Monday, June 24, 2013

Valentina Tea Party at Paragon

Popped by Valentina tea party at Paragon on Sat aftn...well, the haze had subsided significantly...I longed psi at 401 on fri aftn n added to my psi long on sat morn at 323 n psi had crashed to below 100! See how powderful my long is? I have saved everyone from the haze yet again. Lol...btw, a guy said his colleague wore a mask to go smoke outside the shopping mall. Funny manz. Lol...I was asked to help our neighbours Cos their psi hit 750 so that I can continue to go there to eat fish curry. Mayb I will consider longing their psi when it does a breakout? But I dunno where to see their live psi n psi chart ler. How to trade their psi without such key info eh? =.=

I love sweet scents n i love the sweet scent of Valentina white rose

One of the sample iphone covers designed by the staff...together with the 3 diff Valentina fragrances...

Such cute n pretty cupcakes...which reminded me of Mr. Cupcake,

Delectable canapes

Iphone cover which i designed at the Valentina tea party...pretty bo? ;p

The one n only piece avail...exclusively designed by leechie ;p

I spent abt $400 on mostly haircare products at the recent Loreal sales!

I love bling bling...bought this pair of diamond earrings from Taka GSS sales...

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