Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fun at Trick Eye Museum Bloggers Gathering

Thanks The Influencer Network for the invite to this bloggers gathering at Trick Eye Museum. Glad to have the opportunity to try out the new attractions and catch up with some bloggers that I haven't seen in a while...

Riding in my beautiful swan

Oh no, my frog prince seems to be beyond reach...I'm sliding a bid to reach my frog prince!

Kungfu Fighting: exchanging a few pointers with the kung fu

Save me!!

Somehow I don't look out of place next to the skull in this pic ya...i love skulls...esp if they are from Alexander

With the king of skulls...can you spot a leechie? ;p

The don't sell watches

Someone's trying to grab a piece of leechie!

To be my own prince charming on a white horse...riding in style...check out the wings...i still look elegant ya...nonchalant

The tinkerbell effect: check out my butterfly wings

Sharing a private moment with my frog prince!

Trying to practise yoga...

I love myself even when nobody loves me...J'adore

To the moon n back...

Saw this cute train on my way back...

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