Thursday, February 12, 2015

Grand Opening Of Jaeger-LeCoultre Ion Boutique and Jaeger-LeCoultre Astral Exhibition

The new Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique at Ion Orchard has officially opened and Jaeger-LeCoultre presented an exhibition paying tribute to astronomy at ION Art Gallery.  Premiering in Singapore this exhibition reveals the new creations of the Manufacture including the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon Moon watch, the Rendez-Vous Moon watch and also historical models from Jaeger-LeCoultre Heritage Collection. Thanks Jaeger-LeCoultre for the great hospitality extended during the event. My eyes had an awesome time feasting over the beautiful timepieces! 

I love vintage timepieces and this is a very interesting vintage piece seen at the Astral exhibition

This vintage timepiece is so dainty yet so pretty with all the bling bling details

The Grande Complication: A Minute Repeater with a rich and intense sound so as to provide an audible indication of the time, the Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication is equipped with an additional characteristic in the form of a mechanism sounding the hours, the quarters and the minutes on demand.

Rendez-Vous Celestial, a sparkling finery exalting the beauty of the stars: The zodiac calendar serves to specify the position of the constellations at any time of the year, via an annual calendar that regulates the time display and measurement system. With the new Rendez-Vous Celestial as an astronomical observation instrument, reading the sky takes on a unique delicacy. The developers of the model have chosen to integrate a star in order to personalise time: by means of the second crown adorned with an inverted diamond, the mobile star shifts in tune with the wishes of the woman who turns it in order to indicate the hour of her choice, whether that of a happy memory or a date she is setting with destiny. This new creation has the fiery colour and majestic presence of the sun, to which constellations and zodiac signs add their mesmerising charm while testifying to the expertise of the Manufacture from the Vallée de Joux. The message of the Rendez-Vous Celestial by Jaeger-LeCoultre is crystal-clear: astronomy is wonderfully suited to women.

Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon

Rendez-Vous Moon, living in harmony with the most feminine of celestial bodies. While a classic moon phase shows a one-day deviation every two and a half years,  the Rendez-Vous Moon is destined to remain accurate for 985 years. An eternity by human standards.

Interesting grey dial which is the boutique edition and available exclusively only at Jaeger-LeCoultre boutiques

Beautiful rose gold clock spotted at the boutique

There's a very interesting wall at the boutique whereby some of the mechanisms of the watches are displayed, which is great for watch collectors!

That's Mike poring over the timepieces at the boutique

I thought it's a really nice gesture of Jaeger-LeCoultre to celebrate Stefan's birthday...which I later learnt is a never ending love story between Stefan and Jaeger-LeCoultre =)

With Mike at the photowall

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