Monday, June 17, 2013

Beerfest Asia 2013

I was at the most happening event over the weekend: Beerfest Asia 2013! Definitely a go-to-event for all beer-lovers! The atmosphere was really damn happening with great live band music n huge crowd of ppl of many nationalities n many diff tents with diff themes! N I was more in awe when I found out who the guy behind this event is!!!

Well, the silly thing is I actually went into the event thru the normal route when I could have obtained VIP access if I had found out earlier =.= cos i only browsed thru the programme schedule briefly earlier last week when a fren handed it to me. N blur me was unaware who the person behind this cool event is until I took a closer look at the programme booklet when i was at the event itself o.O 

But this happening event is without doubt a great brainchild of this poster boy of entrepreneurship! Upon stepping in, one would be swarmed by a great variety of beers from all over the world n tantalizing bundle deals o.O there's also food for sale as well as paid photography would definitely welcome cool beers as anywhere without air conditioning in this hot n humid weather feel like some hot yoga rooms =.= great music coupled with a great variety of beers...definitely a great event to hangout at with ur pals =)

Posing by the photoboard

Posing at the Taiwan beer section with the cute dummy giant beer

Check out the huge crowd! It was really packed manz!

They ran outta lychee beer can so gave me a lychee beer bottle instead...this is what i call customer service! =)

Leechie posing with my lychee beer bottle in the crowd...pls pardon my bad hair

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