Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boat Asia 2013

Blur me got the venue of the Singapore Yatch Show mixed up with that of Boat Asia i ended up in the VIP lounge of Keppel Marina at Boat Asia 2013 instead of the superyatch at One Degree 15 on Sentosa...=.= one of the cna biz news tv presenter sat next to me...but i gotta say im surprised that she aint aware that Singpost is a listed company... =.= oh well, at least i learnt a new term from adrian -> "a-ta-tas" which is more atas than, singapoor is an extremely small place where almost everyone knows everyone else...n more so if u r a public figure o.O

Btw, someone actually waited for 3 years to watch a movie with me...well, u gotta admire his patience n persistence ya...i view it more of meeting a fan...which is not what i usually do...but he knows my frenz...n he seemed so happy juz to see me...then i started wondering y some ppl can b so happy with so little but some ppl who seem to have it all in life but yet is so unhappy? o.O expectations could b the word leechie mum says i have high expectations...i dont think my expectations r high...but i dont like crappy stuff...i like classy stuff...n that include men ;p

I was musing that I'm supposed to have love luck based on my bazi. But how come I'm still single? =.= n a fren responded that he wouldnt b married with a kid today if he had believed his bazi! well said! sometimes i feel abit of the bazi stuff that i studied is juz crap =.= n one of the biggest misconceptions that guys have abt me is that i seem to have many choices n r dating many guys! =.= No, i'm not seeing anyone special currently! n recently someone juz stopped texting me when i told him that i like ambitious guys in response to his question abt the kind of guys that i it such a bad thing to like ambitious guys? n no, i dont specifically go for multi-millionaires! n no, i'm not a gold-digger! excuse the me, do i need to slog so hard if i were one? pls use thy wonderfool brains! =.=

Read the Sun Times interview with Lion Air founder:

"When I have a Dreaḿ, I must make it happen no matter what. There is no stopping me.

In life, u must take risks n seize opportunities. If u think n plan too much, u don't move.

He does not want to repeat his father mistake. He was an ordinary bizman, not ambitious n afraid To take risks. That's y his biz failed. U must move with the times if u want to grow, n accept that stress is part of life."

View from the VIP lounge at Keppel Marina

Brought my leechie mum down on the last day...


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