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Sponsored Hair Makeover By Poise Hair Studio

I understand that the K-wave is really strong and many people like anything and everything K-pop or remotely related to K-pop or Korean. That may explain why there are many Korean hair salons which have suddenly appeared all over Singapore. But me being me, I still miss the Japanese soap operas that I used to watch on TV and I still love Japanese hair trends and hairstyles which I feel are much more suitable for me. So imagine my excitement when I learnt that my third hair makeover of the year would be done by an established hairstylist with vast experience with Japanese hair trends and styles!

My stylist from Poise Hair Studio, Catherine, was with Shunji Matsuo for many years and has great experience with Japanese hairstyles and hair colouring techniques! So I'm definitely in more than good hands! She's really nice to talk to and she understands what kind of look that I want! And she's so experienced in hair colouring that she could pick out hair colours that would look good on me! The hair colours that she has chosen for me actually turned out better than the one that I picked. Honestly, being a hair model and beauty blogger, I have had my fair share of less than pleasant experiences with stylists who just didn't know how to handle my atypical fine Asian hair and extremely strong natural curls. But with Catherine, you can just leave your hair to her and rest assured that it will turn out great! In my opinion, she's one of the best hair stylists in Singapore who has handled my hair.

I was having a bad hair day as I stepped into Poise Hair Studio, which is conveniently located at Dhoby Ghaut (20 Handy Road).

See how frizzy and messy my hair was before the hair makeover? >.<

After analyzing my current hair situation, Catherine offered suggestions on what could be done and how she could improve my hair. She first trimmed away the frizzy bits and added layers to my hair to achieve the desired 3D shape before the application of Cosme Cream treatment over my fringe and the top frizzy part of my hair to add gloss and shine. I learnt from Catherine that Cosme Cream has been in the market for 5 years now and this is actually the first time that I have tried it. My fringe is so smooth and shiny now after being processed with Cosme Cream and I can even see the light reflection on my fringe! Awesome! For the uninitiated, Cosme Cream is being applied in a similar manner as the usual soft rebonding cream but certain hair types can end up looking rather straight and stiff after undergoing rebonding. But with Cosme Cream, the hair's natural wave and curl is being retained but the hair looks much more glossy and shiny! And that's exactly the effect that I want! Cost of Cosme Cream treatment is $258 at Poise Hair Studio.

Unedited, no filter photo after Catherine did Cosme Cream treatment over my fringe and the top frizzy part of my hair. Notice the light reflection on my fringe? =)

Catherine is very experienced with hair colour and I'm amazed with the graduation and depth of colours created on my hair! Really love the hair colours that she has chosen for me! She first bleached the bottom layers of my hair tresses before application of pink and rose and violet Balayage highlights from Elumen. My fringe is then coloured a deep purple shade and the surrounding base (which is basically the rest of my hair) a lighter wine colour: both colours are from L'oreal Professionnel. Catherine used Balayage highlight technique to create my bespoke hair colour. Yeah, you didn't read's bespoke hair colour! The gradual colour gradients from my hair roots to tips look really natural. This is the first time that I have tried pink colour in my hair and I absolutely love the effects! Bespoke hair colour inclusive of bleach and highlight at Poise Hair Studio is about $400.

Notice how natural and gradual the colour gradients from my hair roots to tips look? This bespoke hair colour effect was created with Balayage highlight technique!

It's worth noting that my hair is still soft and smooth even after bleaching!

Here's a no filter, unedited photo of my newly coloured hair! Notice the light reflection on my fringe?

Honestly, this is my third hair makeover of the year and the most gorgeous one thus far! Really love the transformational results! I'm in love with my new hairstyle and hair colour! And my hair is so smooth and shiny now! Thanks Catherine for her attention to details and for spending close to 7 hours on my hair! Poise Hair Studio is one of the forward-looking hair salons in Singapore with stylists who constantly stay updated with the latest hair trends. Thanks so much for creating this Vlook hairstyle to slim down my round face. Korean Superstar and trend-setter, Yoon Eun Hye, the L’Oreal Professionnel brand spokesperson was here to launch the hottest and most sought-after Vlook at Singapore Fashion Week, which I had the privilege of attending.

What I use to take care of my coloured hair: Kerastase and L'Oreal Professionnel products for coloured hair. Bought this mini Kerastase travel size kit that comes with a chic pouch which makes bringing out these products a breeze. Poise Hair Studio carries the full range of Kerastase products. Was telling Catherine that once one person upgrades to salon hair care products, it's hard to go back to mass market products again. But life is short, do pamper yourself ya =)

Poise Hair Studio has a range of other hair services which also include Keratase treatment as well as scalp treatment, etc. They are up to date with the latest hair trends and hairstyles for both men and women as well as for both long and short hair. They also provide wedding hairstyling services too so brides-to-be can come by for a consultation.

The shampooing section of Poise Hair Studio is really cozy. The light massage that Catherine did on my scalp during the shampooing, was so soothing and relaxing that I could almost doze off.

Well, now I love to take selfies more often after my hair makeover by Poise Hair Studio. Btw, someone asked if I have any hair perm done. Nope, I'm born with natural curls so what you see in this photo is just the results of towel-dried hair and the application of some Kerastase leave-in conditioner and hair serum from the same Chroma Riche range.

It has been a fortnight since the hair makeover and my hair colour still looks good.

My bespoke hair colour still looks good after almost a month

I love the hair services at Poise Hair Studio. If you are looking for a top hair salon in Singapore to pamper yourself and your tresses, do consider Poise Hair Studio and I would personally recommend that you seek the services of Catherine! She's really good! Thanks Poise Hair Studio for taking good care of my hair and for this awesome hair makeover!

Poise Hair Studio is located at:
20 Handy Road, #01-01, 229236
Tel: 6333 4185

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