Monday, June 10, 2013

Official Launch Party of The Mansion

Was at The Mansion on both fri n sat nights for their official launch...had a good time chilling out with different groups of frenz =)

Raymond with Thy Dowager

Posing at the board before we left

At our table in the VIP section

Juz chilling out

Posing with the Absolut Elyx bottle at the door

Sitting on the frog prince...when will my frog prince appear? lol

Check out the pic next to the frog prince o.O

Absolut Elyx at the bar counter

Cool bar as viewed from the vip section

I love the bling bling lights

Bling bling lights lighted in green

Posing by our table...i like S'vone's distinctive mole o.O

Posing for the photographer from The Mansion

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