Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review of First Duo-Advanced Body Define Slimming Session With Slimming 101

After attending the press conference at Slimming 101 last sunday, I went down for my first slimming session today. I first sat in the sauna for about 10 min before my first treatment today. The temperature went up to about 52 deg C. I tried a combination of ultrasound as well as ultra cavitation with Duo-Advanced Body Define machine in this 20 min session.

Duo-Advanced Body Define treatment is non-invasive and is a good alternative to liposuction. It helps to reduce localized fats and cellulite. It bursts the body fats and aids in firming. It is also very effective for tightening of loose skin and the results can be seen in an hour.

I could feel the slight warmth sensation from the probe but it's so comfortable that I could almost doze off. There was also beeping sounds from the machine which was an indication of fat detection and that the machine was working real hard to burst these fats. The sounds became louder when the therapist was doing the cavitation treatment on my tummy, which is an indication of the high fat level there. I can still feel a warm sensation in my tummy area even hours after this painless treatment so I think it’s still working hours after the treatment. N I feel hungry after the treatment…omg, I seem to be always hungry eh? =(

After this Duo-Advanced Body Define treatment, I'm pleasantly surprised that I lost about 2cm on my waist. I weighed myself and found that i lost half kg too. My Leechie mum has this warped logic that I should lose 2 cm for every session. Lol. Well, Let's see how it goes...

I'm looking forward to my next treatment this coming weekend...stay tuned for my updates =)

Do visit Slimming 101 Pte Ltd located at Funan DigitaLife Mall, #04-07 and hotline: 67373-101.

Selfie taken at Slimming 101

Do I look slimmer and better after the treatment? o.O

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Vivien Goh said...

Congrats! 2cm and 500g sounds good!