Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cosplayers at EOY Cosplay Festival 2012 at Marina Barrage

Interesting to see so many cosplayers gathered here in their full costumes. It had rained earlier in the day. Despite the heat, they gamely posed for shutterbugs who came armed with an assortment of photographic devices. But I can imagine them sweating under the hot sun. I have been having dizzy spells recently so didn't stay long here. All these pics here were captured with my trusty Iphone. Frankly, I'm usually done with my shots by the time those guys get their dslr ready to capture the scene. oops...Lol ;p

Based on my observations, u need to look really pretty or cool if u wanna pose alone...otherwise, i suggest gathering a group of frenz to cosplay together with in

Check out her huge bow o.O

Power Ranger trying to act cool? o.O

What's that creature on his back? o.O

This cosplayer's really v. on...he quickly put away the bubble tea that he was drinking n got into his pose when he saw me approaching...v.professional ;p

Another gongfu pose

I asked the gal on the right to join in this pic when i saw her taking pics...her gloves r so cute ;p

Sultry look o.O

Cool B-)

The gal on the right was walking around with her cutie luggage bag (can u spot it at the bottom right hand corner of this pic?)

Pretty in purple

Cool...but doesn't his arm ache after staying in this pose for soooo long? o.O

This cosplayer was walking around carrying this heavy-looking blade o.O

Adrian saw this pic n thought it was leechie in to disappoint everyone here...leechie was juz part of the audience...not in cosplay costume ;p

I love her red hair n attitude B-)

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