Sunday, July 6, 2014

Omega Vintage Exhibition

I'm such a fan of Omega Vintage watches so I'm really very happy to be at the opening reception of the Omega Vintage Exhibition at Ion Orchard. Love all the vintage pieces on display but regrettably they are not for sale and I can't bring any piece back to add to my personal collection of Omega vintage watches...

Me being me, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to take a selfie here at the Omega signage board 

This vintage piece from 1967 is one of my favourites on display

Love the intricate details of the bracelet of the vintage piece on the gorgeous!!

Lovely champagne with sweet treats

Pretty Omega logo on the tiramisu, which tasted really heavenly =)

Thank you Omega for the lovely door gift!

Selfie: Check out the pretty butterfly behind me on the screen

Selfie with vintage Omega artpiece

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