Monday, March 12, 2012

Takidashi Day 11 March

This Takidashi event held at One-On-The-Bund is in remembrance of the Japanese earthquake n tsunami last year...the crowd was mainly Japanese...along with some locals...but thought it's meaningful for ppl to come here and remember about what happened in Japan last year...there were a few food tasting stalls serving yummy food such as udon, chicken rice, tofu, potato soup, brown rice tea, etc...

Yummy Chatterbox chicken rice with double-shot chilli ;p Angie brought me brown rice tea when she saw my face turning red with the spicy chilli

Walt Disney World candy artist, Ms Miyuki, was there bringing cheer to everyone, esp the kids, with her handcraft-candy...n there was a looooooooong q...i opted for a pink scorpio n my leechie mum requested for a yellow dragon...angie got a mischievous-looking monkey candy...fb frenz posted questions asking how the candy taste...but the candy juz look too cute to b no intention to, ms. Miyuki was in her candy-making...she took abt 2-3min to make each candy art...i took a video clip when she did my scorpio candy...shall upload it later...stay tuned ;p

My candy with a sting...looks abit like me eh? ;p

Ppl were rather amused with our candy dragon n scorpio when we went over to the IT fair

Saw this on fb...
""Count your blessing not your heartaches."

As we all advance through this journey that we call life, we must be willing to keep our thoughts on the things that are a blessing to us, instead of wasting time and energy on the things in our lives that do and will cause us nothing but heartaches. Remember that though life is full of its troubles and its setbacks, it is never too late to try and setup your life for the better.

Instead of worrying about all of the things that have gone wrong in your past, and to bring those past thoughts to the present only creates havoc. which will only serve to influence your future, and so the circle continues, remember to instead count your blessings. Learn to appreciate the small things, appreciate the life you have, and the other things you may be blessed with that not everyone else is able to be blessed with.

Take time to thank those who were there for you during your hardships and that will continue to be there when you are gone, Be in an attitude of gratitude."

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