Monday, December 19, 2011

Lilian Too's Fengshui Extravaganza 2012

Attended Aunt Lilian's Fengshui Extravaganza over the came much earlier this time round...the crowd seemed abit smaller than usual...perhaps many ppl went on vacation? o.O

She covered the bazi chart for 2012 as well as the 24 mountains...she prescribed all the fengshui remedies n cures for the afflicted areas as well as all the fengshui charms to activate the good areas...lotsa ppl were shopping for her fengshui items...i was caught in the crowd n almost couldnt make my way out of the shopping area!

There was a looooooooooooooong q for Aunt Lilian's autograph...

I had to re-queue cos she had to return to the stage before she could finish signing the first round...

With the lovely Jennifer...she always looks so glamorous o.O

There was a BMW roadshow at suntec as usual i couldnt resist taking pics with the lovely BMW convertible =)

Alot stuff in this SMRT song...check it out ;p

Hitler is informed that the NSL broke down again ;p

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