Monday, April 22, 2013

Swaroski Workshop at Marina Bay Sands

Attended the Swaroski workshop at their Marina Bay Sands boutique organized by Style magazine...

Celebrity stylist Keith with the models showing the various bling bling looks...n i love that bling bling clutch!

Some of their latest pieces...

Won a $40 Swaroski voucher...

Received the bling bling notebook as the doorgift...n i bought this classy black Swaroski bling bling's juz soooo me! ;p

Say hi to the giant Oreo cookie ;p

Check out the crazy q at Tim Ho Wan...michael said his daughter went to q for 1.5hr the other day...o.O

N I finally managed to buy the BBQ bun from Tim Ho wan!!! They r running a charity event now whereby all proceeds go to charity! ok, my BBQ bun looked abit squashed cos i put it into my huge bag...but i still havent had the chance to dine here cos the q is still freaking long n they stopped the q at 8+pm each time i passed by...n they dont allow takeaway! =.= i ate at Tim Ho Wan daily when i was in HK last nov...i miss Tim Ho Wan... >.<

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