Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review of Gel Nail Services at Home Nails

Home Nails is located within Poise Hair salon which is only a stone's throw from Plaza Singapura and Cathay. It was founded by Wang Huiqin in 2008 who studied nail art design and obtained her certifications in Korea. Thanks Home Nails for sponsoring this gel manicure session. This is the second time that i have gel manicure done as I usually do my own nails at home.

My sand-style gel manicure sponsored by Home Nails

The manicurist first trimmed my nails and filed them neatly into square shape. She then removed my cuticles and gave me tips on how I can better take care of my cuticles n fingernails. I didn't know that applying cuticle oil or hand cream on the cuticle area will help to keep the cuticles moisturized which can speed up the manicure session. One of my thumb nails had just been broken the day prior to this gel manicure session. And she took great care to file it carefully so that it didn't hurt for me.

The manicurist working on my nails

After the preparatory work, She first applied a gel base coat on all my nails before the application of gel nail colours of the salon's choice. And the gel manicure was completed with a gel top coat. What's awesome about gel manicure is that the gel sets almost immediately with the UV lamp so there's relatively close to zero waiting time and so there's no fear of smudging of colors. Well, I usually paint my nails before I go to sleep for fear of smudging the freshly painted coats. Also learnt that gel manicure have benefits that can leave your nails stronger and untainted unlike the conventional nail polishes.

This interesting "sand-style" gel manicure seen on my nails is perfect for hot summer days. Home nails used a special dabbing technique to create the "sand" effect. The manicurist basically just dabbed over my nails a few times to achieve the nail design you see here. It's relatively fast and the entire gel manicure session only took slightly over an hour. So it's Good for those busy executives who prefer a time constrained fuss free approach.

The sponsored nail colors and designs have been preselected by the salon. This sand style gel manicure is a refreshing change from my usual glamorous dark shades with bling bling glitter nail colors that i normally do for myself. Guess it's good to be more down to earth for a brief change. Maybe people might find me more approachable with less bling bling nails? lol

Home nails also provides nail spa and 3D nail art services as well as pedicure services which I didn't have the opportunity to try. I saw some very nice Minions and bling bling nail art designs that have been done on the other bloggers. The pretty bling bling princess designs are suitable for brides and weddings as well as socialites who are familiar faces at society events. Pity that i didn't get to try them. Customers can also take their pick from the wide selection of opi nail colors available at the salon. They do have gelish nail colors but other brands of gel polish were used for this particular gel manicure done on my nails.

The gel colors available at Home Nails

Wide selection of nail colors available at Home Nails

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Vivien Goh said...

Love your nails! I had mine done at Home Nails as well!