Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sponsored Hair Makeover by Brilliant Hair Studio

Thank you Brilliant Hair Studio for sponsoring my hair makeover previously. Brilliant Hair Studio is located in the heartlands at Toa Payoh Central. I walked into the salon with faded hair colour and frizzy and damaged hair. Do scroll down for photos of my hair transformation process...

I walked in with frizzy and damaged hair and do notice that my hair colour has already faded rather significantly I was a walking bad-hair-day...

I have very strong natural curls so my messy fringe was curling in many different directions which is a big headache for me...

My stylist, Tyler, first did a soft rebonding for my fringe

He then did a beautiful wine colour for my hair. Notice how smooth and shiny my hair looks even though it has been coloured twice during this hair makeover?! I like the attention to details by Tyler. He coloured my hair twice to achieve the red wine colour effect that I desire.

 With my stylist at Brilliant Hair Studio, Tyler

Tyler with the owner of Brilliant Hair Studio. Thank you for sponsoring my hair makeover

Love this hair makeover, especially the dolly fringe and lovely wine hair colour

I like how the red wine hair colour which makes my complexion look more rosy

Loving the results of this hair makeover by Brilliant Hair Studio!

Look at the huge contrast of my hair before (left) and after (right) the hair makeover by Brilliant Hair Studio. Notice how frizzy and damaged my hair was and how smooth and shiny my hair now looks after this hair makeover?!

Do visit Brilliant Hair Studio at:
SINGAPORE (310185)

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