Sunday, March 25, 2012

VIP Fashion Night at Marina Bay Sands

Pop by this opening event of Men's Fashion Week last thurs nite after my company event...most ppl were nicely dressed in party clothes...but i was still in my office wear o.O" Quite a few celebrities were there...but i dont watch muchie i could only recognize Benedict Goh n Hossan Leong (whom i intro to the 2 british lawyers that i was with)

The pics r still stuck in my busy rushing around these days...shall upload them when i have the time...stay tuned ;p

Talented 13 yr old pianist from RI performing at VIP fashion nite...u shld have seen the beaming look on his proud parents...

Exhibition at VIP fashion nite which my fren commented that looked more life-like n eerie than some wax figures at Madam, this reminded me that i have not posted the pics of my HK trip last yr...stay tuned ;p

Models at VIP Fashion Nite


Hunger Games is good! Go watch it! It's juz a fairy tale but silly me actually cried during one of the scenes :'( But it does tell us Somthg abt survival skills. Quite like the title though. Thought that changing of the rules is a bit silly though? Lol ;p ppl fr district 12 r underdogs that nobody would expect to succeed...which mirrors our society...if u r born poor, nobody would expect u to succeed in life...which makes all those rags-to-riches stories so sexy...btw, peter in the movie has v.high EQ n excellent pr skills...which many ppl lack...som ppl can learn from peter how to make others like them...

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