Sunday, March 11, 2012

Her Fabulousness at Attica + Girls' Nite Out at Wavehouse

A busy weekend which started out at Wavehouse...Angie brought along her bikini...but unfortunately, no one was brave enough to try the flow rider with me wasnt sure what to wear to this beach went in my shorts...

Brave gal braving the waves at wavehouse o.O

btw, i picked up some bling bling earrings n hairband at the flea mkt a henna tattoo done...which i thought looked less than aesthetically pleasing

Refreshing drink for a hot day...

We moved over to Attica for the "Her Fabulousness" party at Attica to celebrate International Women's Day...we were given lovely goodie bags that came with Attica tee n scarves of various prints n a really lovely Moet bracelet (my leechie mum was most interested in this bracelet when i showed her the contents of the goodie bag) n other samples n gift vouchers from the generous sponsors =) we took instant pics at the giant photobooth placed near one of the bar counters...n stayed for the fashion show...

Angie was most interested in the buff topless male model on ;p

Btw, this was the first time i went to a club dressed in ;p met some new frenz who told me its cool to know a blogger...that warmed my leechie heart...a pleasant sat nite which wasnt much planned =)

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