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Review of EMK Anti-Aging Serum and Face Cream

I'm super excited to try out and review EMK products, which hails from US, Beverly Hills and is known to be well-loved by many top Hollywood and international celebrities such as Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, Victoria Beckham, Simon Cowell and Eva Longoria.

Some EMK products that I shall be reviewing =)

Origin of EMK:

EMK was founded in 2001 by a passionate Chemist by the name of Emilia Karsh, who tried to help her supermodel friend to recover from severe facial burn scars via the application of human placenta protein. Inspired by these amazing results, she formulated and developed a range of products based on botanical placenta extract which simulates human placenta to expedite the skin's healing process. 

The extract of Placenta is unique in its ability to penetrate deeply into the hypodermis to form the lines of communication between the cells, resulting in immediate regeneration of the cells. Clinical studies have shown that the plant placenta used in EMK products can help in deep skin regeneration, attenuation of existing and prevention of appearance of wrinkles, lines, scars and stretch marks as well as provide long-lasting moisture.


What impresses me greatly about EMK products is Synercell, which is an unique proprietary ingredients delivery system to the skin and between skin cells, thereby enhancing the performance of all ingredients. It promotes cellular communication to facilitate transmission of energy from the younger to the older cells. Stimulation of the cells can produce increased supply of and stronger collagen and elastin. It revises metabolic processes so the emphasis is on regeneration rather than maintenance or degradation. Synercell allows rapid and deep product penetration into the skin so the user can experience a lifting effect!

EMK Face Cream:

Love the natural sweet vanilla scent of EMK face cream. I just pat it on sparingly on my cheeks and could feel the lifting effects last for hours! This cream uses plant placenta and the unique proprietary Synercell ingredient delivery system which maximizes ingredients synergies! Celebrity users of EMK face cream include Eva Longoria.

EMK face cream is empowered by Synercell and the active ingredients include:
  • Powerful, clinically proven Palmitoyl Ogliopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 which increase natural collagen production to diminish appearance of lines and wrinkles so the skin can become firmer and smoother.
  • Jojoba seed oil which regulates sebum production and also provides deep moisturizing benefits.
  • Sage leaf extract, which is rich in Vitamin A and calcium, to improve blood circulation as well as to stimulate cell renewal. 
  • Chamomile which contains Alpha-bisabolol compound that can expedite the skin's healing process thereby reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and which also helps to lighten the skin complexion.
  • Kelp which is loaded with Vitamin C and iodine and is a powerful skin detoxifer to boost the skin's immune system and prevent loss of skin elasticity. 
  • Seabuckthorn which is rich in Vitamin C and E, omega 7 and essential fatty acid to boost skin immune system and health.
  • Shea butter which contains a combination of 5 essential anti aging fatty acids (phytosterols, vitamins A, D and E and allantoin) that stimulates collagen production and neutralizes free radical damage. 
(Source from EMK Beverly Hills)

This is one of the rare no filter selfie of me without any makeup and I have just applied EMK face cream and eye cream on my face for the very first time. It's amazing that I only applied the EMK face cream very sparingly on my face and yet I could feel the lifting effect actually last for hours! I'm already fair to begin with but EMK face cream helps in brightening of my overall skintone. Initially I was concerned if the shea butter in EMK face cream might make it too rich for me as my previous experiences with shea butter didn't go too well. But no worries, EMK face cream is suitable for my sensitive and combination skin =) 

Recently, I utilized a voucher for a bespoke facial by a French luxury brand and it was really unfortunate that my sensitive skin reacted badly either to the products used or facial massage or both. My skin became very red, itchy, dry and flaky as seen in the unedited no makeup photo on the left. These red patches r v. Obvious on my fair skintone so i used makeup to cover up the redness these few days as I had events. Have seen a doctor for oral medication and I'm thankful for EMK face cream which has helped to soothe and calm my irritated skin. Thankfully I look better with a more uniform skintone after a week (see the unedited no makeup photo on the right). Glad that EMK face cream works on sensitive skin like mine! 

A no filter, unedited selfie with my favourite EMK face cream (S$110). I love the lifting effects and texture and vanilla scent of this anti-aging face cream =) With consistent use, I can feel that my skin is more toned and lifted and my laugh lines are less obvious. Considering that I'm already fair, my overall skin complexion is also brighter.

EMK Anti-Aging Serum:

EMK Beverly Hills was originally only available through dermatologists who recommended it to international celebrities like Victoria Beckham. Simon Cowell is also known to be a huge fan of EMK anti-aging serum and texal mask. He is said to purchase EMK anti-aging serum in bulk and is extremely generous in his usage of this anti-aging serum. Well, I guess most people would consider his usage of about half a bottle on the face each time to be more than generous to the point of over-extravagant ya? But, at the same time, I would think that this product must have worked extremely well for him to justify such effort ya? So that really piqued my curiosity to try this serum. 

EMK Anti-Aging Face Serum is suitable for post cosmetic/aesthetic procedures such as micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, and injections, due to its ability to calm redness, heal burns, and expedite bruise healing. Excellent for all skin types, this serum is fragrance and paraben free, dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. EMK anti aging serum is empowered by Synercell and active ingredients include extracts from kelp, star anise, shitake mushroom and tea tree leaves and is rich in vitamin A, B, C and E, antioxidants and minerals. It is anti-microbial, highly absorptive, while providing cellular rejuvenation and refinement of skin texture.

I usually like to try the star product of each brand and this anti aging serum is the star product of EMK. I like the light texture of EMK anti aging serum and how easily it's being absorbed by the skin. In contrast to Simon Cowell's generosity in his usage of this serum, I'm rather budget conscious considering that this serum has a price tag of S$245 and I usually use about only 1-2 drops for my entire face. This serum is suitable to be applied on the eye area too so I just spread the serum from my face onto my undereye area. And the skin brightening and anti-aging benefits deserve a mention too. It's better to wait for the EMK anti aging serum to be fully absorbed first before the application of EMK face cream. In the ideal world, I would love to use this serum twice a day but I'm always in a rush in the mornings due to my busy lifestyle so I could only use this serum once at night before I go to bed. I believe the results would be even better if I can use it twice daily...

Have been using EMK anti-aging serum every night for over a week and I'm pleasantly surprised that most of the redness from the allergy actually cleared up and disappeared within just a few days of use! Amazing! Loving this serum! Here's an unedited, nofilter, nomakeup selfie =) My skin looks brighter, fresher, more toned and lifted and has a radiant glow. Btw, notice that my dark eye circles look better too? Shall discuss more about EMK eye cream in another blog post.


As a beauty enthusiast and blogger, I have tried tons of beauty products in the market, ranging from mass-market to high end premium skincare. Unlike some bloggers who will recommend anything and everything that they are given, I feel that I have a responsibility towards my readers and personally I wouldn't recommend products which I wouldn't personally use myself. Anyway, guess any thinking and discerning reader may start to question the accuracy of such reviews when someone recommends anything and everything under the names mentioned ;p I say it as it the end of the day, skincare is big business and there are many different brands to cater to the different segments of the market...the market is big enough for everyone =)

I'm not shy to admit that I appreciate the finer things in life and given a choice, I would definitely choose the better things, be it skincare or cosmetics or shoes or is short ya ;p Our skincare needs may change as we age and now I'm happy with EMK face cream and anti aging serum cos these products work on me and help to improve my skin =) Anyway anti-aging products are not only meant for those middle age folks, I started to use anti-aging skincare when I was in my early 20s. I would be the first to admit that my skin is far from flawless and I used to shy away from taking photos without any makeup on cos I view cosmetics as my security blanket but EMK anti aging serum and face cream have given me confidence to face the camera without any makeup. Stay tuned for my upcoming review on EMK eye cream and live anti aging facial mask...


rotua C said...

is it fine for acne prone skin?

Tono Leechie said...

Yes. it's good for sensitive and acne prone skin =)