Monday, August 24, 2015

Hublot The Big Bang Party: Fight of the Jubilee

Thank you The Hour Glass for this super happening and fun Hublot Big Bang Party at the world's biggest popup store at Ngee Ann City. Towering at 7 m high and occupying a massive area of 1050 square metres, the world's biggest Hublot popup store is an architectural feat to behold! Guests were treated to a live Lucha Libre wrestling match with fire-eating performances. And there was a Mambo Jumbo segment with all the synchronized dancing after that. Bumped into a few friends at the party and had a fun evening =)

The live Lucha Libre wrestling match! Well, this was the first time that I actually watched a wrestling match live! And I was just standing next to the ring.

The fire-eater performing her stunt at the party

When I met these lovely ladies before their performance, me being me actually asked them if they were going to do wrestling too. And they were like: "No, we are girls. We don't wrestle." before introducing each of their performance items.

Fun selfie or wefie with the performer and host

With a masked Lucha Libre Mexican wrestler after the first round of the wrestling match. Never mind the sweat.

With one of the Lucha Libre wrestlers: He was flexing his muscles n me being me, was holding onto my champagne glass. He was baring his teeth n me being me, was flashing a smile. lol ;p

 At the photowall

With Dr. Mambo King: Me being me, was like: "I know your real name is not Woof" n he immediately took out his credit card with Woof embossed on it. Honestly, I tried various names on my cards for fun but names such as "Princess" wasn't approved for obvious reasons. N no, I don't have a princess disease. lol

Drinking a toast with Mr. Lim of The Hour Glass

What I wore to Hublot Big Bang Party: Michael Kors dress, Red Valentino bag, Sam Edelman shoes

Check out the uber cool Hublot ink on my arm B-)

Stay tuned for more photos =)

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