Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Global Launch of Allove Diamond by SK Jewellery

Congratulations to SK Jewellery on the successful global launch of Allove diamond at Fullerton Bay Hotel. It was a glamorous affair with Mediacorp queen, Zoe Tay, gracing this global launch in person. Guests were treated to a specially-choreographed dance performance followed by a fashion show featuring 8 beautiful Allove diamond pieces with models dressed in Prive House evening gown. 

The ALLOVE diamond features an all-new 81-facet and 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows cut, which is specifically created to maximize light performance and eliminate light leakage. This unique cut enhances the brilliance of the diamond as compared to a traditionally-cut diamond and gives the ALLOVE diamond a mesmerizing radiance.

Zoe Tay with Dr. Lim of SK Jewellery

Zoe Tay wearing Allove diamond necklace

The glamorous fashion show which featured models showcasing Allove diamond dressed in evening gowns from Prive House. 

At the global launch of Allove diamond at Clifford Pier at Fullerton Bay Hotel

The lovely Zoe Tay checking out the various Allove Diamond necklaces on showcase

One of the models wearing Allove diamond during the fashion showcase. 

The Allove diamond necklace design that Zoe Tay wore during the launch. 

Beautiful set of Allove Diamond necklace and bracelet on showcase.

The stunning Light of Life Allove Diamond necklace

Selfie at the photo wall 

Thanks SK Jewellery for the lovely Allove door gift

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