Sunday, March 16, 2014

Exclusive Launch Party of The New Limited Edition Jimmy Choo Exotic

Thanks Luxasia for the lovely invitation to the exclusive launch party of the new limited edition Jimmy Choo Exotic. This party has 2 elements which r close to my heart: fragrance and manicure =] I believe that a good fragrance can instantly transform one's mood and I always feel naked if my nails r without a manicure ;p

This exotic limited edition is a sexy twist which is inspired by the python shoes and accessories created by Jimmy Choo Fashion. Even the texturized outer packaging has been worked scale by scale to reproduce the perfect look and feel of real python skin. This fruity fragrance blends top notes of blackcurrant sorbet & pink grapefruit with heart note of Passion flower and bottom notes of raspberry & Indonesian Patchouli. I love the resulting exotic yet captivating fruity floral scent!

Jimmy Choo is a luxury brand which is famous for her signature heels and leather bags, so some frenz seem to b rather surprised that Jimmy Choo does have her own fragrance line too...i'm happy to share with my blog followers what i know abt Jimmy Choo fact, fragrance is a big business and I would think that most luxury houses wouldn't wanna miss out on such a revenue generator ;p frenz were inquiring abt the price tag for this limited edition fragrance...the eau de toilette 100 ml bottle retails for $145 while the 60 ml version retails for $112...well, what i told them was, "price is what u pay but experience with the scent is what you will get" B-)

Limited edition Jimmy Choo Exotic. Check out my lovely gellish python skin nail art manicure done at the launch party!

Media kit from the exclusive launch party of limited edition Jimmy Choo Exotic. Check out the texturized packaging which has been worked scale by scale to reflect the perfect look and feel of python skin

The Luxasia team prepared and exhibited the key ingredients of the limited edition fragrance...

N we were walked through the various key aspects of the fragrance during this launch party for bloggers...

Do check out the display at Paragon and try out the fragrances...

Check out this huge image of limited edition Jimmy Choo Exotic

I must say that I was impressed by how much effort went into ensuring that everything was color-coordinated to match the theme of the limited edition fragrance...even the canapes and serviettes were carefully selected and color-matched!

N how I love my gellish manicure with the adornment of the unique python skin nail art, which is so different from the usual manicure sessions at events

The various Jimmy Choo fragrances lined up in a row...

N i got the 2 sweet Jimmy Choo gals to pose for me

N this is the cute polaroid they took for me


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