Saturday, May 23, 2015


Transforming their flagship store at Orchard Building into a fully-fledged tropical paradise, H&M hosted the official Singapore Fashion Week after-party for the very first time. Making his Singapore debut, celebrity DJ "Goddy God" Godfrey Gao appeared on the decks and dished out fresh tracks, at the fashion party of the year.

I only attended 2 shows on this third day of Singapore Fashion Week so that I could be at H&M early to see the one and only Godfrey Gao...but he didn't appear that early...i was happily shopping on the higher floors of the H&M building until some girls were heard screaming at 11+pm...blur me wasn't aware that Godfrey already took the escalators down n i actually missed of the girls was like: "How could you possibly miss someone of 1.93 m tall?" Me being me,"Oh well, I just did" =( So I had to rush down to the first floor of the H&M building where the DJ console was...just as when I reached the first floor, Godfrey Gao had just finished posing by the H&M photowall and was making his way towards the DJ console...n he walked right towards me n obviously I followed him to the DJ console...n tada, I parked myself right in front of him throughout his entire 30 min session...I was standing directly right in front of him at the DJ close that when Godfrey Gao took selfies with the crowd, I was entirely camouflaged by his 1.93 m frame that I was nowhere to be found on his selfies...I had the best spot in the house!!! =D He was only arm's length away from me! I couldn't help but kept looking at him! Honestly, I can't concentrate on anything else when such a good looking man is right in front of me! Pardon my fangirling...well, I don't really do that often...but it's Godfrey pls pardon my took more than plenty of candid shots of Godfrey Gao ;p

Thanks H&M for bringing Godfrey Gao in for this fashion party of the year and for the awesome shopping discount! I bought a H&M striped peplum dress in white and navy =)

He was only arm's length away from me! I couldn't help but kept looking at him! Honestly, I can't concentrate on anything else when such a good looking man is right in front of me! Check out Godfrey's bewitching eyes!!

Honestly, I could look into these eyes forever!! He's so good looking that no filter is required for most of these photos!

His so charming smile! <3 p="">

So cute!

 Notice how focused he looked during his DJing?

 So Shuai ;p

Godfrey is good looking from any angle! Took this photo when I happened to be just standing behind him and following him to the DJ console...

Cute candid shot of Godfrey ;p

Me attempting to take selfie with DJ Godfrey

Another selfie attempt...pls pardon my Godfrey-induced messy fringe ;p

Selfie taken by our shuai shuai Godfrey Gao ;p Not only is yours truly vertically-challenged, my arms are too short to reach my silly iphone as well...blur me was trying to help him tap on my iphone but my arms r too short to even reach my iphone...n i didn't realize that there's actually a button on the side of iphone that one could press to take pics...well, cool that I actually picked up this useful tip from our Godfrey Gao! honestly, ever since I set eyes on him backstage at Audi Fashion Festival last year, I've been smitten by him!

Another selfie that Godfrey took =) Godfrey's really made my day and night! I'm sooo starstruck! It's not everyday that I get so up close and personal with such a droolworthy international celebrity! My mum had to spoil my moment by commenting that there are many other people in this photo =.= so i told her to imagine that they r transparent or to mentally photoshop them away =.=

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