Friday, April 26, 2013

GucciMuseo at Paragon

GucciMuseo is in town! n i didnt know abt it until sat manz =.= sooooooo many items were sold out by the time i went down on sat...silly me was actually in orchard area on thurs but i didnt know abt the exhibition...the sales staff told me tt many popular items were alrdy sold out on the v.first day! GucciMuseo is here for only 2 weeks n the items on sale in this GucciMuseo exhibition r only sold at the GucciMuseo in i bot one GucciMuseo bag...which looks like a recycle n roomy...i would have loved to grab one of the ladies tees, but too bad they were sold out on the first day >.<

Such a cutie lunch bag

GucciMuseo is here for only 2 weeks!

Posing with my purchase ;p

Bot this GucciMuseo bag

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