Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shopping at Reebonz Xmas Sale

Pop over to Reebonz Xmas sale after work...i didnt expect to buy anythg...juz thought of catching a glimpse of the Reebonz angels with wings n all (their version of A&F guys ;p) i didnt bring my camera into the shopping area...good thing tt Conrad had a camera with him when the angels ladies, pls dont b jealous of me ya...u can go take pics with them too ;p

Posing with Reebonz angels...check out their abs ;p i thought the angel on my left looks cute...but i didnt manage to get his name though o.O

Shopping with eye-candies in the store ;p

Well, i was juz browsing around but saw this Coach bag which caught my eye...the style is it was going at a whopping 80% off!!! showed mum my purchases n my cynical leechie mum agreed tt that was the best buy outta the entire lot o.O the minor stains on the bag r not tt obvious to the naked eye o.O

Took quite some time to decide before i finally bot this Prada wallet at 80% off...looks rather vintage ya? abit of Alexandra McQueen kinda punkish eh? the lady tt i met at this sale commented tt the obvious scratches juz add to the character of this wallet...i havent seen this design before at our local Prada boutique...but i thought the design is rather unique =)

I love the hearts design of this Prada bag...cant resist such a cutie design esp at 80% off ;p even the devil wears Prada...i'm only a leechie afterall ;p

I bot this lips design Prada bag at 80% off as well...guess white color nylon fabric doesnt age well...notice tt the area near the top zip is starting to turn yellowish...o.O"

My new fren from this sale scored a few good buys as well...she bought a Kate Spade clutch bag at 80% off (i like tt clutch too but not the bright turquoise color) n another Kate Spade bag with obvious scratches at a whopping 90% off! when she put back the hearts design Prada bag which i also bot...her sweet bf bot that bag for her on the spot! he helps her to qc her bags sweet...really envy her o.O

Shopaholic leechie didnt expect to go back with 3 bags n 1 wallet...but i guess the prices r really attractive as compared to the local boutiques...there is storewide 25% off for everything...n these items at 25% off r in perfect condition...the items tt i bot happened to be 80% the discounts range from 25-80% off retail prices! there r plenty of really fantastic buys if u dont mind some minor imperfections fren was saying tt these bags will age when u use them so there will b some scratches here n there sooner or later anyway...o.O n she's planning to go back to the sale again tmr to see if she can score other good

Guess i went rather late today cos Conrad was saying there was a huge crowd earlier in the i would imagine there were plenty of other good buys being grabbed up before i reached? from memory, there's a shoes section at the front...saw a section for clothes as well...but i'm not too sure of the exact brands avail for selection cos my main focus today was juz on bags n wallets, other than the obvious eye-candies in the store ;p vintage Chanels n LVs were nicely displayed on the spiral staircase thingy...some bags tt i saw at 25% off include Prada, Miu Miu, Bottega, Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga, Burberrys, Tod's, Kate Spade, Coach, etc...there r Prada bags being restocked tonite...but doubt i have time to pop over again tmr...heard tt there was a lady who owns 15 Birkin bags who snapped up almost $10k of bags for herself today!!! wow o.O if u r there tmr, dont miss out on the branded home items tt u can purchase at 80% off when you purchase at least $500...n they r also giving away $20k worth of branded bags in their lucky draw! o.O

Shopaholic leechie with her 3 bags n 1 wallet from Reebonz Xmas sale

Busy bee me had to rush off to meet my other frenz for dinner n drinks...Thanks Tanjong Beach Club for their complimentary bottle of lovely Shiraz =) n Ken was saying tt the ambience there was really great...

Our dinner...the fillet was really yummy ;p

Pretty-looking desserts ;p


Mode.Attitude.Culture said...

Yes, i am the new fren...i like ur coach (minimum blotches compared to the other)...shall we go there again? Cheers!

The One N Only Leechie said...

my leechie mum says the coach bag is the best buy outta the lot to go again...but i need to bring her for facial tmr...rushing to a few places tmr...