Friday, October 17, 2014

Opening Night of Jewelfest 2014: Francis Cheong 30 Years of HauteCouture

It was a glittery opening night at Jewel Fest 2014, with beautiful fine jewellery on show and attended by glamorous glitterati...

Congratulations to Francis Cheong who celebrated 30 years of Haute Couture with his awesome fashion show at the opening night of Jewel Fest 2014. Plenty of bling bling and glitterati at this glittery event.

The star of Francis Cheong 30 years of Haute Couture show at Jewel Fest 2014. Such a beautiful wedding gown and elegant diamond necklace!

Love this elegant set of fine jewellery from De Ambrosi, which was perfectly complemented by the bling bling embellishments on this yellow Francis Cheong haute couture gown

This perfect ensemble of ruby colored Francis Cheong haute couture gown and necklace from Dilys' is one of my favorites from the opening night. Love the pretty intricate details on the gown and the enchanting design of the necklace.

A closer look at the beautiful diamond and rubelite necklace from Dilys'

Malaysian supermodel Tini opened the show for the night

A closer look at what Tini was holding in her hands: Spirit of Ecstasy

Check out this 2.5 million usd necklace on the model!

I actually held 2.5 million usd in my hand! WOW!

Love this pretty diamond ring on the model's right hand. Btw, i have a gown which looks rather similar to what the model was wearing and my gown is really heavy with all the beads, etc

With fashion maestro Francis Cheong after his show

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