Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Anniversary Party of Red Carpet Champagne

Was on my way to the Tiger Beer party when Peter informed me abt this First Anniversary Party of Red Carpet Champagne at Millenia Walk...this was the first time that i stepped into this bar...nice Xmas atmosphere here with some staff dressed up as Santarinas...nice place to chill out with frenz...we had quite a few complimentary beers n processco n light bites before our frenz left...this party was definitely way better than the Tiger Beer party at F1 Pit building which we headed to later...n i always thought that VC stands for venture capitalists...but it turned out that the VC being discussed is the initials of a brand of

My party look o.O

Party atmosphere at Red Carpet Champagne

They even have their own champagne B-)

Santa looked like he drank quite a bit...n kept repeating to me that my dress looks

Santarinas performing on stage

This pic that Michelle sent me at 7.30pm showed the relatively empty scene at the Tiger Beer party...I reached only at abt 11.30pm

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