Sunday, September 8, 2013

Joey Yap: Winning The Game of Life

Joey said he originally titled this workshop as the battle of life but thought it sounded too mentioned the deities, doors, stems n stars of qi men dun jia...he covered the deities n doors in the previous workshop but only had time to cover the stems in this workshop...didnt have enough time to cover the stars...haiz...he talked abt designing our lives...creating our lives...n he nvr doubted he would b rich...n how we can b our biggest our mind can screw us over n over again...haiz...

Joey said we can use qi men dun jia to envision the lives we want...he said the rituals that we do lead to focus which then lead to emotions...

Joey says the biggest pain in life is not knowing what u want n killing urself to get it...ouchie! =.=

What I posted on fb: The story of the sampans: when ppl have written u off n when everything looks so bleak, it's the time to shine!

Candid shot of Joey

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