Thursday, July 3, 2014

Food Review: Hai Yan BBQ

Thanks Cindy for the kind invitation to do this food review. Met a lovely group of ladies and a few hot mamas tonight.

My favorite dish of the night: the black pepper crab which costs $5/100g. The dish we were served (as shown in this photo) is about $35. 

Succulent tiger prawns with garlic is selling for $8/100g

Another must-try dish at Hai Yan: Finger-licking good Salted Egg Chicken! This was the first time that I tried salted egg chicken but I absolutely loved it! The sauce is really heavenly! This dish comes in 3 pricings of $15/$20/$25

Hai Yan is famous for their sambal stingray which comes in 3 pricings of $12/$15/$20, depending on the size. Love the sauce which is served with this dish. 

Baby Kailan comes in 3 pricings of $6/$8/$12 too

Love the sauce of the Lala (extreme right of this photo) and the sambal sotong (second dish from the right) is really crunchy. Both dishes also come in 3 pricings of $12/$15/$20

Our table

I got the owner to pose for this photo

The owner with his lovely wife and young daughter at their stall

Our group of bloggers: So many pretty ladies and i met quite a few hot mamas. Can you spot a Leechie in this photo? ;p

Do visit the Facebook page of Hai Yan BBQ:

Hai Yan BBQ Seafood is at:
Newton Food Centre
Singapore 229495
Contact: 94526293

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