Monday, January 9, 2012

Joey Yap's Fengshui & Astrology 2012

This was the 2nd time that i attended Joey's Annual Fengshui Outlook. Silly me printed out the old version of my bazi chart...good thing tt i collected my iphone4s the day before n was able to check out my updated bazi chart on the spot with my iphone4s =)

Joey compared this year's bazi n flying stars charts with those of last year...n the new thing tt he covered this year was the 9 life star...n he talked abt smart money vs dumb money (not the usual way as how most financial folks would define it ;p)...doesnt matter as long as it's still money ya...n i ♥ $$$...who doesnt? at the v.least, i'm honest enough to admit i ♥ $ =) ppl can always donate their $ to me if they think tt $ aint impt ya...i need to slog to make my own $!

Joey said everyone judges based on looks!!! silly me was wondering why some shop owners like to ask me to juz stand in their but true fact of life...ppl always judge u based on ur looks...looks sell n can open certain doors which could possibly remain closed to some others! Joey said ppl fall in love or r likeable for 2 reasons: looks & intelligence! i'm too naive to believe tt there r ppl who dont judge others!!! Joey also mentioned tt ppl wont want to associate with u if u have nothing to offer or cant add value to others' life! he personally knows almost half of the most wealthy ppl in Malaysia...n has built up his biz n got to where he is today in juz 15yrs! this is life: well, we r living in a practical society n ppl r attracted to rich&successful ppl! why would they b interested in u if u r of no use to them???!!! "Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth."

Joey said tt there is an intelligence star for ppl of my sign in the 9 life star astrology n we would do well to learn more to boost our intelligence...n we would do better to learn somthg which would offer better financial returns if we were to learn anythg at all...then he cracked som joke abt ppl learning to fly kites...btw, i have a fren who sells atas kites which cost at least a couple of hundreds each n have patents filed...well, what i have learnt is tt there r atas stuff for dont look down on those seemingly low-class stuff o.O"

Robert Kiyosaki said: "Those who are successful in life are the people who notice what's wrong or missing in the world and finding opportunity in it."

I havent had any detailed astrology or bazi reading done...cos life's unknowns pose a mystery to me n i dont want som fortune-teller to predict my future or allow my decisions to b affected by some soothsayers' opinions or crystal ball! =.=" i believe tt destiny lies in my own hands n what i believe in strongly is:
"if others dont give me the opportunities, i shall create my own opportunities!!!"

I agree with what joey said abt how competency is much more impt than compatibility when it comes to looking for biz partners...what's the point of getting someone who says he will do this n tt but yet does nothing but talk crap? actually u can learn alot more abt a person juz by working with tt person...

I pop by to listen in during the lunchtime session when joey was marketing his "Riding The Dragon" seminar...not sure y but i kept thinking abt "Slaying The Dragon" dont misunderstand...i have absolutely nothing against ppl born in the year of the dragon...not sure y but sometimes the way joey speaks kinda reminded me of my uncle o.O my uncle has a great sense of humor too...joey mentioned abt the importance of "the secret art of common sense"...well, common sense aint too common these days ya...i rem tt my uni fren got so fustrated with me donkey years ago when what was supposed to be common sense to her seemed rather novel to ;p btw, I bought a copy of Joey's new range of books on the 9 life stars...but had to rush off right after his seminar so couldnt stay for his autograph session...


"Don't do something permanently stupid just because you're temporarily upset"

"Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth."

"It's better to be unique than the best. Being the best is great, you’re the number one. Being unique is greater, you’re the only one."
Thank goodness i'm the one n only leechie ;p

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