Monday, November 10, 2014

Review of My Second Meridian Treatment at Slimming 101

Love the relaxing lavender scent of the gel that was used in Slimming 101 signature meridian treatment. It seemed more like a relaxing massage session rather than a typical slimming the therapist pressed on my meridian points today, i felt lesser pain as compared to my first meridian treatment...hopefully that meant that more fats and toxins have been flushed out of my body since...some of the meridian points on my tummy that the therapist pressed on are to aid in my food digestion...n i felt v.hungry after this session today! 

After my meridian points were pressed from the front and back, I was wrapped up with thermal blanket on the thermal bed for about 30 minutes and i sweated quite a bit in these 30 minutes. I lost 200g in today's also trying to cut down on my food intake these days too, so hope i can lose more weight and also to maintain the weight loss. I recommend this meridian treatment as a healthy alternative for weight loss!

Running a special promotion exclusively for my blog readers: you only need to pay $39.90 for one trial session which is worth up to $700! So it's definitely great value for money! Please purchase using this link:

Do visit Slimming 101 Pte Ltd located at Funan DigitaLife Mall, #04-07 or contact the friendly staff at hotline: 67373-101.

Was at the opening of MAD museum yesterday...i have lost about 1.5 kg till i look better now?

Guess what? It was my birthday yesterday and I didnt expect to bump into the super cute "Godfrey Gao lookalike" hot model, Henrique Fukuoka, there =)

Henrique's so sweet, he said i look better now than at Audi Fashion Festival. I'm so happy to hear that from a cute model! Honestly, if a cute guy says i look prettier...that carries more weight than what any other guys say =)

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