Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Photoshoot Nov 2011 Part 2

2012 has started off in a busy manner for leechie...again, i stayed in on new year's eve to write my pages n pages of new year resolutions! it was alrdy close to 6am by the time i finished writing abt 17 pages of new year resolutions! let's work towards making my resolutions n goals become reality!!! i'm busy rushing here n there...n on top of all the rushing around, i'm busy with spring cleaning these days...i've been battling urticaria so i really dont fancy all the dust n dirt from the spring cleaning...anyway, homemaker is the most under-rated profession in this world! dunno y i've been having dizzy spells recently...feeling tired n i can drop dead onto my bed before watching the 11pm show...haiz =.=" n i've started on new work projects (many exciting n exotic stuff coming up...), new biz ideas (i'm really excited abt what we r working on currently! cooler than cool manz! B-) stay tuned for somthg fun tt will jazz up ur life!), new stuff to learn (currently i'm finding time to learn VSA...dont bother asking me what VSA is...those in the know will know ;p gotta thx mr. LHY for his selfless sharing n DS for pushing me to study n ask qns...n adrian's news updates n "no crash, no crash" chants...uncle AKS indicators...analysis from mr.Hub, Kit, Andrew, Kevin, See, uncle Kuah n many many more...appreciate all ur kind sharing...who says u cant find true frenz online?), new diet plans (i muz eat more healthy food...too much crappy n sucky food at my workplace! -.-"), new exercise plans (i shld exercise more...but i dont fancy running in my polluted neighbourhood although i see ppl doing tt even at peak hour! juz look at the congested roads!) btw, i havent been to any club/party since Xmas last year and i havent had a drop of alcohol since! n i muz cut down on unnecessary expenses...all the online vouchers shopping r v.addictive manz...some vouchers expired without me being aware -.- i thot i didnt spend much last year but everything still adds up! fren's mum knows tt i have many, many bags n she was asking me the other day how i actually store all my bags...i told her tt i'm running outta space n i juz stack them one on top of another in a pile...during my spring cleaning, i found quite a few brand new Kate Spade bags which i bought but have clearly forgotten leechie mum says tt i wouldnt b able to finish using my bags even if were to carry a different bag everyday for 1 year! n all my clothes can last for years if i were to wear a different one everyday without repeating...n she has banned me from buying more clothes =.= n the list goes on n on...btw, my antique phone is dead...n i finally got my hands on iphone4s after making numerous calls to Stinktel!

Lemme confess something...i've tried time n again but failed miserably...a recent session juz confirmed this: i cant understand muchie chinese n i cant learn anything tt is conducted in chinese! my brain juz cant process information in chinese! tons of question marks will appear in my head after hearing sentences in chinese...n i always wonder how ppl can speak such perfect Mandarin...i always cant speak chinese without adding in phrases of english...n ppl like to poke fun of my spoken mandarin =.=

Guess what? sup came back for a day! saw him at the end of the long corridor n silly me actually thot i missed his reassuring presence so much tt i started to imagine things...until he waved to me! he could actually recognize me from donkey metres away...muz b my bright red hair i think? o.O somehow he knew what was happening without me saying much...but he was only back for 1 day to "play" with our half million bucks toy...leaving for US v.soon...n this could b the v.last time tt i will get to see him :'(

"Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth."

"It's better to be unique than the best. Being the best is great, you’re the number one. Being unique is greater, you’re the only one."
Thank goodness i'm the one n only leechie ;p

This really sounds like me =(
"spore mentality. go up one day dun dare to buy. go up second day wait one more day to confirm, buy on third day, price drop. then decide to wait cos think will go up. drop another day. watch. then drop then instead of cashing out, "leave for next generation" haha"

Kodak seems to be a v.good example when it comes to case used to insist on buying kodak films when i was a's the brand...those were the good old days of film cameras...

Interesting Quotes:

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is." ~ Vince Lombardi

"If you listen to so called ANALyst 100%, you'll be a bankrupt who has to eat maggie mee for your meals everyday. You may also be seen collecting cardboards for your retirement!!!" ~ Digital

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be"

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." ~ C.S. Lewis

"Last but not least,do not forget the loved ones around you and the less fortunate that may not even know what "celebration" means." ~ Derrick

"My father was from a very humble background. Through his hardwork, he was enrolled into a rich-kids' high school in the late sixties. Back then, he helped a garun-guni auntie for a bit of money. He told me that if he takes bus to school, he will starve for recess. Things were so.

When he applied for bursary from school, the discipline master was unsympathetic and very arrogant. He could tell that the discipline master was irritated because such application means extra-work for him. He didn't care for my father's feeling and announced to the class that he was the only one applying for such grants. OK, what to do, you are poor right?

By 16, my dad left school to support the family. He went on to work hard and did better than most, if not all of his peers 40 years later. He never give up. I salute him. I hope to inspire the less-fortunate around us with this true story. 人穷志不穷 " ~ sleeplessinsg

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