Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review of My Third Meridian Session at Slimming 101

It was a cold day so I really appreciate the warm thermal bed which was used for Slimming 101 signature Meridian therapy. I doze off lying on my front while waiting for this signature meridian treatment. The therapist from Slimming 101 educated me that pressing on those pressure points on my lower back just above my tailbone would help to reduce water retention in my kidneys. N pressing those pressure points higher up on my back could reduce fat absorption!! That's very important to me!!

There are some pressure points on my stomach which are to aid in digestion. I find that I usually burp after eating and that's a sign that my digestion is not good. Pressing on the pressure points on the sides of my tummy could help to reduce unnecessary eating!! Again, that's very important for me cos I seem to be always hungry!!

I feel a bit weird when the pressure points were being pressed initially but I got used to it after a while. I was encouraged to drink more water to flush out the toxins and reduce consumption of unhealthy food. 

I lost 500g in this signature meridian session! Thanks Slimming 101 for moving me towards my target!

At Slimming 101 for meridian treatment!

With Dato' Joey Yap after his talk earlier in the day

Check out this pretty butterfly necklace which I wore to The Beast First Anniversary Event. It comes with matching earrings too. Thanks for sponsoring me. I have paired it with a simple black top for a casual yet chic look! It's a versatile necklace with an arty-twist that you can wear on different kinds of occasions and especially great for those who love butterfly designs!

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