Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bloggers' Event At Spa-Ion + Old HongKong Kitchen

Was invited to a bloggers event at Spa-Ion today...Kelvin, the technologist, presented their new machine n explained the benefits of the various colors of their light therapy...they then proceeded to do demo on 2 participants...btw, the tiramisu tt they served was way much nicer than what i had at the Genting First World hotel a couple of days back o.O" then leechie won the 3rd prize (which is a $200 voucher for their services) at the Q&A session =) will review after i have tried their services...there were a couple of event photographers flashing their cameras here n there...hope i dont look too yucky in the pics captured! >.<"

Playing with the various portable light devices ;p

Brought my leechie mum to Old HongKong Kitchen at Novena Sq2 for dinner...we were recommended to try out the Hakka salted chicken n pork ribs with strawberry sauce...yes, u didnt read wrongly...the pork ribs were really cooked in strawberry sauce...btw, this item is not on their u gotta request for it if u wanna try it out ya...well, i kinda like this exclusivity feel ;p

Hakka Salted chicken which came with yummy soy sauce

Pork ribs in strawberry sauce...check out the slices of strawberries ;p

Blogging while waiting for Champions League Final matchie between Barca n Man U o.O btw, was quite amused when some ppl in the network marketing arena called me up on the pre-text of discussing business opportunity o.O" btw at NAC last wk, i happened to overheard some MLM ppl talking abt targeting certain royalty in neighbouring countries o.O n harn was trying to tell me tt she has business proposition for a leechie...n she's going to take up advertising space in some ladies' mag...well, she didnt know tt leechie had been approached by some mags who wanna raise greater online awareness n actually thought her being in the marketing arena would be better versed regarding the influence of this aspect of ;p

This blur gal really reminds me of ;p

Friday, May 27, 2011

Genting Highlands + KLCC ♥

Trying out cable car for the first time =)

Btw, if u r wondering why all these pics look so blur...u gotta ask my leechie mum o.O"

Woohoo...leechie is finally back! ;p but i'm feeling abit giddy from the 7hour ride pls pardon me if i dont make muchie sense @.@" hope u didnt miss a leechie n her crapz too muchie ya? ;p gosh...i really miz the nice n cool weather at Genting ♥

Before the trip, i was really worried abt the long ride up n down the hill...i only had 1.5hr of zzz before my i slept during most of my journey there...but once we got to the hills...i really loved the ride up the hill manz! the many turns n bends reminded me so muchie of this place in sg known as "The 99 Turns"...well, i served my attachment in a v.small local company near "The 99 Turns" where i was the only gal there...i loved the rides on "The 99 Turns" tt the guys took me when we went out for lunchie...btw, i really felt exploited as an attachment student at tt v.small local company...n of course i completed the feedback form...n i really think tt students these days r sooooooo blessed to opt for either attachment or research project! n those students at my company look so happy o.O

This was my first trip to Genting...went around exploring the various places at Genting on day leechie mum commented tt she saw many tour guides holding flags there...told her tt i'm the flag bearer n asked her to follow a leechie ;p tried taking the cable car for the first time on day 2...i was initially quite scared due to the height...but got used to it once i saw the nice scenery...but my leechie dad didnt like the heights at leechie mum was the bravest o.O brought my leechie parents down to KLCC...but my leechie dad complained tt i can find the same stuff on orchard road n thinks tt it's a waste of time >.<" n i couldnt find any A&W at KLCC =( was chatting with 2 guys in the queue behind me...not sure why but they kinda reminded me of bro HC who hails from east malaysia o.O

We went down to the casinos in the evening...the police stopped me after they saw me taking pics inside the casino >.<" i dont gamble n couldnt understand most of the games inside the i told my leechie mum tt the easiest game is to bet big vs helped her place bets once she made her ;p surprisingly, 50RM lasted abt an hour there after making some small wins initially...btw, an interesting observation regarding the color assignment of the casino chips...saw tt they tend to assign the color based on the color of the shirt for guys...but for ladies...usually pink is assigned...or rather...saw tt pink chips were assigned to pretty u can pretty much guess the color of my chips ya? ;p

Went to visit the Chin Swee temple on the 3rd day...there were 12 levels there in total...really beautiful scenery from the temple manz! i really love it there! took alot of pics before my silly Sony Ercisson Vivaz went dead...but i'm having a prob pics r still stuck inside this phone...bought a new charger which didnt seem to help at all...the phone is still dead n my pics r still stuck inside the phone...still wondering how can i get the pics out before i send this silly phone for servicing? @.@"

Spent the remainder of the 3rd day at the theme leechie mum made so muchie noise abt which rides a leechie couldnt take =.=" queued for abt an hour for the bumper boat ride...this was the first time tt i tried a bumper leechie mum refused to take it with me...she helped me buckle up the safety jacket n reminded me to blow the whistle if i need help...well, everything was going smoothly n i had plenty of fun...until the last part...i was the first to reach the parking area...but juz as i was abt to park my bumper boat...a small kid dashed in n bumped me off! n alot of other ppl arrived n parked their bumper boats...n i was left with no parking space...n leechie started screaming for help...n the guy in charge had to come down with his bumper boat to bump leechie into a parking space after quite a while...n the crowd cheered n ;p sorry, leechie had absolutely no intention to create such a drama at the pond! >.<"

Wanted to take the go-kart but the queue was crazily long =.=" so we went to take the dinosaur boat ride instead...the jurassic rapids ride at Universal Studios was more fun than this o.O" btw, there's this v.scary spaceshot ride when one is raised to v.high levels n suspended for a while before being released on free-fall n juz before one reaches the ground, one is being raised up n down again...i was there cheering those brave souls on...n after declaring tt leechie cant take the flying roller coaster, cyclone roller coaster n cockscrew roller coaster, my leechie mum actually dared me to take this damn scarry spaceshot ride...i told her to go take it n i can help to cheer n take pics on the ground level instead ;p we took the spinning swing was abit higher than what i originally thought...i didnt dare to look o.O" anyway, my leechie mum felt dizzy after trying out the spinning teacup thingy...told her tt the centrifuge thingy at Universal Studios was much faster than this manual spinning teacup o.O"

Went to queue for the plume ride...which is basically a small boat being raised to a certain height before being released into getting wet is a certainty...n my leechie mum wanna stay nice n dry n she refused to take the ride with leechie =.=" met some middle eastern tourist in the queue there...where an eqyptian guy asked if all the girls in singapore are as beautiful as a which, a leechie responded by asking him if all the fingers are of the same length? ;p but i gotta say tt leechie is v.muchie the v.least, i can now say tt i have international appeal to all those local guys who cant appreciate a leechie's beauty ;p anyway, the 2 eqyptian guys were nice enough to let a leechie sit in front for the ride (i was hoping tt i wouldnt get tt wet)...well, i was doing okay after the first fall...not tt wet...but the 2nd fall really did me in...i was totally drenched from top to toe! -.-" n imagine the cold weather with the strong breeze blowing at us...we could even touch the clouds while at the top waiting for the ;p but it was fun...getting wet was part of the fun ya ;p my leechie mum made so muchie noise n ordered a leechie to go back after seeing how soaked i i couldnt take the flying dragon ride -.-" but there's always the next time ya ;p

Btw, i love the Penang fried kway teow there so muchie tt i ate it thrice in 4 ;p many fb frenz were asking abt the weather at Genting...i really love the nice n cool weather at Genting...especially in the evenings ♥ i wanna go back there again manz! didnt zzz much on the trip back to sg n i'm feeling dizzy now...haiz @.@" wanna show u the lovely scenery pics of the temple n the surroundings...but these pics r still stuck in my silly Sony Ericsson Vivaz...n i really feel damn handicapped after my phone died on me on day 3! >.<" now i have to get my pics unstuck first o.O"

Btw, we saw the angry birds plush toys at a shop at leechie mum wanted to buy me the red angry bird...but upon inspection, this red angry bird is a fako angry bird! leechie wants the original angry bird! >.<" but i bot v.cutie strawberry plush thingy which looks like a headphone from a shop at the cable car ;p n i bot Spongebob Squarepants n Patrick happy meal toys from McDonalds at KLCC n Genting...ya, i know leechie has a soft spot for cutie stuff ;p


My leechie mum juz reminded me tt GSS has started!!! well, what a leechie lurves to do get the shops to allow me into the shops even while they r closing...well, i get to avoid the queues n shop in great privacy this way ;p well, call me shallow...but tt kinda makes me feel abit more special when the shops r open for me only ;p sorry, but aint gonna reveal which shops practise this ;p

Happened to be at a bloggers event...well, pls pardon me for being so candid...was telling a fren tt i felt so out of place cos i was quite surprised by some of the participants who turned up...well, these ppl r supposed to be beauty bloggers...some of them asked questions in Singlish...i can understand how not everyone went to a good grammar school...n i happened to overheard some of these ladies discussing in chinese or Singlish abt how some Chanel bag costs 3500 euros...i was telling my leechie mum tt if a person lacks class...even if she were to carry a genuine Chanel bag, ppl might be mistaken tt it's a fako instead...likewise, a classy lady would be able to pass off a fako bag as a real one with relative ease ;p class is timeless...but the sad thing is...not everyone possesses it ;p i think i hav a healthy dose of self-esteem n dont need to carry a Chanel bag to boost my self-esteem...but i cant say the same for many ;p to build one's self-esteem based on a bag is nothing short of pathetic...oops...sorry for my caustic tongue ;p

Interesting Quotes:

"Beautiful women typically get more stares, winks, and harassment than average-looking women do, but they are also less likely to get asked out by average-looking men because those men tend to be intimated by them."

"Rich people believe, “I create my life.” What do other people believe? Unsuccessful people believe, “Life just happens to me.”
My friends, if you want to create real success in the real world, it’s imperative that you are at the steering wheel of your life. You are who creates your success, mediocrity and any struggle you might have. Consciously or unconsciously, it’s still you." ~ Harv

"Your way has gotten you exactly where you are. If you want something different or to get to a different place, you’re going to need a new and different way." ~ Harv

"Rich people play the money game to win. Other people play not to lose. Most people play the money game on defense versus offense. Let me ask you a question. Any game you play strictly on defense, what are the chances of you winning that game? The answer is slim to none." ~ Harv

"One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is waiting for the feeling of fear to subside before they act." ~ Harv

"Financial statement gives you a snapshot of where you are. Your job is to take you from where you are to where you want to go." ~ Robert Kiyosaki

"Live your life for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you you can't accomplish things you've always wanted to do. Most of all, don't ever stop believing."

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

"Changing your autopilot. To change your life, you must change the way you think. Behind everything you do is a thought. Every behavior is motivated by belief, and every action is prompted by an attitude."

"Let Go of Your Need to Have More
When you stop needing more of everything, more of what you desire seems to arrive in your life. Since you're detached from the need for it, you find it easier to pass it along to others, because you realize how little you need in order to be satisfied and at peace." ~ DR. WAYNE W. DYER

"Form is temporary, Class is permanent"

"When you work while others sleep, then you can get to a place others can only dream of"

"Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes"

"The best kind of kisses are unexpected, unplanned ones. The ones that come naturally, like in the middle of sentence."

"It may seem like the hardest thing to do, but you have to forget about the guy who forgot about you."

"The dream of every girl is not meeting the perfect guy, but to eat whatever she wants without getting fat."

"It's better to lose your pride with someone you love, rather than, to lose someone you love with your useless pride."

"As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do." ~ Zachary Scott

"A real man doesn't love a million girls, He loves one girl in a million ways..."


leechie at the Twin Towers ;p

leechie posing by the Chanel boutique at KLCC

Saturday, May 21, 2011

National Achievers Congress 2011 Live!

This is juz a first draft...usually i tend to leave out alot of details in my first draft...will refine n update when leechie can get back from do check back again ya...n dont miz leechie n her crapz too muchie ya ;p it's weird tt i actually dreamt of taking the battlestar galactica again yest...dreamt tt i went Universal Studios ;p but i'll be quite hesitant to try the roller coaster at Genting >.<" N pls do exercise patience ya...leechie can only reply all emails n fb msgs after thurs...she's scheduled to return on thurs nite if she survives the ride up n down the hill...leechie muz jia you!

Reached expo at abt 11 am n found out tt Adam (the ebay expert) was giving away copies of his book "The Legacy Effect" but i was 25 mins too late n they had already finished giving away all the books >.<" i was in time for Greg's fx talk...well, i had heard him donkey times prior to today...n again he was cracking the same old recycled jokes...he even drew the same smiley n frowny faces on his bar charts...well, the only diff tt i noticed today was he wore a white top instead of a black shirt on previous ;p i was thinking then why do so many traders wear all black? lol ;p

Kerwin gave an interesting talk after lunchie today...n he was the only guy whom i havent heard previously n was the most interesting speaker today =) he shared with us many interesting aspects of business n joint venture n marketing! n i like his sense of humor too ;p too bad tt Kacey came in later after his session...anyway, i was being held back by some MLM ppl (btw, som old aunty was annoyed with a leechie when i used the term MLM...they preferred to be known as doing network marketing these days o.O") anyway no offence to all frenz in the network marketing or MLM arena, but i gotta stress tt leechie aint in MLM or network marketing! i was hiding at the back...juz when i tried to msg Kacey but failed to find his no in my phone...he appeared right in front of me! (well, this Sony Ericsson Vivaz phone is so fantastic tt i couldnt even find Kacey's no in my address book! -.-") anyway, this phone is sooooooo crappy tt the frequency of it hanging whenever i try to surf net is really testing my patience! i was telling kacey tt i juz feel like throwing this phone away manz...n my leechie mum doesnt even want it when i offered it to her...n kacey added tt my leechie mum would rather have somthg from really understands how aunties feel manz...a qualified aunty-killer ler ;p btw, i was told by my guy frenz tt kacey can be classified as "shuai ge" (hunk) they r intimidated by the size of his biceps? ;p anyway, this was the first n only time tt a leechie actually turned up earlier than kacey for seminar! ;p anyway, i dozed off halfway thru the tax liens guy's talk =.="

Anyway, Kerwin was talking abt the 3 common traits of successful n wealthy ppl: Reason, Higher Purpose n Mentors! the reason for wanting to be wealthy is important! my leechie mum has taken care of me ever since i'm a kid...i wanna be successful n wealthy in order to give back to her! N i was so close to death at the age of 20 due to a drug allergy...n was given a 2nd shot at life i gotta make the most outta my life! Well, i would be able to help more ppl when i'm wealthy! maybe u gotta see how money can help to transform lives! life is a lot easier with money as a lubricant ;p Successful ppl usually have alot of mentors guiding them! so i wanna surround myself with ppl who r better n smarter n more successful n wealthy than me...they serve as a motivation to me...n inspire me to upgrade myself n to better my goals in life! =)

It was alrdy after lunch when i rushed down for Day i miz out on Andy's talk on public speaking...Adam spoke on ebay again...this was the donkey-th time tt i had heard him speak...but he has a new software this time round...i happened to be at the front of the queue at his desk so got his book n autograph =) we were asked to go around introducing our a leechie introduced myself as an expert at shopping ;p guess what? pretty amused tt som ppl actually took me seriously n asked if i'm a ;p

Richard Duncan's talk was the highlight of the day for me...learnt more abt the past economical crisis...where we were n the state we r in now...v.interesting lecture on economics...somthg which i could improve my knowledge on...n i like his gentlemanly n chivalrous manner...well, which gal doesn't? o.O bought his book on the dollar crisis n got his autograph...took pics with him too =) i was sitting right in front during the speakers' circle ;p

Leechie was dead tired n couldnt wake up early for Day 3 n i miz out on Ron Kauffman's session...which Kacey described as v.interesting...but he couldnt rem when i bugged him to share with me >.<" i wanted to listen to Ron...but didnt know tt he was scheduled to be the first speaker for Day 3...haiz >.<" i arrived mid-way thru the memory session by Ron White...pretty interesting...then Ewen Chia spoke...well, i had heard him donkey times prior to this session...n decided on an early dinner for a leechie...btw, i was checking with a fren who signed up for his package more than 1 yr ago...she was v.candid in her comments which i shall not post here...but she was trying to tell me tt his system didnt work for her...n she couldnt get much help either o.O"

Was telling kacey tt maybe we can pop by early for the first session n then go off to do other stuff before returning for the last speaker in future...aint amused with all the waiting n waiting =.=" after muchie waiting n waiting, "The Incredible Hulk" (Lou Ferrigno) finally made his appearance...but i couldnt hear him v.clearly...n Adam (the ebay expert) facilitated his Q&A session...but quite a few members of the audience asked pretty silly questions...well, i actually thought i'm a silly leech...but i was quite surprised by some really "bo liao" questions...thought they could at least ask more constructive questions -.-" then i had to rush over to my cousin's wedding...but realized tt kacey left much earlier without a leechie =.=" i wanted a lift from him cos he's staying so near the wedding venue...which i had totally no idea how to get i still ended up calling him to ask for directions >.<" havent seen my cousin for donkey years n she has blossomed into a pretty young lady...prettier than a leechie ;p it was alrdy close to 9 pm by the time i finally arrived at the wedding banquet venue manz...n blur leechie didnt know tt i was supposed to be seated at the red table...saw what many guests wore n i kinda felt underdressed manz >.<" darent go up to the stage when they did the yam seng-ing x.X" had to rush home to pack for our Genting trip right after the wedding...had been rushing around like mad for the past few days...damn tired manz...haiz >.<"

Btw, my leechie mum was asking why leechie didnt invite bro HC to attend NAC this year...well, cos leechie has a tendency to be late...n i was quite embarrassed when he scolded a leechie for being late in public the last time round...figured tt it might be better for leechie to go on her own schedule instead ;p sorry bro...

N pls do exercise patience ya...leechie can only reply all emails n fb msgs after thurs...she's scheduled to return on thurs nite if she survives the ride up n down the hill...leechie muz jia you!

"People will lie to you, for you to learn that sometimes, the one who you can always believe in is yourself. "

Damn cool quote from Keith Cunningham:
"In life there are only 2 things, results and reasons. Successful people have lots of results and unsuccessful people have lots of reasons." ~ Keith J. Cunningham

My pretty cousin's wedding =)

V.pretty eh? ;p

I feel so underdressed >.<"

Donald Trump on entrepreneurship o.O

lol ;p angry birds...keke ;p

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuff That Most Guys Wouldn't Tell U? ;p

This is the blog entry tt u shldn't miss out on! I'm rather amused tt some frenz were delighted to see their names appear on my leechie ;p i'm aware tt many of my guy frenz read this leechie blog...maybe i need to watch my leechie tongue abit? ;p but thx guys for the hilarious responses to my innocent questions on fb ;p u guys rockz!!! btw, not sure y many of my guy frenz tell me tt my broker is good-looking o.O even my usually cynical leechie mum says he's good-looking but abit short o.O" think he muz b v.happy to read this...or sad maybe? cos all these compliments came from guys n only 1 aunty (my cool leechie mum) ;p not sure y...but somthg tells me tt he does read this leechie blog on n off at times...oops >.<" btw, i gotta say tt he didnt become my broker because of how he looks...he was introduced to me by my leechie dad o.O

Anyway, we were discussing abt Mr. n Ms. Right n Wrong n stuff...he was saying those complaint queens r a huge turn-off to guys...n i actually thot tt complaining has become a national past-time here? ;p so a leechie shld learn to whine lesser >.<" another type of gals which he categorized under Ms. Wrong r those who have alot of suitors n r sooooo i told him tt he can always go for an easier target...but he was saying tt most guys love the challenge of pursuing those pretty gals with many suitors! o.O another category would be the players/time-wasters...i still need help to identify this broker said u juz need to give tt guy 2 years...if he still doesnt wanna marry u after 2 years...move on!

Then i posted a qn...given 2 is an airhead...another one a nerd...which one would guys prefer? his reply was...which one looks prettier? lol ;p so the one on top of guys' list for Ms. Right would be physical attractiveness o.O i know i look n speak like an airhead...but i guess it's good tt som guys treat me as least that allows me to learn more abt they r too used to dating airheads? ;p the other day, a fren juz expressed his surprise when i reminded him of my profession...he kinda forgot...nvm, juz continue to treat me as an airhead ya ;p

Anyway, if u guys r interested in what a leechie defines as Mr. r some pointers...i cant really rem much of what i said after nursing a ;p
Common values
Someone who truly loves me for the person tt i am
Physical attractiveness
Someone who is willing to spend time with me despite being busy
Interesting person
Sense of humor
Care and concern
Highly successful n ambitious guys r ;p
Sensitive to my feelings

Broker asked abt the importance of having the same religion...told him tt religion is a sensitive topic tt we r taught to avoid...esp when i know tt we have different ;p anyway, i grouped it under common values...but thinking abt it...i dont mind having a partner who has a different religion but he has to respect my choice of religion o.O btw, i used to hav a JC fren whose mum told him to juz follow his future wife's religion...i thought tt's rather sweet...but now i have frenz telling me tt their religion depends on tt of whichever gal tt they r tt they'll follow a gal to church if she's a Christian but will switch over to being a Buddhist if they happen to date ;p anyway, i'm a Buddhist/Taoist...juz spent the entire Vesak day visiting various temples (sorry tt i cant reveal which r the temples tt i usually visit cos i dont wish to invite stalkers...but those who hav seen me there will know...btw, a temple's event photographer took tons of candid shots of a leechie earlier this year...but not sure where these pics were posted)...v.tired @.@" anyway, i know many ppl share a common religion these days ---> $MONEY$ ;p

Sometimes i wonder y guys like my broker r still single? he's financially secure...good sense of humor...can hold interesting conversations...n guys say he's good-looking...looks like a good catch to many gals o.O but y is he still single? is he too picky? lol ;p btw, i gotta say tt this aint an advertisement to advertise abt my broker's ;p but i can consider if he pays me to do ;p likewise, i always wonder why i'm still single >.<" my leechie mum attributes it to affinity or rather the lack of it o.O but now, at least i learnt tt i shld whine lesser n be less fickle-minded o.O"

Anyway, i have v.few female dont bother to get closer to a leechie in the hope of getting to know more ladies ;p n most of my female frenz r happily married too =) likewise, i know alot of cute guys...but they r usually gay or happily married with kids...Jeff is the best example...which gal wouldnt fancy him? he's a group ceo, billionaire, damn damn good-looking (he's a dead ringer for a Taiwanese singer tt i used to fancy), talented, understands what women want, interesting, etc...he has tons of unwanted attention from many gals n he is happily married with kids...i always used to wonder how would his wife feel, knowing tt sooooooooooo many gals still fancy her hubby despite them knowing tt he's happily married? o.O

I love this line from Jeff: -> "My wife is above everything else." ♥ but this declaration from Jeff provoked v.strong comments from Michael n a heated argument ensued...haiz >.<" n leechie happened not to be around (was away at expo for seminar) when our dear guys were arguing on my fb wall =.=" but i gotta say tt Michael really has guts to make this comment -> "‎@Jeff, well I'm sure that is the same line you use when you talk to women. Either you're a wimp or you're henpecked." gosh...n there r som other comments unsuitable to be published here...cos this is a family-friendly blog with many teenagers viewing after those who r interested can juz refer to the link "Trouble with modern couples who dun have time for each other" on my fb wall where u can view the argument in full...but i gotta warn tt som stuff there r NOT suitable for the young! >.<" btw, i love these quotes from Jeff ♥ -> "Showing a lack of respect is one of the surest ways to poison any relationship." n "I am more family oriented besides business. Friends, Family, colleagues, subordinates...and lots more all are above myself. sibling too bad i dont have any. if not they will be above me. everything in life is important and i always putting myself last. We have too many to juggle in life, daily routine. manage to balance is Time Management. Set what is important and what is priority. if you can draw out the clear picture and you know what you want for life, i m sure you will find the balance in life." n "@Michael, I dont flirt and sway or having affair out of my marital is because me and wife had gone thru a lot in our 20 years relationship. I learned to cherish her, nourish her, love and care for her because she gave in and compromise in our tough time." so sweet ♥...maybe now u'll understand why Jeff is sooooooooooo popular with ladies ya? ;p (btw, for the uninitiated, Jeff is a group ceo n Michael is a perhaps v.diff perspectives?)

Btw, i was watching part of an episode of "The Medical Touch" whereby this lady in her 30s suffered a bad stroke while she was pregnant...i saw how sweet the hubby was to her...then i started to wonder how many guys would have opt for a divorce under such circumstances? esp those guys who placed physical attractiveness right on top of their list for Ms. Right! =.="

Why do we desire things/ppl which r harder to get?cos of the challenge involved?haiz >.<"

"Its a blessing to give than take. To love than hate. To forgive than blame. Life would be simpler and happier." ~ Daniel

“Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they're trying to find someone who's going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.” ~ Anthony Robbins

"Never say goodbye when you still want to try, never give up when you still feel you can take it, never say you don't love that person anymore when you can't let go."

"每个人都有自己の 『爱情梦想』,只是在『残酷の 现实中难以实现』,所以当我们在最『伤心无助』の 时候,也许曾经希望能有一位『天使』陪我们『疗伤』,指引我们继续『往下走の 方向』。"

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down . And someone who will carry you when you can't walk any longer ;) 很多人想和你一起乘坐豪华轿车,但你想要的是,如果豪华轿车没了,依然会和你搭乘公交车的人。"

This is sooo sweet ♥

This is soooo romantic...but where is my soulmate?haiz >.<"

Haiz >.<"


Went to do my hair yest at this cozy salon at Holland V...well, not too cozy cos i was shivering from the powerful air-con >.<" i actually asked for wine color...but apparently my hair looks more of dark brown now? maybe i shld juz bring along a bottle of red wine to the salon on my next trip to show the stylist how the color of red wine shld look like! -.-" btw, this is the 2nd time tt i'm using Wella hair color...the first time was when i was modelling for Wella hair coloring workshop =) this salon used the O3 machine for hair treatment too...again, i was amused with the big shower cap thingy of the O3 ;p i spent more than 3hrs there n i took up a hair package too o.O

The end product after spending more than 3hrs at the salon o.O how do i look? o.O the stylist was laughing at my crooked fringe saying tt it looked v.cute >.<"

Notice the cutie guy in the background? he's the color technican who did my hair coloring...he speaks with a taiwanese accent but is actually leechie mum commented tt he looks v.familiar...well, he looks abit like Mediacorp artiste Yuan Shuai ;p he was trying to explain alot of hair stuff to me...i appreciate his kind sharing but my chinese aint too brilliant n most of what he said juz flew over my leechie head =.="

Btw, u might be wondering why didnt a leechie cover anything on the recent Audi Fashion Fest when most bloggers r blogging abt it...well, u can trust a leechie to be different ya ;p for a leechie who prefers to blog abt WP Rally, at least u can trust leechie to be able to hold a decent conversation abt general news instead of only commenting abt which dress is nice or ;p i guess my leechie vocab is rather limited n i dunno how to describe a nice dress or nice makeup in 10,000 different me, nice means nice...ugly means ugly...period! lol ;p call me an airhead if u want...but at least i still know what happens in the world around me today ;p anyway, i was nursing a bad tummyache so i skipped all the Audi Fashion Fest parties until last nite when i pop by Stereo for the Fashion TV fashion show which turned out to be more of an awards presentation...again, i was amused with the candid shots taken of a leechie by the event idea where the pics would appear o.O" Harn was checking out the clothes on display n said candidly tt she wouldn't buy any of the designs...pls forgive taste is hugely subjective ya ;p anyway, Harn was enjoying her new-found publicity...saying tt more ppl recognized her as a political candidate n it's a great way to get to know more ppl =) she was suggesting tt a leechie try tt too...but NO THANKS manz...i value my privacy too muchie...n i dont need ppl to debate abt which bag i'm carrying or my bimbotic ;p but i was psycho-ing her to switch over to ;p well, the chances of her winning would be increased by virtue of the sheer strength of the branding ;p anyway, we were hanging around the VIP area when she was amused to see a v.senior uncle partying, i cant imagine a leechie hanging out at clubs after i settle down o.O"

We were standing juz behind the mini-stage n had a good view of the dance performance o.O

One of the award winners receiving his prize from the ceo of Fashion TV

Why watching too muchie tv is bad for u ;p

U gotta watch this! ;p
Sorry...i cant resist not sharing this quote from Sherwin:
"When creating a cabinet and to avoid a wardrobe malfunction - one should place all the Kate Spade items onto another RACK...." lol ;p

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

我只是个女人 o.O

Juz wanna share somthg tt i saw on fb...















Leechie Musings:

Not sure if it's due to my burning tummyache...or the fact tt i'm so freaking tired n disappointed n pissed at alot stuff recently...i'm feeling more n more disillusioned with alot stuff...haiz >.<" i'm only a simple gal...who longs for some warmth...but perhaps i've been looking in all the wrong directions? =.="

I'm really sorry to say this...but i'm getting really disappointed n annoyed with how som ppl who think tt they can make use of a leechie...n keep asking me if i can get free this n tt for them...or wanna make use of me to get to know certain ppl...i'm really sorry...u can call me an airhead but there is still somthg between my leechie ears! =.=" btw, i'm allergic to most cheapo hypocreeps!!! btw, i have v.few female frenz...n most of them r happily if u wanna make use of a leechie to get to know more babes...then i'm sorry >.<"

login onto fb n received tons of msgs asking personal questions abt a leechie...not amused with the frequency of such msgs n questions tt i receive...i understand tt most ppl r juz curious but i regret to inform tt personal questions will not be entertained! i'm juz a v.normal person like most of u out there who crave for some privacy in this crazy world @.@"

Apologies for my bluntness...maybe i'm juz feeling too tired from all the recent crapz...maybe the pain from my tummyache is affecting me badly...maybe i'm juz too disappointed with the kind of treatment tt i've received from som frenz...maybe i'm juz feeling down...maybe i'm juz being a whine-y leechie...maybe i dont even know the reason...haiz >.<"

Gave away my fashion event tix to frenz...cos dont wanna pretend to be happy n smile when i'm actually in pain...i dunno what's wrong with me...i'm so tired these days tt i'll juz drop dead onto my bed the minute i get home n then wake up in the middle of the nite to do tummyache is really hurting quite leechie mum says it's gastric prob...i'm not sure if it's a recurring prob...but i hate how it reminds me of the times when i had to see doc almost every wkend when i was a kid =.=" i rem waiting for my turn at this clinic in the east...there was a shop selling all kinds of fanciful swings next to it...i used to sit on the swings while waiting for my turn...wondering why i had to wake up early to see the doc almost every sun n wondering what other kids my age were doing -.-"

Was thinking abt this blog entry tt i wrote last year: (
Will leechie be loved? o.O
"i will not be forever young n adorable...y cant u walk into my future?"
"I don't want someone perfect in my life...I just want someone real."
i juz wanna someone who truly lurves me for the person tt i am...the person underneath all tt supposedly glamorous facade...for the leech tt i am...someone who lurves me with or without my makeup...someone who will b there to grow old with me...someone who will always b there for tt such a tall order? o.O" or is the notion of soulmate nothing but an urban fallacy? -.-" I dont need promises...juz wanna someone who is true to me...haiz...>.<"

Btw, for those guys who keep giving me compliments abt my looks...thx...leechie is flattered...btw, jervin always call me "mei nu" (babe) n says tt gals prettier than leechie would be "xian nu" (Goddess) lol ;p but lemme post a qn to u guys...would u still find me beautiful in 10 or 20 or even 30 yrs' time if i'm still breathing? o.O i know i'm not perfect...i know my flaws n insecurities...but who will accept all my flaws n appreciate me for the person tt i am? o.O

"A right relationship is not about how much Love you have in the beginning but how much Love you build till the end..."
i juz wanna a simple guy who will ♥ the leechie underneath my supposedly glamorous this such a tall order? =.="

Haiz...u dont have to b bothered abt who i am...i'm only a leechie =.=

Interesting Quotes:

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." ~ Jim Rohn

"If you want to stay young-looking, pick your parents very carefully” ~ Dick Clark


"如果心里有喜欢的人 对方回头说后悔了,再也不可能回到那种感觉 有遇到更好的 就不要丢下 毕竟回头只会让大家痛苦 不可能那么相爱了"


David Tao...only blue...only blue...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Joe DiNapoli Live 2011!!!

Joe with his trademark pony tail ;p

Rushed over to MBS for my leechie idol, Joe DiNapoli's talks this aftn...miz his session yest cos was at kevin lao shi's workshop...My leechie idol, Joe, is also known as Godfather of Fibonacci techniques =) Joe's my leechie idol cos he's a trader...Kacey again arrived earlier than a leechie...but left immediately after Joe's first talk of the day...havent seen Kacey for quite some time...think he returned from Australia with a nice tan o.O

Joe covered basic trading strategies using his DiNapoli levels n truths abt trading which nobody will tell u...i like his candidness in delivering the talks...btw, he also mentioned tt u dont need to have a phD to use his DiNapoli levels ;p it's so nice to have him here again...cos think the last time he was here in sg was way back in 2007 or 2008? i attended his talks here then...he hinted then tt i'm still young n shld get outta the mkts...but i wasn't able to appreciate his kind intentions then n silly leechie didnt exit the mkts then n went through the pits...haiz >.<" honestly, i really dont wanna go thru such emotional roller-coaster anymore...i wont ever forget March 2009! anyway, even the scarry battlestar galactica ride at universal studios is over in 90s! >.<"

Went to ask him questions after his second talk...n i was really happy tt my leechie idol could still recognize me! =D but leechie was too shy to ask him to take pics with me...cos nobody did...only saw a guy asking him for autograph o.O was telling a fren abt it...but he teased me by saying tt i shld juz plant 2 kisses then he's sure leechie will be ;p juz in case if u r wondering, leechie doesnt have a habit of going around planting kisses so pls dont bother to ask for a kiss the next time u see a leechie ;p besides, i dont wanna b remembered for all the wrong reasons >.<" anyway silly leechie actually mis-read his typo n thought he mentioned abt spg n i tried explaining how i'm not a i feel so silly n feel like digging a hole to hide manz...think i sound really bimbotic >.<" maybe i shld juz stamp my feet n say "I don't know what to say" eh? ;p at least tt sounds cuter ya? ;p

‎"The ability to look beyond the obvious facts and figures, to think of the market not only from an objective standpoint but also from a subjective view, is what sets great traders apart." ~ Agustin Silvani

Uncle Guppy was here again...i sat in for a short while...

Gosh...silly leechie didnt realize who this gentleman was until i saw his name tag which said "Martin Pring"! but i was alone at his booth n he didnt look i quickly took my leave without asking any questions >.<"

Apparently some fren got angry with a leechie n decided to unfriend me on fb...according to my leechie mum, such behavior is rather childish esp considering her age o.O" well, she was the one who started all the crapz by saying tt her MLM scam calls could be linked to a leechie...excuse moi...look who started all the crapz first? som ppl can be unbelievably petty...n they juz wanna be right all the time n juz refuse to admit tt they were wrong in the v.first place...some A380 ego eh? ;p but sorry, i juz hate it when ppl accuse me of things tt i didnt do! btw, the way tt u talk to ppl tells others alot abt u as a person...there is somthg known as charisma which draws ppl to a person...or shld i say tt not everyone has it? but apparently according to Eric, charisma is somthg tt can be developed o.O anyway, she can go bark all her instructions to her subordinates...i dont have to take any of those crapz...dont think any guy would either -.-"

Stayed up to watch the GE results...was quite pleased with most of the results...except tt Mr. Chiam won't be serving in the Parliament after 27 long years...haiz...he'll be sadly missed by hundreds of thousands of ppl :'( juz found out tt the new WP MP for Hougang used to be Bro Justin's senior way back in jc o.O anyway, i'm juz glad n relieved tt a guy, who quoted some old man's outdated beliefs abt how there is no point in choosing a wife who cant cook n do things for the husband, won't be making his speeches in the Parliament ;p WP rockz!!! btw, we also saw the importance of branding in this GE! =)

The results tt everyone had been waiting for! History was made!!!

Woohoo...WP clinched the victory!!!

Juz check out the electrifying atmosphere when the victory was announced!!!

This is a political landmark =)

The victory speech tt everyone's waiting for! Check out the atmosphere!!!

Tears rolled down my leechie face as i watched this touching yet so sad :'(

Amused ;p

Kevin Lao Shi Heating Up Pan Pac ;p

Lemme repeat my clarification on fb...again a fren was mistaken by the pics tt he saw here...the guy tt u see in the pics here is Kevin lao shi...not my bf! he's a famous Taiwanese celebrity stylist...n i'm not seeing anyone in particular...>.<"

Received a mailer tt Kevin lao shi would be in SG this wkend to promote L'egere Audrey to sign up for his workshop with a leechie...pop by Jurong Point yest n i was touched when Kevin lao shi saw a leechie in the crowd n could still rem tt i attended his autograph session at Suntec last yr! ♥ but i had to rush off midway through his session due to my prior commitments...

Rushed to Kevin lao shi's workshop at Pan Pacific hotel today...Audrey's hubby was quite smart to suggest picking up a leechie on the way there but too bad she didnt take up his poor Audrey had to wait for a leechie to appear o.O" appreciate her patience for "hanging on" ;p well, i was abit surprised to walk into the workshop venue with a few cameras flashing at a leechie...i didnt expect tt...n i think i was having a bad hair day too...gosh...wonder how i would look in those pics? x.X" i was reminded of the occasion at Universal Studios recently when the event photographer walked beside a leechie n waited for me to look up before taking shots of me @.@" i juz feel abit weird abt this...cos thought i would look better if i could pose instead of having candid shots taken o.O" gosh this sounds bimbotic  ;p

Kevin lao shi appeared amidst thunderous applause from the crowd ;p we sat at the last row cos it was already packed by the time a leechie arrived...he said the 3 most impt things tt everyone shld keep in mind are cleansing, moisturizing n sunblock...n gave us pointers on how we could remove makeup properly...learnt tt there r 4 main routes to drains away toxins on our faces n the 3 main points to press to detox...he did a demo on facial massaging techniques...i really need to improve my lousy massaging skills manz x.X" he also introduced a few other L'egere products...n went round the room putting the products on the back of our hands to let us feel the texture...i bought quite a few L'egere products last year while he was here...but havent use most of them yet...i shld start to use them soon...bought L'egere's new facial peeling gel (scrub) juz now...leechie muz jia you n try to use up more of what i already have before buying more stuff! =.="

Gave Kevin lao shi the pandan cake tt i bought for him...n asked him the question which i always ask him whenever i get the chance to -> "How can i use makeup to make my face look prettier" ;p Kevin lao shi gave me some useful pointers on how i can improve my eye makeup! =) btw, a lady tt i juz met at the event commented tt my eye area looks dry n tt i shld moisturize more...btw, a bald staff at the event really looks like Audrey's bro! o.O btw, was amused with the surprised look on this male reporter's face (saw him at Kevin lao shi's event at Jurong Point yest too) when he saw me chatting with Kevin lao shi's PR lady...well, she's a nice lady n he's not the only one who knows's nice to see her again this year =)

Juz wanna share what he said juz now...Kevin lao shi said we shldn't compare our looks with others...cos everyone is born different...but what we shld aspire to do is to look better n tt we look prettier today than yesterday n prettier tomorrow than today! i totally agree with what he said...n which is why i always feel better when i get compliments tt i look prettier n prettier...n i appreciate the compliments far more esp if the compliments r coming from cutie guys...keke ;p

Pop over to Plaza Sing for Kevin lao shi's next session...he was abit surprised to see a leechie there ;p anyway, i was able to stand close to the stage n had a much better view of his demo session...n i gotta say tt i'm really impressed with how he managed to transform the model's lashes to such curly long lashes with juz mascara n eyelash curler! btw, i bought his Beautymaker mascara earlier this year...shall review after i have tried it...btw, his Beautymaker eye primer is really good...i'm using it these days =)

Btw, i really like the light blue shirt tt Kevin lao shi wore today...suits him perfectly...he teamed it with white pants n his white Hermes belt...the light blue color reminds a leechie of Workers' Party color ;p btw, he was wearing a pair of red sneakers manz...i hardly see any local guys here wearing red sneakers o.O" perhaps he can consider conducting a style workshop for the local guys? ;p

Kevin lao shi at the consultation session o.O

Taken from my lousy Sony Ecrisson phone at Plaza Sing =.="

Check out kevin lao shi's interesting choice of red sneakers ;p

Kevin lao shi doing the scrub demo on a guy's face...juz check out this guy's facial expression ;p

Kevin lao shi going around to let us test the texture of the L'egere products...

Kevin lao shi performing his magic on the model's eyelashes o.O

Kevin lao shi working on the model's lips...

Went to collect my other cosmetics n skincare n stuff...Audrey texted me to check what a leechie bought after she left...hmmm, i always wonder why does a leechie end up buying so muchie stuff n her almost nothing frequently? o.O" received v.good advice from her...since i already have good stuff at home, i shld buy lesser but better quality stuff! makes lotsa good sense! =) btw, i like her Cartier rose gold love pretty...i went to enquire at the Cartier boutique juz's so popular here tt it's totally outta stock here in sg! @.@" think we have quite similar tastes for pretty items n hello kitty ;p thx her for helping me take pics today =)

Brought my bubble tea into Forever 21...saw some surprised looks on the staff's faces when they saw me holding my drink...but nobody stopped a leechie ;p btw, i did the same at a louis vuitton boutique previously ;p

Drinking bubble tea inside Forever 21 ;p

Somthg damn sad happened today! my entire msg memory in my mobile phone has been wiped out cleanly cos the memory is full! shld i blame Sony Ecrisson or Stinktel??? =.=" i lost alot of valuable stuff in there...cos i love to type in inspiration quotes n impt notes n save them as msg drafts! now they r all GONE! =.="

I joined a few interesting fb pages recently...btw, for kate spade lovers...there is a page called "I Want To Throw Away My Kate Spade Bag Now" (the fb page link ->!/pages/I-Want-To-Throw-Away-My-Kate-Spade-Bag-Now/170481343009538) a lady tt i met at the local kate spade boutique last yr has also joined this page draw ur own conclusions ya ;p btw, what bag r u gonna carry to Parliament? a kate spade? ;p

Love this quote from Michael abt a certain Miss Kate Spade ;p
"She can UPGRADE to Chanel. Even with a $15k paycheck, Hermes is still kinda outta her reach. Unless she fancies being broke. But as it's said, "you can take the girl outta trailer park but you can't take the trailer park outta her"."

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Work Till U Die Here In SG? @.@"

Mothers' Day is juz round the corner...n tears rolled down my leechie face when i saw the following clips! :'( my leechie heart really goes out to her...

Everything is abt $$$ here in SG...n if u have no $ here in SG...u die!!! n when u r out dining in some fine restaurants, do spare a thought for ppl like this old lady in the clips! she could have been our old granny! :'( so pls donate generously towards needy ppl!

i'll admit readily tt i love $$$...but who doesnt? o.O" to quote auntie Lillian Too -> "if u think tt $$$ is not important, u muz b living on Mars!" either tt, or tt person has never been hungry before =.=" when a rich person tells u tt he can empathize with the poor...esp when he's born with a silver spoon in his mouth n has a blessed life n has never been hungry in his life n has never seen how the poor live their lives in poverty...i really need to stretch my imagination to believe such ;p n who goes on to preach abt what $$$ cant buy: family, love, health, etc...but tell me...if both a rich man n a poor man were to suffer from some major illness...who's gonna die first? obviously, the poor man who cant afford the medical care will die first! $$$ cant buy u health...but $$$ can buy u medical care! juz go ask those who r struggling with medical bills! =.=" n we read abt more suicide cases amongst the poor aged here in SG...haiz >.<" n what's so wrong with loving $$$? i slog damn hard for my $$$...but i live by my own values...n i have a clear conscience...that is good enough for me...i cant please everyone...n i shldnt waste my life trying to please everyone when i know tt i cant! n i dont act atas n noble to pretend tt $$$ aint impt! =.=" what i learnt from Joey Yap, ppl will always talk...(in leechie words: ppl will always find somthing to bitch abt u!)
"People who mind, don't matter. People who matter, don't mind."

Btw, there r many ppl who have raised concerns abt the way how The Strait Times n The New Paper have presented their reports on the General Elections...well, lemme tell u this...i have kinda stopped reading these 2 papers for donkey years ler...except tt i still like reading Urban n i still read the weekend editions of The Strait Times n The Sunday Times...n i have foreign frenz who laughed at how a fallen tree could have made it to the front page of our national papers...i kinda feel abit embarrassed too >.<" n i dont like reading tabloids btw...anyway most stuff r on facebook or internet these days...why waste $ to buy tabloids? =.=" an interesting quote tt i saw -> "I only buy ST or TNP for picking up my dogs' poos and wrapping fish when I go to the wet market." on fb page "Boycott TNP The New Paper - Stop Gutter Journalism" (

U dont need to agree with a's juz som late nite ramblings from a leechie while i watch Man U champions league matchie o.O"

"What do you need to do today to reach your goal? What is it that if you take an action today, it would bring more happiness, money and health to your life?"

I'm greatly amused with the lies tt ppl tell me...disillusioned...haiz >.<"

"一說謊, 便是永遠的沉淪在謊言之中, 因為得靠繼續說謊來圓謊。"

"assume = putting an ass in front of u and me"

"Be truthful to yourself. You are not needed to reform anybody else in the world. If you can grow yourself, that's enough. Don't be a reformer, and don't try to teach others, and don't try to change others. If you change, that's enough of a message." ~ Osho Intimacy

"It's Amazing how easily we can forget what we have and take for Granted all that we are given. We do not want to lose it to than regret what we have lost!" ~ Elim Chew

"It's easier if you stop trying hard to become a person of success, but instead - become a person of value." ~ Joey Yap

"If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. "It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear." ~ Winnie the Pooh

"Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me. Today I choose to give love." ~ Louise L. Hay

"Love is one of life's biggest gambles. You can lose (as many had lost) - lose time, money, effort, faith...etc. You can also win. When you win, not only you get love, you will get health, you will get wealth. No wonder they say, "Winner takes it all.""

"People are so afraid of hearing “No” that they often don’t even try. You have nothing to lose by just asking! A good friend of mine once told me, “Harv, a closed mouth won’t get fed.” Open your mouth! Say something if negotiations aren’t going the way you’d like." ~ Harv

"The key glue that keeps most partnerships together is respect." Build it each day by giving more than anyone would ever expect!

"如果心里有喜欢的人 对方回头说后悔了,再也不可能回到那种感觉 有遇到更好的 就不要丢下 毕竟回头只会让大家痛苦 不可能那么相爱了"




"‎It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

"People always think a girl like you has a lot of suitors but actually you're just by yourself, no one dares to woo you - it's true"

Do you want your parents or your children to end up like her in old age? :'(

Haiz :'(
Hope she'll have a happy Mothers' Day with her family too...n hope tt her kids will be fillal to her... ♥

Juz 1 or 2 months ago, while having drinks, Harn was telling me abt how the poor in SG gets left behind...n although she's not affected by the system...she feels strongly abt the issue...n i'm being reminded of what she said after reading the following yahoo article =.=" ( ya, contrary to popular beliefs, we do talk abt serious subjects while having drinks...ya, n i'm supposed to be a materialistic airhead...go figure =.="

Singapore’s Fast Growth Creating Rich-Poor Divide?

"Liyana Dhamirah, 24, her husband Fazli bin Mohd Jailani, 31, and their three young children lived in a tent on the beach in Singapore for four months in 2009 when their Housing Development Board flat was repossessed as they were unable to service their mortgage loan.

The Singapore government provides subsidized housing via the Board to its citizens. Liyana and Fazli now share a rented flat with another family.

"It's unfair. I'm a Singaporean, yet I'm not benefiting at all from how rich Singapore has become."

Liyana and Fazli earn a combined S$800 ($652) a month but have been unable to make ends meet. "Sometimes I can't even afford a S$1 ($0.80) ice cream cone for my kids," says Fazli, a former mechanic apprentice, who is now unemployed and depends on the income from his wife's online handmade trinkets business.

Singapore, which goes to the polls on Saturday, reported sterling growth in the first quarter of this year. The economy expanded 23.5 percent quarter on quarter and 8.5 percent over the previous year. This was on the back of an unprecedented growth of almost 15 percent in 2010.

But not everyone in this island nation of 5 million people is celebrating. Irvin Seah, an economist at Singapore bank DBS says, "Plainly, not everyone has benefited equally from the economic growth that has occurred over the past decade."

Median household incomes have grown only 21 percent in the past decade, compared to real GDP growth of 72 percent in the same period, according to government statistics.

In 2010 when GDP expanded by 14.5 percent, household incomes rose on average just 0.3 percent after adjusting for inflation.

Take the case of Rokiah Ahmad, 46, a librarian at the Singapore Department of Statistics. Her salary was S$1,500 ($1,222) per month 10 years ago, and after a decade of small increments, it's now S$1,700 ($1,385) a month.

"It's not enough to raise three daughters and one son. We have financial difficulties."

Chow Penn Nee, an economist at United Overseas Bank says, "Wage growth is clearly not keeping up with GDP growth and the divide between the rich and the poor is getting bigger."

Asked for the government's response, Singapore's Minister for Manpower, Gan Kim Yong said income growth cannot be equated with GDP growth, "as the former is also influenced by other demand and supply factors."

The opposition Workers' Party candidate, Chen Show Mao, who was a corporate lawyer before he joined the largest opposition party in Singapore, said during the party's election rally that the benefit of Singapore's economic growth "went to corporate profits and the wages of top earners".

Government data showed that last year the bottom 10 percent of the population had a household monthly income of S$1,400 ($1,141) compared with S$23,684 ($19,308) for households in the top 10 percent.

Singapore has the highest concentration of millionaires in the world. According to the Boston Consulting Group's Global Wealth 2010 Report, 11.4 percent of Singapore's population is millionaires.

And it has the second highest income gap among 42 nations "with very high human development," according to the United Nations. Singapore's Gini coefficient, a measure of income inequality where zero is complete equality and one maximum inequality, was 0.472 in 2010.

CIMB-GK Research economist Song Seng Wun believes that growth itself partly explains the widening income gap. "In any capitalist society where profit maximization is key, this gap will widen unless we get heavy government intervention."

According to Leif Eskesen, HSBC's chief economist for India & ASEAN, some inequality is integral to the effective functioning of a market economy, "but too much inequality could also hurt growth."

When contacted, Singapore's Ministry of Finance cited the recent budget in which the government promised to raise the productivity of Singaporeans via training and other benefits.

In its budget in February, the government handed out one-time benefits valued at S$3.2 billion ($2.6 billion) targeting lower-income citizens. The ruling People's Action Party has also promised larger bursaries and grants in its manifesto.

OSK-DMG economist Enrico Tanuwidjaja says these handouts can only cushion the impact of inflation temporarily since they are one-offs. "Purchasing power actually stays the same."

Liyana and Fazli say since 90 percent of their wages are used to pay bills, the extra money

Singapore's Ministry of Manpower says the government aims to raise incomes by 30 percent in the next 10 years by improving productivity. The ministry also says it has committed S$5.5 billion ($4.47 billion) for this purpose over the next five years.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has promised in his party's political broadcasts that the PAP, which is widely expected to win the elections, will ensure that low-wage workers are not left behind.

71-year-old cleaner Mr Tan, who only wanted to be identified by his last name, has been earning just S$4.00 ($3.20) an hour for the past 5 years. He says he's not convinced.

"They don't care about us. The profits all go to the bosses and government ministers. And when we speak up, we're considered as complaining.""

What's being done to help the poor n ppl who get left behind in SG? o.O

GE 2011 ;p

The Orange Lobster For Mothers' Day

I actually wrote this blog entry a couple of days back before writing the blog entry "Work Till You Die In SG? @.@" ( but now, it looks so ironic...juz like what ppl always say...hindsight is always perfect ya...o.O"

Had an early Mothers' day dinner this year cos will be v.busy with alot of other stuff the following weekend...brought my leechie parents over to "The Orange Lobster" at orchard central on sunday before going down to Workers' Party Rally at Kallang...well, i kinda like the elegant decor of this chinese restaurant...

Was told tt the lobster porridge is their signature we ordered tt along with their signature chicken n tofu with garlic sauce...well, the serving for this lobster porridge was really BIG manz...leechie aint particularly enthusiastic abt most porridges...but i was glad tt my leechie parents liked this lobster porridge =) the signature chicken dish was really tasty n cripsy...i liked the yummy sauce...n the tofu tasted really unique with the garlic sauce! v.appetizing =) but the waitress from china had problems trying to understand me when i requested for chilli sauce...she brought me sliced red chilli n then sliced green chilli before she finally understood tt i wanted peanut chilli sauce =.="

The food here's nice n we would definitely revisit this resturant again =)

Yummy signature chicken dish n tofu with garlic sauce

Lobster porridge

Lobster from the porridge o.O

Leechie in her blue top...all ready to attend Workers Party Rally ;p

妈妈,I Love You So Muchie~~~ ♥
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"To the world you might be one person,
but to one person you might be the world."

Wishing all mummies a Happy Mothers' Day =)

That's Patches welcoming a leechie at the gate o.O

Patches playing with his "Mini Patches" -> a cutie toy which really looks like a mini version of him! ;p

Patches looking bored again =.="

My mini haul from Prestige Sales ;p

Live crabs tt my leechie dad bought for Mothers' Day...the crabs r still making noise in the kitchen as i write now o.O