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Review of Sponsored Hair Makeover By Rise Salon

Tucked away in a prime corner on Club Street, Rise Hair Studio’s mission is to provide affordable yet quality-oriented services to meet the needs of both working professionals and fashionistas. They adhere to the maxim of attracting and maintaining customers through outstanding services, trendiest hairdos styled by their international team and relaxing salon ambience. There are current fashion magazines and TWG Tea Set (Tea flavours: Sliver Moon, Eternal Summer, Jasmine Green, French Earl Grey) available at Rise Salon. Well, I think it's really nice that they have good quality TWG tea here.

Like the spacious interior of Rise Salon

Their current team is made up of Agassi (Director with nearly two decades of experience and who was previously heading a popular Korean salon, 8709 2745 for booking) and Chris (Senior Stylist who has been with Rise for many years, 96472604 for booking). They plan to have Korean top stylists joining in the near future.

Hair services rendered include:
Colour/highlight - using Loreal and Shiseido colors. Special technique using Balayage (hand painted highlights). Rise Salon tends to focus on neutral darker shades to suit its current crowd but will venture to bolder colours soon.
Rebond/Perm (Cold or digital) – Korean style
Magic Setting (Rebond and perm) – combination of both to create a natural looking korean style hair curls.
Root Perm $80 – to fluff up the volume in the hair and is best for flat hair. It can last 3 months.
Wash- Shampoo, conditioner and treatment using ‘John Masters’ Brand - a highly popular organic solution from the states. Boxes made from recycled material; very environmentally friendly. (
Hair Manicure - Gives the hair another layer of coating to restore and create a permanent shine and locks the dye in and this is what Kpop stars usually use.

Earlier last month, my mum was commenting that my hair looks very out of shape and messy with all the dark roots growing out and requires some serious fixing. So really appreciate Rise Salon for this timely invitation for a sponsored hair makeover on Valentine's day =)  

Before hair makeover by Rise Salon: Check out my bad hair day and in particular, my unruly and unmanageable fringe which is curling in all different directions and dark hair roots with light hair ends. In short, my hair basically looked like a huge mess!

Chris first did soft rebonding on my messy fringe using Shiseido rebonding products. I don't have the typical Asian type of hair. My hair is very fine yet my natural curls are extremely stubborn so it requires a delicate balance for rebonding to work! Check out my newly rebonded fringe! Makes me look fresher ya?

Chris then touched up my dark hair roots with a lighter brown tone from Shiseido hair color before using another darker brown tone on the rest of my hair cos my hair nearer the ends has turned rather yellowish and brassy in color. Shiseido colors look rather natural on Asian hair cos I picked what appeared to look like purple-red tones in the color chart that turned out as natural brown on my hair. I have always colored my hair red quite often these few years and now I feel that this new brown shade has given me a fresher look! I looked back at the photos that I took during Audi Fashion Festival last year when I sported magenta red hair and realized how aged and tired I looked back then. No wonder Henrique Fukuoka said I look better now than during Audi Fashion Festival last year. 

The end product! I was complaining to Chris that I don't like the V-shape cut of my original hairstyle which resulted in a few strands of v.long tail. So she gave me this concave hair cut which looks more oval and gradual and I don't end up with a v.long tip. I like this relatively dark shade which makes my hair look healthier. There's a slight tinge of wine color if you look really closely. I have naturally curly hair so I don't need to perm my hair. The curls that you see in this photo are the results of just a classic blow-and-dry at Rise Salon. My natural curls are extremely stubborn...n I'm born with

After hair makeover by Rise Salon: Check out my neatly rebonded fringe and refreshing hair color change.

Notice the huge contrast between the before and after pics?

It's really nice of Rise Salon to sponsor a hair makeover just in time for the festive Lunar New Year period. I have received plenty of compliments for my new hair color...I guess darker shades work better for me now as I age...friends have commented that I look fairer now...well, I'm already very fair to begin

I really like my new dolly fringe and I have friends wanting to touch my dolly fringe to check out the texture =) Glad that more friends are considering to have their fringes rebonded after seeing my fringe =) My mum is certainly very happy with this hair makeover by Rise Salon...well, she says I look like a girl

Some current promotions at Rise Salon:

Price list of hair services at Rise Salon:

Exclusive promotion for my blog readers and friends:
Please mention LEECHIE when you call Rise salon for any booking and you will be entitled to receive 20% off all original priced services!

Rise Salon:
12 Gemmil Lane , Singapore 069252
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer
Tel: 6438- 3138

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