Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Scalp and Hair Treatment at Philip Kingsley

Thanks Cozycot for arranging this review of scalp and hair treatment at Philip Kingsley at Palais Renaissance #03-08. I hate to admit that i have an acquired taste...n i like classy stuff...that include well as classy bot a groupon previously n had a shock when i walked into the mess n clutter at some neighbourhood salon...I like the classy ambience at Philip Kingsley which is tucked away in a quiet corner at Palais, away from the usual hustle n bustle of Orchard Road...

First, the therapist asked abt my hair concerns n frequency that i color my hair n the products that i use...I have a v.hectic and active lifestyle...with plenty of events to attend, on top of my regular yoga n kickboxing classes...resulting in v.little sleep on weekdays...i have oily n itchy n flaky scalp with my hair falling off at a faster rate than i would prefer =.=

The therapists started the scalp treatment by first applying a cream to soothe the itchiness of my scalp...they then dampened my hair with water first before applying a hair treatment to the hair...then they put on a steamer for my hair to allow for better penetration of the treatment products...this was then followed by the infra-red treatment...the therapist then did a v.relaxing scalp massage for it! n that was then followed by more massage during the shampooing =) she blew my hair straight n sleek (as shown in the pic above) n i was good to rush off to the Chanel exhibition before the private preview of Affordable Art Fair followed by chilling out at Ku De Ta =)

Leechie with the steamer on... 

My leechie hair under infra-red treatment o.O

I love the relaxing scalp massage n refreshing clean feel of my scalp after the treatment...i'm pleased that i dont experiencing flaking of the scalp after this treatment at Philip Kingsley unlike some other salons that i've tried previously (which i shall not name) in which flaking still persisted in an obvious manner directly after their scalp i would highly recommend Philip Kingsley scalp treatment to those who experience scalp problems...Philip Kingsley scalp treatment is priced at $350...i have v.strong natural curls so i dont comb my hair n i end up with alot of tangles in my leechie hair >.< my hair feels more smooth n manageable after this hair treatment...check out the pic posted ;p Philip Kingsley hair treatment starts from $100's $180 for my hair length...i love the experience i have at Philip Kingsley...give urself a treat n go try out their hair services ya =)

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