Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Photoshoot Nov 2011 Part 1

These pics were taken in nov last idea why the makeup artist used such a dark foundation color on was at least a couple of shades darker than my original skin color...but too bad tt i dont have photoshop so cant adjust my skin color =.=" check out the 2nd pic...i always thought tt my left profile looked ugly...but this pic of my left profile looks pretty decent ya =) anyway, my hair color is red now...v.apt for cny ;p

Recap what Joey said: Joey said everyone judges based on looks!!! sad but true fact of life...ppl always judge u based on ur looks...looks sell n can open certain doors which could possibly remain closed to some others! Jiahui from the 11pm Channel 8 show committed suicide after losing her looks from the bomb blast! Joey said ppl fall in love or r likeable for 2 reasons: looks & intelligence! i'm too naive to believe tt there r ppl who dont judge others!!! Joey also mentioned tt ppl wont want to associate with u if u have nothing to offer or cant add value to others' life! he personally knows almost half of the most wealthy ppl in Malaysia...n has built up his biz n got to where he is today in juz 15yrs! this is life: well, we r living in a practical society n ppl r attracted to rich&successful ppl! ppl can be very practical...why would they b interested in u if u r of no use to them???!!! "Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth."

Robert Kiyosaki said: "Those who are successful in life are the people who notice what's wrong or missing in the world and finding opportunity in it."

I havent had any detailed astrology or bazi reading done...cos life's unknowns pose a mystery to me n i dont want som fortune-teller to predict my future or allow my decisions to b affected by some soothsayers' opinions or crystal ball! =.=" i believe tt destiny lies in my own hands n what i believe in strongly is:
"if others dont give me the opportunities, i shall create my own opportunities!!!"

"Don't do something permanently stupid just because you're temporarily upset"

“The only real valuable thing is intuition. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift & the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant & has forgotten the gift." ~ Albert Einstein

I asked Siri if it's male or female...n the male voice responded "I was not assigned a gender!" lol ;p btw, does ur Siri have a male or female voice? ;p

Leechie did a blur thing today...i thought i fitted in my contact lens n went abt doing my usual stuff...but wondered y my contacts r not v.clear today eh...many stuff still looked was only later tt i found out tt the contacts in my right eye popped out right after i fitted in n blur me didnt realize it until much later =.="

I believe there can be platonic friendship between the 2 genders...even if love is outta the question, there can still be friendship ya...think the way guys n gals view bgr can be very different? some guys cant concentrate on only 1 gal n need to date sooooooo many gals n have sooooooo many options! guess most gals dont want to be Plan in, perhaps gals will shy away once they find out tt they r juz one of the many, many available options! some guys focus a lot of time n energy on trying to find love...but ended up feeling emotionally drained from unrequitted love...sometimes alot of things r not what it appears to be or how u would imagine it to is not the only thing in this world can survive without love...but one cant survive without $$$ in this practical society! perhaps different ppl hav v.different priorities in life...anyway, to each his/her whatever u please as long as it makes u could be juz a luxury...i dont go out of my way to find love...if it happens, it's juz a bonus...if it doesn't, so be it! i'm not so desperate...there r tons of guys who approach me online everyday...sorry, i would rather focus on making more $$$ than to waste my time n energy on unappreciative ppl! =.= it's a privilege to talk to n work with smart ppl...

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