Monday, March 31, 2014

Soft Launch Party of Life Is Beautiful

Pleased to be invited to the soft launch party of Life Is Beautiful, one of the latest restaurant bar offerings at the stylish Duxton area which is now peppered with many restaurants and bars...When I first received the invite, I thought to myself, what an interesting reminded me of the 1997 Oscar-winning Italian comedy-drama film of the same name...

This restaurant is located at the corner of the road at 99 Duxton Road...and blur leechie almost missed it but the bouncer noticed me as I walked pass and asked if I was looking for Life Is Beautiful...I arrived rather early and was waiting for other friends...but the bartender was friendly and chatted with me when he spotted me trying out a fried frog leg...i love frog legs but this was the first time that I tried fried frog leg...i like how it was crispy...the bartender here also makes nice refreshing vodka cocktail which is mixed with lime and cucumber juice...the restaurant has crafted some unique and exotic menu...Pardon me for sounding like a bimbo, leechie has always associated alligators with handbags and shoes...n this was the first time that I tried alligator meat served with alligator sauce! Really exotic manz! I like their fresh oysters with absinthe...n their fried chicken wings were served with very hot and spicy sauce...i love spicy stuff so i can appreciate the hot sauce...If you wanna try exotic menu, I highly recommend Life Is Beautiful! Dinner starts from 6pm onwards and the venue is transformed into a dance club from 10pm onwards...  

A wide variety of liquors displayed at the bar counter...

Life is Beautiful opens as a restaurant at 6pm and by 10pm, it's transformed into a club

Fresh oysters with absinthe...thumbs up

Tasso dusted frog legs, my favorite dish of the night...really yummy!

It's also the first time that I've tasted alligator meat served with alligator sauce...really exotic!

Life is Beautiful has a most interesting name for this dish ---> "Hush Puppies"

Another unique yet tasty offering from Life is Beautiful

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail at Life is Beautiful

Selfies that I took while waiting for friends to arrive

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