Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review: Murad Youth Regain Facial at Body Contour Premier


Thanks Joanna for the kind invitation to try out facial services at Body Contour Premier salon. I visited the Body Contour Premier outlet at RB Capital Building (22 Malacca Street Level 5), which is just next to Raffles Place mrt station.

I had diamond peel done previously at another salon at Ion Orchard which increased the sensitivity of my skin so I'm more careful with facials these days. But I'm in safe hands at Body Contour Premier salons where all the consultants and therapists are very experienced with various types of facial treatments. The consultant first analysed my skin before recommending the new Murad Youth Regain Facial which is suitable for my sensitive skin.


Murad Youth Regain Facial is an age-defying facial which uses acupuncture massage to regain the youthful look with firmer and uplifted skin. This professional strength treatment reduces blemishes and breakouts and also fights against the signs of ageing and improves skin clarity and smoothness. This scientifically-formulated dual function facial helps to clear clogged pores and relieve inflammation and soothe redness while boosting skin elasticity and reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The health of the body's entire cellular population is optimized by this clinically-tested Dr. Murad system. Murad signature facial treatments are therapies developed for mind relaxation, skin revitalization and improvement in appearance. Murad professional treatments combine high-concentration of active ingredients with the power of healing touch, which makes it more effective than just homecare alone. I believe in the 50 years of research that is behind Dr. Murad's award-winning formula. Happy to know that only Dr. Murad products are used in this Murad Youth Regain Facial.

The therapist who attended to me is very experienced with treating various skin types and she could tell that my skin turns red very easily. She shared with me the importance of using skincare products which not only control sebum production but also hydrate the skin. There is an indication on Dr. Murad products which show the level of hydration, which I think is very helpful. So look out for the water droplets indicator on the back of each bottle of Dr. Murad's products.

The therapist first applied lavender oil on the area just below my neck and let me inhaled the vapor to help me to relax. She removed my makeup and cleansed my face with a mild makeup remover before gently scrubbing my face. Extraction of clogged pores and pimples was then carried out. She was careful to do only pressure point massage so as not to trigger any sensitive reaction. The facial treatment was completed with a mask.

Thank you Body Contour Premier for a most relaxing facial. I like the Dr. Murad products used during the facial treatment and of course, the effective results produced. My skin is decongested and clearer after this treatment. And I'm pleasantly surprised that my skin is not red after the facial and there is no peeling at all (which unfortunately happened at times after other facials done elsewhere). Appreciate the attention to details on the part of the therapist.