Monday, October 1, 2012

Beauty Workshop by Covermark

Leechie was pleased to be invited to this beauty workshop conducted by Covermark =) i learnt that Covermark is the brand used in Bridal makeup at the retail outlet i used to work at in my uni days as a sales promoter (i was working for a German brand of haircare products in those days...n was assigned to the retail outlets to market the new products...anyway, it was pretty interesting to learn abt the various beauty stuff there...n that was where i acquired my nose for good the concealing property of their foundation was again highlighted at this workshop...the Japanese trainer went through the latest technology used in their latest powder foundation CoverMark Moisture Veil LX and did a demo on the model...i picked up some useful pointers on the various massaging techniques...n i was really impressed when a fellow blogger tried on this foundation on her face and the foundation concealed the pigment on her cheek v.well! o.O

Check out this cutie Covermark mini mask ;p

Door gift with compliments from Covermark =)

The various steps in the production of the foundation

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Venue: Takashimaya Level 3 CoverMark Counter

Say: I heard of COVERMARK from "Lychees From Leechie" ♥ 

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