifications to its appearance over the years but I still love the hazelnut dacquoise base, along with the crunchy praline, Jivara ganache, chocolate chantilly cream and thin layer of chocolate.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Top Picks from Zalia Showcase at Zalora Style Awards

Zalora unveiled Zalia 2016 Festive collection at the inaugural Zalora Style Awards at CATO on Thursday night. Zalia Homme, its first exclusive capsule men’s collection, was presented at this showcase. This festive collection “Ancient World Romance” was inspired by ancient architecture and allure of culture rich cities such as Rome and Abu Dhabi. Elaborate and detailed ornaments and embellishments were seen in many glamorous outfits from Zalia 2016 women’s collection. Both the Zalia Homme and Zalia 2016 collection are now available for pre-order at

This show stopping number with floral patterns and side slits on the sleeves marked the opening of the Zalia showcase at Zalora Style Awards. The elegant and flowy silhouette is certainly very flattering and apt for parties.

This glamorous ensemble of Jacquard Embroidered Peplum Top and Gradient Sequin Skirt will definitely draw attention towards the wearer. The intricate gold-tone embroidery and waist-defining belt adds an interesting dimension to the popular peplum style. This dazzling sequin mermaid skirt is figure-flattering while stirring up visual interest with a play on the gradient hues.

This Embellished Wide Sleeve Swing Top when paired with Sequin Mermaid Skirt is a bedazzling combination which will help you to stand out from the crowd. The subtle embellishment on the neckline complements the glamorous and elaborate all-over sequin pattern on the mermaid skirt.

This Placement Sequin Mermaid Dress aces the balance of glamour and elegance with an ethereal feel.  This romantic mermaid dress with beautiful sequin placements which bring out its figure-flattering silhouette will surely score more than a few visual interests.

The hosts (Yumika Hoskin and Justin Bratton) with Skinny Kat woman, Nadia Rahmat, and Zalora Managing Director,Tito Costa, at Zalora Style Awards.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2016

Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2016 is one of the most anticipated fashion events on Singapore's event calendar. Many regional influencers and celebrities flew in for this star-studded fashion event this year.

JJ Lin in the house yo! Singer JJ Lin was flew in by Singapore Tourism Board just to attend this signature fashion event! There were tons of fans lining the aisles of Paragon, all waiting to catch a glimpse of him! He's so cute and sat to watch the fashion show with a camera. He was only a few seats away from yours truly but he left before I could take a photo with him!

Some of the regional influencers who flew in to grace the event and the model on the extreme right is the daughter of Fandi Ahmad.

Some of the local celebrities who attended this year's fashion step out

A cute photo of JJ Lin with the hosts of the evening

The truck showcasing a giant version of the new Samsung Galaxy S7. The dancing models took plenty of selfies with the guests and crowds lining Orchard Road using the new Samsung phones.

Guests trying out the new Samsung phones at the Samsung section in the atrium of Paragon, where the cocktail reception and afterparty were held.

Jay Chou's new label, Phantaci, was presented at Samsung Fashion Step Out 2016. Cool and chic street styles from the label were spotted at this debut showcase. Obscure Luxury is the tagline of this label.

This year's Samsung Fashion Step Out 2016 was the first time that we had dogs doing catwalk along Orchard Road in this iconic annual fashion event!

Life is one fun and colourful party with Revasseur and their cute doggies Haru and Sora (prized possessions of their founder).

Kids dressed in Fox Kids entertaining the audience with their cute and high energy dances during the fashion show

Colourful outfits from Mash Up

During the finale of Samsung Fashion Step Out 2016

Selfie earlier on with the crowds lining Orchard Road, eagerly waiting for the fashion show to commence. 

With Mediacorp artist, Lee Teng, at the photowall. Love his camouflage prints top.

With my fashionista friend at the photowall

My OOTD: Hair coloured by Prep Your Hair and skirt from Dressabelle

Love the tiramisu served by Paul during the cocktail reception held in the atrium of Paragon.

Thanks Samsung Singapore and Orchard Business Association for having me at this wonderful fashion event of the year! This is the eagerly awaited fashion event of the year, in which, Orchard Road is transformed into Singapore's longest fashion runway! This year's Fashion Step Out is very different from the previous years. It's the most energetic one seen thus far, with plenty of dances. Many people also joined in to dance on Orchard Road after the fashion show.

Sephora Discount Codes and Cashback with ShopBack

Being a beauty addict, I'm constantly on the lookout for good deals. Ways to stretch my dollar are always highly welcomed! Many times, most of the best deals are found online...would like to share with you one webby with awesome deals that I chanced upon...

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Online shopping for groceries is becoming more popular these days with the rise of Redmart...and now you can enjoy offers from Redmart with Redmart discount code 

In short,  ShopBack has the best online deals and promos with regards to popular sites such as, ASOS, Expedia, Reebonz, Redmart...since you are going to shop at these sites anyway, you might as well shop utilising Shopback to earn cashback for your next purchase...that's the sensible thing to do really...

Thanks ShopBack for the kind invitation to try out and review their website.

Here's a cute gif done by Shopback on a few types of Millennial shoppers =)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review of Cellnique Ultimate Glow Express Kit

Received Cellnique Ultimate Glow Express Kit directly from Malaysia just before the Lunar New Year and this Express Kit consist of Derma Regenerating Treatment Cream and Vital Cellular Repair Serum. I'm excited to try out this express kit after reading the promising ingredients list. The kit can reduce wrinkles and promote wound healing and results are expected to show within a week of usage! I was busy trying to juggle my usual Chinese New Year spring cleaning along with 101 other things, and my sleeping hours were compromised as a result. My skin looked dull and Cellnique Ultimate Glow Express Kit looks like the radiance booster that my skin badly needs!

Love the classy black pouch that came with Cellnique Ultimate Glow Express Kit.

Let's take a quick look at some of the ingredients found in this express kit and why in my humble opinion, I think these ingredients look promising:
Derma Regenerating Treatment Cream (to reduce fine lines and wrinkles)
BioCELL eL: Cellnique’s exclusive acid complex formulation of AHAs, Citric Acid, and lactic Acid for acceleration of cell renewal rates, enzymes and vitamins for neutralization and prevention of possible irritation on sensitive skin by the acids.
Glycolic AHA: Skin rejuvenation by exfoliation of dead skin cells to promote growth of new cells to replace the damaged cells. 
Retinol: Increase collagen production and antioxidant which helps in anti-aging and mitigates acne and photodamage.
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): Antioxidant, anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory with enhanced SPF properties.

Vital Cellular Repair Serum (to promote wound healing)
Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C): Powerful antioxidant and whitening agent, with both anti-acne and anti-aging capabilities.
Live Yeast Extract: Antioxidant and stimulates wound healing and tissue-repair. 
Wheat Germ Extract: Effective moisturizer and combats skin irritation. 
Sodium Hyaluronate: Powerful humectant that attracts and binds onto water, making it a great moisturizer for skin hydration.
Sodium PCA:  Natural compound of the human skin and binds moisture to the cells which makes it an excellent moisturizer with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cellnique Derma Regenerating Treatment Cream and Vital Cellular Repair Serum with Hootsuite Owly.

Unedited photo with no filters: My complexion after using Cellnique Ultimate Glow Express Kit for about a fortnight. (Please pardon my dark eye circles)


Derma Regenerating Treatment Cream can be applied directly to the face and neck area after toner both in the day and night. This treatment cream is to be applied evenly with up and outward circular movements until it is fully absorbed. Due to the presence of AHAs in the ingredients, it's recommended to start usage on alternate days first before progressing to daily application. Some tingling and minimal stinging sensations may be experienced by sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin but this product works fine for me and I only experience slight tingling sensation. Broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 should be applied during the day. I like how Derma Regenerating Treatment Cream contains Vitamin E, which enhances the effectiveness of any sunblock that is subsequently applied in the day. Retinol in the product helps to protect the skin from free radical damage. I like the silky smooth texture of this cream and it's easily absorbed by my skin. My skin looks smoother and brighter after application of this cream. This product helps to reduce wrinkles and I notice that my fine lines also look less obvious too.

Vital Cellular Repair Serum is to be used after Derma Regenerating Treatment Cream both in the day and night. This serum is to be applied with up and outward circular movement until it is fully absorbed. I like the light citrus scent of this serum. The texture of the serum is light and non-oily and is easily absorbed by the skin. This serum can be used by all skin types and is a great radiance booster. It can repair skin cells, regenerate tissues and promote wound healing while replenishing moisture as well as to lighten skin tone and tighten large pores. My skin feels more hydrated and looks brighter after application. My skin tone looks more even and fairer even though I'm already very fair to begin with.

Another unedited photo with no filters: Notice the natural glow of my skin? I didn't use any highlighting cream nor powder on my face! The natural glow is thanks to Cellnique Ultimate Glow Express Kit!

I have used Cellnique Ultimate Glow Express Kit over the Lunar New Year period for about a fortnight and I'm pleasantly pleased that my skin looks more radiant and glowing within this short period of time! I love the radiance and glow on my skin that the duo from Cellnique Ultimate Glow Express Kit has given me! Do check out Cellnique website: and use promo code "SG002" to enjoy special discount! There are different Cellnique express kits to cater for different skin types. 

Another unedited selfie showing the glow on my skin at a recent event

Another no filter, unedited selfie

Monday, January 18, 2016

Issey Miyake Bao Bao Exhibition at Ion

Club 21 held a special Issey Miyake Bao Bao exhibition at ion orchard to celebrate the opening of the new Issey Miyake Bao Bao boutique. Some limited edition Issey Miyake Bao Bao bags were on showcase.

This range of metallic pink Issey Miyake Bao Bao bags spotted at the exhibition is one of my favorites.

The Bao Bao bags also come in metallic gold.

This limited edition Bao Bao bag is to celebrate the opening of the ion boutique. 

That's me trying to capture my reflection in the balloon decors. 

Selfie time.

With my friend at the exhibition.