Monday, August 3, 2015

Sophisca's Candylicious Bloggers Party

Seeking no boundaries and limitations in taste and style, Sophisca has created thousand types of fun, interesting and creative products such as the shape crafted candy, cotton candy, lollipops, chocolates, and health nuts. Exploring creative line of products, Sophisca aims to customize its products, with its very own DIY custom packaging innovation such as the candy bouquets. Sophisca has its very own exclusive research n development team and manufacturing plant in Taiwan. Certified with ISO20002 as well as HACCP, Sophisca is able to produce various types of Chocolate n Candy gifts under the strictest quality control. Do check out Sophisca and explore all the cute and candylicious sweet treats in store! (Source: Press Release)

I'm so excited to explore this candy store filled with so many different varieties of candies in such pretty and adorable packaging during this Candylicious bloggers' party at Sophisca's Ion store. It was certainly a fun-filled and sweet afternoon well spent in the company of candies =)

Such cute bride and bridegroom marshmallow candies which are very suitable for weddings. Btw, so happy to see this photo that I took to be featured in the #IONgraphy section of Ion Orchard newsletter email in August 2015. 

Check out these uber cute charm sweets: the red charm seen in my hand is meant for love luck and the yellow ones are meant for studies luck

And guess what? These are actually not sanitary napkins but marshmallows!

Holding a different variation of the "sanitary napkins" packaging inspired marshmallow in my hand

Check out these uber cute "medicated oil" packaging! Looks super realistic ya? Imagine my joy when I found one of these in the bag of sweet treats that I won during the games segment =)

Look at these super cute and realistic miniature sushi and fruit sweets sets! There's even a pair of chopsticks in each set! 

This is super cute!

Part of the Candy Buffet spread that we were treated to at the Bloggers' Party

Really pretty cupcakes which taste as good as they look

The macaroon was really very nice!

We were offered fortune cookies and mine said: "Follow your heart, it's always right"

Enjoying a sweet cupcake

My mandatory selfie at the Sophisca candy store before I left

Thank you Sophisca for these lovely sweet treats. Love all the uber cute packaging! Check out the books of chocolates and cookies, and medicated oil box and mahjong tile!

Group photo at the end of our fun-filled afternoon at Sophisca Ion Orchard. Can you spot a leechie? ;p

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