Sunday, September 20, 2015

F1 Sky Grande Prix Party at The Empire

Thanks Clozette for the kind invitation to F1 Sky Grande Prix party at The Empire. It was a night of fabulous fashion show and party at level 45 with great views of the F1 tracks as well as awesome night scenery from the balcony. With great company of course =) Was quite surprised that the crowd at The Empire came in quite early, perhaps due to its excellent location at Raffles Place? I was at another event before this and arrived just before 10 pm. We had a table in the open air at the balcony and were quite glad that the haze had cleared quite a bit after the rain. The fashion show by Vanilla Luxury commenced just before midnight and jazzed up the party. It was a night of beautiful fashion and great crowd coupled with pulsating music and awesome views of the F1 track. Thanks Clozette once again for the lovely invitation =)

This was the awesome view of the F1 tracks that I was getting from The Empire.
Tried asking the staff, "My friend has a table at the balcony near the entrance. Any idea where is it?" And he was like, "It's a balcony all around" lol

Photo of the F1 tracks that my friend took from The Empire, with editing done by yours truly

One of the styles from the Vanilla Luxury fashion show at Sky Grande Prix F1 party. Love the bling bling on the head-dress and chain details on the dress. Photo taken by friend, with editing done by yours truly.

Another interesting style featured at Vanilla Luxury fashion show at Sky Grande Prix. Enchanting head-dress paired with elegant white outfit. Again, photo was taken by friend, with editing done by yours truly.

Table situation at the Vanilla Luxury fashion party at Sky Grande Prix at The Empire: I already had 5 glasses of Moet champagne at another event prior to this and I could hardly drink from this bottle and I later gave all my drink coupons to a friend.

I've attended a few F1 parties over this F1 weekend so will collate most of the photos from this weekend into this health have been affected by the haze and not sure why I felt giddy and had headaches while shopping so I decided it was better for me to stay away from the buzzing crowds on some days...

I love the night views of the F1 tracks and it's always nice to see the tracks from somewhere really high. Guess those with homes and offices next to the F1 tracks are really blessed and you could even hold your own private F1 parties away from the crowds ;p I was at the F1 party at Zafferano last year and went to the parties at The Empire and Altimate this year. You could compare the awesome views of the F1 tracks from both venues from my photos posted here. I stay not too far from the F1 tracks and I used to be able to hear the roaring engines from my place a few years ago before they changed the racing route.

Johnnie Walker Altimate Circuit Party on friday night, and apologies for looking so tired in the photo cos that was my third event of the night

Another photo with the Johnnie Walker models at Altimate Circuit Party

 Awesome view of the F1 tracks from Altimate

Check out the reflection of the Johnnie Walker logo in this photo captured by my friend. Well, I just adjusted the lighting and contrast of this picture. Somehow looking down at the huge crowd of people at the Padang concert kinda reminded me of those Workers' Party rallies not too long ago...well, I prefer to watch from a distance at times...

Thanks The Podium Lounge and sponsors for the door gift at The Posh Pitstop for ladies to freshen up before the commencement of the night activities.

 Pre race cocktails at Ritz Carlton...yummy tiramisu

At the photowall of The Podium Lounge

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